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No Dead Space 4

Dead Space 3 wasn't met by a favorable response from either the critics or fans. In addition, the third installment in the horror themed 3rd-person shooter series simply didn't sell as good as the publisher predicted.

Although pre-production of Dead Space 4 was underway over at Visceral Montreal, it seems that the project has come down to a halt. The scoop comes from VG.

It appears that EA execs visited "Visceral Montreal to inform staff that the project had been terminated and announce details of the company's restructuring."

No surprises there. Choosing to focus the series on action wasn't the right choice in my opinion and clearly many gamers agree that going for the more generic route isn't wasn't what the series needed. All the cinematics, elaborate action sequences and a slick co-op mode, just can't compensate for the lack of mystery, survival-horror elements and characterization (in Dead Space 3, characters just weren't memorable).

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Superastic Mar 05 2013, 08:01 am EST
Lose-lose. This makes me sad for the industry in particular and for all of humanity in general. We really can't communicate well as a species, can we? How hard can it be to get it through their thick skulls: horror games need to be built around the feeling of horror.
Killer Klown Mar 05 2013, 10:18 am EST
It wasn't just 'not the right decision'; it was downright idiotic. You had a system that works yet you tried to change it in the third quarter to compete with other systems that had been doing it since the first? I liked the weapon modification system overall, but everything else about the game... they really should've stayed the course. But then, they're associated with EA so, it's really not surprising.
BmmB Mar 05 2013, 11:20 am EST
Good riddance, considering the third one.
araczynski Mar 05 2013, 12:09 pm EST
frack all y'all :) i loved the third one just as much as the first two. you purists can go circle jerk in a corner :) if you want more DS1, go play DS1. if all they did in DS3 was DS1, everyone would be bitching that it was just like DS1.
Chunder Mar 05 2013, 01:10 pm EST
EA has made a statement saying there will be a Dead Space 4...​aces-demise-are-false-says-studio
Fedorro Mar 05 2013, 02:02 pm EST
You dont know shit about games. DS3 is a good game in its own way. And i enjoyed it very much.
  Annihilator: Such a respectful and mature retort... He was simp…
Chunder: Played about 10 mins of DS1, never touched 2, or 3. N…
Fedorro: Well. And taht was my opinion. Of course you dont hav…
ashmasters: loved the game
Cedtsmk Mar 05 2013, 05:54 pm EST
Assassin's Creed has lost its way, but there's gonna be another one. There is always going to be another one if they can make money off of it. They're trying to turn every game into a Call of Duty like game, and sometimes it just doesn't work.
ashmasters Mar 06 2013, 06:17 am EST
I loved it!!! graphics, intense moments and storyline. so sad in the end. didnt like the main girl though. but overall very good.


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