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PC Piracy Rate 90%, Ubisoft Whimpers

Publisher Ubisoft has official revealed that for every PC title they sell, another nine are pirated. Although they were criticized time and again for their questionable anti-piracy measures, the company continues to fight the impossible fight. Free-to-play games are on the agenda.

"We want to develop the PC market quite a lot and F2P is really the way to do it," said Yves Guillemot Ubisoft CEO.

"On PC it's only around five to seven per cent of the players who pay for free-to-play, but normally on PC it's only about five to seven per cent who pay anyway, the rest is pirated," he continued. "It's around a 93-95 per cent piracy rate, so it ends up at about the same percentage as free-to-play."

News via Gamesindustry International.

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Avus Aug 22 2012, 08:07 am EDT
A CEO from a game company which make the shittiest PC port games saying most of their PC games got pirated. I wonder why???,....
  daver18qc: My thoughts exactly....
Mr. Furious Aug 22 2012, 08:12 am EDT
Are you fucking kidding me! WHY do they always target PC as being the "Bad Pirates" That will destroy the gaming industry and ruin everything. WII, Playstation, AND XBox are ALSO pirated regularly, but they don't talk about the. Why? Because if they can shutdown the PC Gaming Genre, then the console makers will make more money and pass it down to the console game developers. Typical.
  finaleve: In fact, my Wii is modded.
Cheddar Aug 22 2012, 08:32 am EDT
They don't talk about console piracy because it isn't anywhere near as rampant as PC piracy, dude. Shouldn't have to explain this.

Console piracy exists, sure. But comparing console piracy to PC piracy is like comparing a small river to an ocean, and using it to try and deflect the issue, as you are doing, is a fail-argument.

Console piracy requires hardware/firmware modding. PC piracy doesn't. Therefore, PC piracy is much easier and much less risky. Therefore, it's a lot more common.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Observe the evident truth demonstrated by these links, using two recently released games as examples.
  daver18qc: I don't see how they are less pirated because of comm…
finaleve: Indeed. That is the only honest reason they comment …
Vader: Cheddar, I know you meant well, but sorry dude, I had…
Terminator: Damn it Vader. Now Cheddar will give another lecture …
LostPcGamer: Whats the matter afraid of legal problems Vader?
Cheddar: daver18qc, the links were to show THE NUMBER OF SEEDE…
Cheddar: @Termi -- they were simply links to torrents on pirat…
Terminator Aug 22 2012, 09:05 am EDT
We all know piracy is rampant on PC, but isn't 90% a little....high? Surely the legit gaming crowd makes up more than 10%.
Rondo Aug 22 2012, 09:09 am EDT
Without a doubt. Thats why I dont own a console :P
Cant afford $60 per game... thats outrageous.
I miss out on some great console-only games like God of War and Mortal Kombat, but I dont blame them for making console-only games. Waaaaaayyy lesser piracy issues. but at the same time, if the games were more affordable, I'd buy a console and their games.
Video games are supposed to be FUN... $60 per game is not FUN
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 22 2012, 09:13 am EDT
"...but normally on PC it's only about five to seven per cent who pay anyway, the rest is pirated."

Clearly Mr Guillemot is an honest-to-god moron and somebody feeds him false information for laughs. How come it's always Ubisoft and never... Valve that makes such outrageous claims ?

And just for argument's sake, let's assume that the "piracy rate" is somewhere around 70%. Can anyone prove to me that those 70% would/could have bought the game if pirating wasn't an option ?
  LostPcGamer: No they can't prove anything. They rather blow number…
stochinblockin: Regardless of of your stance on this, that's the wors…
Un Om Bun: It's not an argument FOR piracy you arrogant fuck. It…
LostPcGamer Aug 22 2012, 09:31 am EDT
Padded numbers and meaningless stats. Nothing new. We get it they hate the PC.
BigEdMan Aug 22 2012, 09:51 am EDT
WoW nice math. Now I feel a moral obligation to skip the next few games Ubisoft puts out. I was going to preorder Far Cry 3. But now I'll just wait till steam puts Far Cry 3 on sale for $9.99. (Hey I have lots of other stuff to play till then)
Vodoo Aug 22 2012, 10:04 am EDT
i'll name at least 50 games unworthy of pirating let alone 50 dollars a pop.

to make another point, anyone here who isn't Terminator (sorry man, but you're one of the building blocks for economic slavery), ever tried a pirated game and found out it was bad and sighed with relief they didn't empty their pockets like an asian in a used panty store ?

