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PlayaStation 4 Getting 4K Resolution

Yahoo News cites a source according to which Sony plans to include its 4K Blu-ray players (which they are already selling for $200) into their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4.

Just to make things clear on this, the resolution was described to have approximately 4000 pixels horizontally on a display. It's a similar standard to 'Ultra HD' and QFHD (Quad Full High Definition) - that's four times the HD res of 1920x1080 (3840x2160).

While Sony integrated Blu-ray with PlayStation 3, they now mean to offer support 4K resolution media, which denotes games and movies.

Now that's just insane. Games in resolution of 3840x2160? We'll all go blind.

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CJ_Parker Aug 23 2012, 07:32 am EDT
PlayaStation 4? Is that the version of the new PS for mah niggah homiez in dah hood?!?
Moesha [STAFF] Aug 23 2012, 07:51 am EDT
I know those resolutions are available via PC monitors but are there tvs for sale currently in the US that support that resolution? I am not saying I would not want one but i thought only Japan is supporting that high of a format currently, both in hardware and in their broadcasts.
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Reikhardt Aug 23 2012, 09:52 am EDT
Is this only for movies though? Surely they're not going to put a GPU in a PS4 with the grunt to run games at that res?
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Whisky Aug 23 2012, 12:59 pm EDT
4k2k is 4096 x 2160, and I am not aware of a commercially available display that can handle that resolution. I suppose they could release blu-ray movies at that resolution, but not a single title is available at this time. I assume it would just upconvert 1080p.

And yeah, would have to be movies only, the baddest video cards out right now cannot handle 4096x2160 at 60fps.... and whatever winds up in the consoles will not be nearly as good as a GTX 680 / 7970 etc

This is a marketing gimmick, that is all...
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Terminator Aug 23 2012, 04:15 pm EDT
Holy crap, what kind of GPU are they putting in that console? More importantly, how much are they planning to charge for it? I hope Sony remembers that the PS3's starting price of $600 drove many gamers to the Xbox 360!
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Cheddar Aug 23 2012, 07:40 pm EDT
Bottom line, to display in these resolutions, you would need a monitor or TV that costs astronomically more than your console or computer. Nevermind whether the GPU in question could handle it, in regard to game-rendering. Or in other words, this is simply ridiculous. It sounds like Sony plans to have movie-playing capability on their console that's at least 5 years ahead of being remotely affordable to exploit for 99% of consumers.

You'd think Sony would have learned from their mistakes last generation. If this is going to hike up the price of the PS4 to include these 4K Blu-Ray players (which I can't imagine it won't), then they are repeating their mistakes all over again.

Price-point. practical performance, easy development tools, launch-window. These are the aspects Sony needs to focus on to recapture #1 in market-share next generation. Ballooning the price of their console so they can put in an unnecessarily powerful Blu-Ray player to look good on paper is directly detrimental to half of these goals.
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TooDrunkToFunk Aug 23 2012, 07:51 pm EDT
Worth reading...​vs-are-coming-but-they-face-an-uphill-battle-​in-the-home/


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