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No More PC-Only for Crytek, Piracy to Blame

Relax. This simply means that Crytek -- the well-known development team behind the original Far Cry and Crysis -- won't be making games just for PCs. In addition to creating PC titles, Crytek decided to join the long list of publishers and developers that keep dishing out console games. And here's why:

PC Play: How do you estimate the current state of the PC gaming industry? Some say that it's only a matter of time when it's going to finally die-off, the others say that "the big one" is only getting its comeback pace.

Considering Crysis is a PC-exclusive title, what do you think of its market reception and its future? Skeptics would say that it's pretty risky going PC-exclusive with such a high-profile title.

Cevat Yerli: It is certainly. We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis. We seem to lead the charts in piracy by a large margin, a chart leading that is not desirable. I believe that's the core problem of PC Gaming, piracy. To the degree PC Gamers that pirate games inherently destroy the platform. Similar games on consoles sell factors of 4-5 more. It was a big lesson for us and I believe we wont have PC exclusives as we did with Crysis in future. We are going to support PC, but not exclusive anymore.

So, piracy is to blame once more, what else is new. Mind you, hopping on the console bandwagon would be a wise business move on their part and everybody knows by now that CryEngine 2 will be running on consoles... wait, wait, what's that? Do I hear the crack of EA's whip again?

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DrJester Apr 30 2008, 09:00 am EDT
Crysis sucked Crytek. Stop crying! Long live PC gaming.
  neogramps: +1 Crysis was crap, and MP not worth it. I resent the…
MrBored Apr 30 2008, 09:30 am EDT
I thought the single player was outstanding. I'm currently playing it on a 9800GX2, so maybe I'm biased.
  timcsavage: I think that is probably why. I played on an X1950 P…
Doomsday. Apr 30 2008, 10:13 am EDT
CRYSIS was awesome!! well if it were not for piracy i would have had to save atleast 4 months o me pocket money to buy a game so expensive with all the tumbling economy. but well, i think piracy should be stopped.

Wot u mean by EA's Whip? r they the secret hand behind this?
Zolneirz Apr 30 2008, 10:26 am EDT
Lol. Make a game that, on medium settings, runs across more than 10% of the PC gamers computers and then you might see more sales. People with high-end rigs are poor and cannot afford games, it's obvious. I mean, after I spent $300 on a graphics card and another $200 on a CPU to run it on high, who honestly has enough cash to get the actual game afterwards.
fieldcar Apr 30 2008, 10:32 am EDT
I pirated the game and played it on low-med details. Now I own the collectors edition and a new gaming rig. I think piracy has a part to do with me actually buying it, but I think too many people feared the recommended requirements, forgetting its fully playable and not comparatively bad looking on lower detail. I loved the story and gameplay, then again, I liked far cry and played that till the end too.

I think Steam is PC Gaming's savior and answer to piracy with its non-intrusive DRM. What gamer doesn't have internet these days? Sims players, thats who.
Supcic Apr 30 2008, 10:44 am EDT
Maybe if they made a playable game instead of a benchmark for high end systems, people would have actually bought the damn thing.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Apr 30 2008, 10:53 am EDT
Naive fuckers. Piracy always wins.
  MrBored: Flawless victory.
Vader [STAFF] Apr 30 2008, 10:59 am EDT
It's The Flying Dutchman for you! Yaarrrr!
Barzenak42 Apr 30 2008, 11:39 am EDT
Who would pirate it...only the top end computers can run it well. For me..I was not impressed with the demo. I loved Far Cry but this seemed only a benchmark and nothing new. Besides, CoD4 came out and kicked its ass. Piracy is the easy blame but the game was simply not that great.

I buy my games and I only buy games that I think I can run well and enjoy. Also I am not buyijng a new pc just to play this just was not worth it.
skribb Apr 30 2008, 11:52 am EDT
Umm, wasn't Crysis on the top 10 sales lists?
CJ_Parker Apr 30 2008, 12:43 pm EDT
Yes it was but only for a very short time and for a PC game to make the top 10 it doesn't take a whole lot of units to be sold due to the rather sad state of the PC market. A PC game being in the top 10 doesn't really mean much theses days.