Ubisoft Montreal made the PoP trilogy which i love and proudly have on disc and that's about it.
Ubisoft mainly publishes games and not very good ones to be precise.

end of story.
  Terminator: Dude, these people spend YEARS making these games. I …
LostPcGamer: Sorry Terminator I'm with Vodoo on this. Pirating som…
finaleve: See, there is no legit way to return something that i…
Dean_Demon Aug 22 2012, 10:07 am EDT
Do something unique then to change the fact,offer your AAA releases as drm free,that's all us gamers and consumers want,putting your horrific drm is what is making people pirate it in the first place and hence why your prices are sky high,we the consumers are not going to pay for you being idiot's.
Avus Aug 22 2012, 10:11 am EDT
They have 2 choices:
1) become a console only developer like like Naughty Dog and stop whine about your game got pirated
2) sell all your shitty PC games only through online distribution like Steam, UPlay... so everyone have to buy them
  Vodoo: 3) stop making shitty expensive games.
Terminator: I don't know why Ubisoft doesn't require Steam for th…
Reiko Aug 22 2012, 10:43 am EDT
90% is probably right, but a pirated copy of a game doesn't necessarily mean a lost sale. Most people who pirate games wouldn't have paid for them anyway. If payment was an option for them (being able to afford it or whatever the reason) then they probably would pay, especially for good games. I've paid on good free-to-play games. I've pirated shitty games, then deleted them and been glad I didn't lose anything. Likewise I've also later bought games that I've pirated that turned out to be good. That being said though there are some publishers that I simply won't buy their games because they overprice in my country (sometimes up to double the cost of the same game in the US). I don't think that's fair and I'm not going to buy into that. Piracy is always going to be there but good games that are affordable will always come out ahead.
  Towndrunk: I suggest you use that big key, called "enter" on you…
Reiko: okay sorry lol
Dean_Demon: Pirates never were bright sparks at the best of times.
stochinblockin: Obviously they never thought of buying it, hence they…
Breedy_Mcfluff Aug 22 2012, 12:28 pm EDT
I don't think Ubisoft games are even worth illegally downloading. Soooo...

Ubi can suck a railroad spike.
paradoxjast Aug 22 2012, 01:43 pm EDT
How, exactly, do they know for a fact that for every one they sell they lose nine to piracy?

I mean, if they went through a legitimate process and are willing to back up their claim with factual evidence of how they tested their claim, then sure I'll listen. But until then, they are blowing smoke out their asses.

If it is in fact true, I'm of the belief that those who pirate wouldn't pay for the game anyway, most likely just because they couldn't afford it. Hell, I used to be like that when I was younger. Now? I have a full time job and own over 200 games between all digital distribution platforms. It's so much easier to just buy something, download and play it without having to hunt for a torrent, wait for the download as the speeds go up and down and up and down, then hope I crack it right, and hope the crack itself was even done right.


"able to cannibalise existing assets and avoid the costs of getting boxes on shelves"

Whaaaaat? They are still putting boxes out on shelves? Anyone who has a decent PC gaming rig can download them digitally.
  Terminator: They can't know for sure. Ubisoft is saying 90% to ju…
Dean_Demon: Absolutely 100% correct Terminator,they have always s…
MajFauxPas Aug 22 2012, 02:07 pm EDT
Take into account the fact that crackers are cracking UbiSoft games just because of their "questionable anti-piracy measures".
260077 Aug 22 2012, 02:40 pm EDT
> ubisoft treats PC crowd as if it was the console crowd

> ubisoft half-asses their ports

> ubisoft decides to add awful DRM policies to their games, making the pirated copies actually better functioning and alienating legit buyers

> ubisoft whines like a spoiled brat when the plan above backfires

> ubisoft proceeds to pull statistics out of their ass (yes, out of their ass. 95% rate is bullsh!t and anyone with half a brain cell knows this) and play the victim card.
Dean_Demon Aug 22 2012, 04:57 pm EDT
It's the shitty DRM that makes people pirate anyway and after all these years publishers still don't understand that.
Barzenak42 Aug 22 2012, 05:56 pm EDT
It is all bs from Ubisoft. I been a gamer for 2 decades and good games are bought. Bad games with restrictive drm are pirated to test the waters first. Some after the fact of reading how many users have trouble just playing a game they spent huge dollars on and can not enjoy...then they find another route.

