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Phil Spencer Says Microsoft Wants to Renew Its Focus on PC Gaming
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While speaking at GDC, Xbox corporate vice president Phil Spencer mentioned that Microsoft isn't just focused on gaming for the Xbox One, they want to renew their focus on PC gaming too.

"[Valve has] been the backbone for PC gaming for the last decade when you think about the work that they've done," he said. "As the Windows company, I appreciate what they've done. In a lot of ways they've focused more on PC gaming than we have, and for me that's something inside the company that we'll have a renewed focus on - Windows and PC gaming inside of Microsoft is definitely happening - you saw the DX12 demos here and you will see more from us over the summer."

So PC gamers, does this make you happy or fill you with rage?


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Whisky Mar 25 2014, 11:38 am EDT
PC gaming is making a big comeback, this is good. However, MS's horri-bad service Games for Windows Live needs to be buried under 10 feet of cement and never spoken of again. What a lame ass attempt to make their own version of Steam.
Killer Klown Mar 25 2014, 12:56 pm EDT
Games for Windows is still better than, say, Origin - or half the other ones out there. It seems even Blizzard is trying to get into that act now too.
  Cheddar: Hmm. Are we sure it's better than Origin? That's so…
GrgoljBlaster: Guess you haven't lost enough Street fighter 4 matche…
Killer Klown: True, I suppose they're both horribad but in differen…
tei187 Mar 25 2014, 04:32 pm EDT
title sounds like a crypto for new DRM...
CJ_Parker Mar 25 2014, 05:47 pm EDT
Actions not words, fuckhead. Going by how often you (i.e. your company) have said you wanted to renew your focus on PC gaming we would be so focused on it by now that the retarded Xbone would have never even fucking happened.
So fuck you and your empty fucking promises while you lie to us up front while fucking us in the ass at the same time by signing new exclusive contracts for the Shitbox behind our backs.

Oh, and DirectX 12... you lying piece of shit scumbag. You're only investing in DirectX 12 because your Xbone sucks donkey balls and can't compete with the much superior hardware of the PS4 (let alone any half decent gaming PC).
So since you can't just swap out the hardware you're grasping at straws by optimizing the software.
At least have the balls and the decency to admit that you're solely doing this for the Xbone, asshole. But faggots like you have no balls so you hide behind petty lies. Dickwad.
CJ_Parker Mar 25 2014, 05:48 pm EDT
"So PC gamers, does this make you happy or fill you with rage?"

As you can see from my comment I'm about as happy a camper as they come.
Cheddar Mar 25 2014, 09:41 pm EDT
Why would any of this fill anyone with 'rage'? What's the big deal? Seems pretty benign to me, even if it's just empty talk.

I'm actually somewhat impressed that he went out of his way to acknowledge what Valve has been doing, and how important it's been.
daver18qc Mar 26 2014, 11:32 am EDT
Just make Rise Of Nations 2 and Freelancer 2 FFS!!!
CJ_Parker Mar 26 2014, 05:09 pm EDT
And Age of Empires 4. And Microsoft Flight Simulator XI. And MechWarrior V.


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