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Nude Patch for The Sims 3
Filed under: THE SIMS 3, NUDITY, PATCH
Another patch comes along. Unlike Far Cry 2's this one's a bit more... naughty, naughty. The Sims 3 is out and available for purchase online and at your local video game retailer (provided your house is not on some God-forsaken rock out in the sticks where no sod lives).

So, if you're itching for some nudy-nudy Sims action now's your chance to enjoy it via the Sims 3 nude patch, which surfaced not a while ago. Not much point though if your a girl, since the male specimens are castrated for some odd reason. The bewbs and lovely female behinds are still in there. Check it out.


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Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 03 2009, 03:09 am EDT
OMG BEST GAME EVAH !!1 Lesbian love triangles, here I come !
Marku5K Jun 03 2009, 03:10 am EDT
Dude, nude is allways, good.
Hey it rimed so it has to be right!
Exia Jun 03 2009, 03:14 am EDT
nude patch for sims sucks lol
Supcic Jun 03 2009, 03:26 am EDT
That is rather lame. Wtf are the genitals?
im_stardust Jun 03 2009, 03:28 am EDT
No nipples :( . Oh well...I'm off to play sims 3 and jerk off. Laters.,
  Jedrus: You worry me.
The Heart Of Darkness: Stardust your profile says you're a female, I'd like …
im_stardust: females can't jerk off? You don't tell me what to …
The Heart Of Darkness: Glad I don't.
Agent Jun 03 2009, 04:06 am EDT
I have sims 2 and I can t build something like a pool, so if I download from torrent scan sims 3 will I be able to build, or I just need patch for sims 2.
  Supcic: I'd start with some English lessons first.
thestewieman: supcic, how long have u been online? is this the fi…
Supcic: You too should take that advice if that's the best in…
barasawa Jun 03 2009, 04:06 am EDT
Ken and Barbie dolls...
Jedrus Jun 03 2009, 05:54 am EDT
I strongly believe, all games should have nude mode, just like real life.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 03 2009, 05:59 am EDT
I'm in nude mode right now.
  optimus slime: Too little info.
Jedrus: I feel sorry for your chair.
The Heart Of Darkness: Wait. Are you yourself in nude setting or are you pla…
Jedrus: Or, he is nude, and he is playing nude Sims. I'm sc…
cybergod Jun 03 2009, 06:27 am EDT
Sims 3, boring as hell. I played it for 10 hours, was depressed for 2 days.
The Heart Of Darkness Jun 03 2009, 06:28 am EDT
Don't tempt me Frodo.
  The Heart Of Darkness: The monsters!! What have they done?! Quick, someone a…
Whisky Jun 03 2009, 07:57 am EDT
Hopefully some kind hacker will release a patch to fix the Ken and Barbie nerfed spots... I want to see pierced nipples and triangle bush. They guys... eh, leave em nerfed fck em.
  jimmy: you mean like in 2 were you could be in orgy mode all…
Whisky: Orly?
moriwenne Jun 04 2009, 08:40 am EDT
It was never meant to be nude mode, it's Mannequin mode! Hurrey...another victory for hacks.
Bloodletter6 Jun 04 2009, 09:34 am EDT
If i wanted to watch porn I'd just look it up on the internet or look in my documents


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