If Ubisoft was not always screwing the consumer....they would be making money.
stochinblockin Aug 22 2012, 06:38 pm EDT
I find the attempted justification for piracy astounding. First of all, get rid of the notion of "Fair" because it is an undefined object term. Second, don't like a company, don't buy from them. Third, if you are going to pirate it, just admit it and stop justifying it. I mean there are really some lame excuses floating around here in the comment section that blow my mind. In the age of internet reviews, consumer feedback and demos, you don't need to "pirate" a game to try it out. If you go out of your way to pirate a game, than frankly you weren't going to buy it.
  LostPcGamer: Yeah I don't trust reviews and pleases demos where th…
Un Om Bun: Get rid of the notion of fair ? That's so stupid it h…
barasawa Aug 22 2012, 08:50 pm EDT
Ubisoft wasted too much money on draconian Digital Restricted Messes. Their DRM has caused about 2/3rds of the pc gamers I know to swear they will never buy another Ubisoft game again.
Roland19 Aug 22 2012, 09:10 pm EDT
This guy is an idiot. It's been years since Ubisoft has released any PC game I've been interested in, I'm sure plenty of others feel the same.
Dangerously Aug 23 2012, 12:52 am EDT
Where has Yves pulled his numbers from?? His @$$??? It is more like 93-95% of all illegally downloaded games are ones that had DRM. Where is the challange in posting a game that is DRM free? The challange is to crack the game first and for proof, post it to every P2P site for anyone to download.

For example: Despite DRM-Free Version, Witcher 2 With DRM Most Pirated​M-Pirated-download-crack,15782.html
If piracy is 93-95%, how could the PC version of Alan Wake make Remedy a profit in 48 hours of release?​profit-within-48-hours/

And again, if piracy is so high on PC, how did Markus "Notch" Persson become a millionare off of Minecraft?​ales-pass-seven-million-on-pc/

Piracy will always be high on PC as there are more in the world than consoles. But in the console world, you can download the full catalogue of games for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc., but unless you have the right tools and knowledge, they do not work as easy.
Dean_Demon Aug 23 2012, 01:39 am EDT
Anyone who feels they have the right to pirate a game and get it for free deserves to face the consequences,every pirate should receive a prison sentence,i encourage that,i'm fed up with pirates causing the problems that we have today with the insane drm we have,bring down the torrent and file sharing sites and the individual users that upload games to them and stick then in a cell
  Un Om Bun: Harsh. Did you ever download movies and mp3s ?
KraGeRzR Aug 23 2012, 02:15 am EDT
I'm a pirate. I don't do it because I like piracy, in fact I have no opinion on the matter. I cannot understand copyright or intellectual property, and so I have no convictions either way.

The reason I pirate is because I have no money, never have. It allows me to take part in popular culture without restriction. It's not really a social thing, though, either.

I enjoy collecting digital entertainment, for some reason. The same way some people collect stamps and others collect rocks. Perhaps it's because I'm subconsciously afraid of being unable to access it.

If I had money, I would spend it on digital entertainment. I do not. That's pretty much all there is to it.

Mind you, I'm working on it. One of my goals this year should result in me earning some money. When that happens, I'll start spending it.

Will I limit my piracy to the amount of money I am able to spend? Nope. I'll continue to pirate at the same rate, and spend my money where it will be advantageously used, simply because they are unrelated. Money will not improve my access or the quality of the content. The only thing money could improve is my moral standing. However it's not because I feel bad downloading. It more feels like checking books out of a public library. Instead I would wish to reward the people who produced the content.

Thus, money will improve my ability to reward developers. Simply not pirating would not improve my ability to reward developers.

So if we're talking about benefiting the consumer, the consumer is satisfied. If we're talking about benefiting the developers, that will come, when I can.

The developers can think of it as a long term investment.
  Vodoo: thumbs up for logic.
Reiko: I thought like you when I was younger, but once you h…
Vodoo Aug 23 2012, 04:20 am EDT
@ Dean_Demon

fine with me, i'll be in cell 207 stretching your son's rectum 20 years from now.
bring flowers.
Whisky Aug 23 2012, 01:40 pm EDT
I look at the installed games on my system and every one of them is paid for.

Oh and no Ubisoft games either. Prince of persia? Splinter Cell? Ass Creed? All played on my 360 and purchased USED. Suck it Ubisoft.

Want to eliminate piracy? Cut the price of your crappy console PC ports in half, and lose the DRM.
  260077: lol, buying used games are the same affect as piratin…
Cheddar Aug 23 2012, 08:36 pm EDT
Yeah, so, how do you pronounce "Yves"? This is bothering me.
  Un Om Bun: eev


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