On the topic at hand: Well, you can always try and find a million reasons why people might be downloading a game. It doesn't matter. What matters is that people *do* download (especially PC) games like crazy and that console games -as Yerli said- sell better at a factor of 3x - 5x. As PC gamers we can either just finally do something about it (like *buy* all of our games) or like some people on here insert our fingers in our ears and continue to go "lalalalalalala can't hear ya" while downloading the latest BitTorrent client.
barasawa Apr 30 2008, 01:11 am EDT
You have to ask how many people downloaded it just to see if their system could run the resource pig?
  Anticitizen714: To be fair, there was a demo...
DarkKnight: To be fair the demo wasn't much smaller than the full…
moriwenne Apr 30 2008, 01:13 am EDT
Of course piracy is killing the gaming industry. Movies have theaters, music has a huge, wide market. PC Gaming is focused exactly where piracy works best, on the pc. It's a problem. PC Gaming would need a big legal market compensating for the piracy and the legal just keeps going down and down as piracy becomes easier to use.
On top of all of this, this particular game had the problem of being set for even a small niche with it's high hardware requirements.
Nameinuse Apr 30 2008, 02:13 am EDT
I liked crysis, as much as bioshock, maybe even more. Mostly because you can throw stuff at people.
future man Apr 30 2008, 03:01 am EDT
It looked like shit on the settings I had to run it at, whereas I can just go grab UT3, Quake Wars, TF2, or pretty much anything else that's out on the market and it looks and runs great. Why the fuck would I spend money on an inferior product?
Copperr Apr 30 2008, 03:39 am EDT
Hey Crytek did you see COD4 on the PC ? GTFO of the PC gaming if you can't code.
Vodoo Apr 30 2008, 03:45 am EDT
ahh the sound of stupid people in the clear night sky, isn’t it beautiful ?

i would appreciate if those of you who have the ability to type disregarding rational thought......STOP IT.
Piracy = games, movies, music, programs, porn, you name it.

second of all, GTA 4 for example is the most pirated console game in history judging by the polls on the internet lately, so Crytek and EA can stick a flute up their ass and blow on it because whining about your own product is and always will be a form of advertisement.

piracy wouldn’t end if consoles were the only platforms in existence, it would probably get worse.
Anticitizen714 Apr 30 2008, 04:25 am EDT
Never mind people STILL make jokes about it's high system requirements (but at least it runs unlike AC) it must be piracy.
run_like_snot Apr 30 2008, 06:01 am EDT
Why do people always compare PC to console sales, when you are comparing one platform to about three others?
Templ Apr 30 2008, 06:51 am EDT
Oh, the cruel, sad world. Why doesn't it look favorably upon me?
Hitman Apr 30 2008, 06:53 am EDT
Ahh fuck them, Crysis itself is an awesome game and I recommend it to everyone, but to blame poor sales on piracy is not fair. In the end I blame it on the extremely high system requirements that the game required, shit if I wasn't financially stable and packing a huge dick I wouldn't be gaming at all, I would be out fucking more, but then again gaming means more to me as ass is readily available so.. I'm just waiting for my daughter to start bringing those juicy 18yr old classmates of her's to the house for sleepovers.

Crysis = $50
PC upgrades simply to play Crysis = $500
Money Crytek made from Crysis = $$ Millions and counting $$

Knowing that Crytek won't accept blame for making a loosely coded tech demo a commercial game and then blaming poor game sales on piracy = Scapegoat.. oops.. Priceless.
Stick! Apr 30 2008, 02:40 am EDT
Isn't it ironic that a development studio that got it's start with pirated development tools in the making of Far Cry are now turning around and whining about Piracy hurting their millions? Awww...
albundyhere May 01 2008, 03:30 am EDT
ayeee maitee? arghhh maitee.
Ren3d May 01 2008, 02:59 am EDT
Tech demo is right. Compared to COD4, Crysis sucked ass. Frankly, I'd glad if Crytek didn't make games for PC again. Leave that to the professionals.


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