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PlayStation is Poison, Says Venezuelan President

Known for frequently bashing video games in the past, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez goes after Sony claiming that the PlayStatinon console is "poison." Chavez commented during his weekly radio-TV show "Alo Presidente," appealing to Venezuelan manufacturers to make "educational" toys and dolls with indigenous peoples' features to replace capitalistic counterparts like the Barbie doll that "have nothing to do with our culture" (okay, I agree with Chavez on the Barbie comment)

The Venezuelan leader already criticized Nintendo for promoting "selfishness, individualism and violence." Commenting on Sony's PlayStation, Chavez explains how "those games they call 'PlayStation' are poison. Some games teach you to kill. They once put my face on a game, 'you've got to find Chavez to kill him.'"

Hm, well, you can understand why the man is pissed, can't you?

They "promote the need for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol so they can sell them. That's capitalism, the road to hell," he added.

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Superastic Jan 18 2010, 02:39 am EST
Hola! I agree with the man.
Vader [STAFF] Jan 18 2010, 02:41 am EST
SILENCE! Capitalist dog!
  Superastic: Ha ?!
Vader: I said: "SILENCE! Capitalist dog!"
Superastic: To whom?
Vader: The gipsy standing behind you, of course.
Superastic: Oh, him. His name is Remzi. He says all the wrong thi…
im_stardust Jan 18 2010, 03:05 am EST
I like Mr. Chavez and I also like Michael Myers.
tarang231994 Jan 18 2010, 03:06 am EST
Motherfuka son a bitch sum1 kill him for me plz
optimus slime Jan 18 2010, 03:17 am EST
Only Xbox left for him to spit on and he'll be my personal idol. The Vanguard of PC population.

Ve vill haev aur revenge console swines!
Alchi Jan 18 2010, 04:06 am EST
Hmm this got me thinking. I wonder if Hitler would've liked consoles? Or would he be for racial purity and superiority of PC. No console ports would be in Hitlers world. And every defected game would be sterilized.

Think about it. Think well about it...
  Tastysanchez: I like it! ...and i'm Polish
im_stardust: If there would have been jews instead of germans in a…
SpaceMonkey Jan 18 2010, 04:47 am EST
I had to transit through Venezuela once, and I can tell you it's not a happy experience, and I was only fucking transiting.

If you have to go somewhere NEVER transit through venezuela!
  Superastic: I transited through Caracas in 2007. No strip-search …
Cheddar: You should probably try to avoid South America altoge…
Superastic: Nah, imo, if you can ignore politics, it's well worth…
Cheddar: Sure, as long as you bring your own bottled water and…
Alchi: This reminds me of the 2016 Olympics. Now that will b…
Superastic: Shit, Cheddar? Did all that happen to you?
Cheddar: ...............................I don't wanna talk abo…
Amok: Cheddar's got a point and did well to elaborate on it…
-=Dexel=-: Cheddar got it all right... I have to transit Valenci…
Superastic: Maybe I got lucky... But now I think I understand why…
Vader [STAFF] Jan 18 2010, 05:01 am EST
Were you strip-searched?
Hamsterkill Jan 18 2010, 05:07 am EST
I think "someone" must have just gotten owned in Modern Warfare 2.
Cheddar Jan 18 2010, 07:05 am EST
Chavez is referring to Mercenaries 2. The game's antagonist is suspiciously similar to Chavez, and indeed, your ultimate goal in the game is to kill that character (because he betrays the protagonist at the very beginning).

Although no games that I can think of "promote the need for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol", so he's just talking out of his ass there, of course, to justify his angst.

If he had just left it at "waaa some video game vilifies me waaa", naturally that would come across as a bit pathetic.
  Kurio: They may not promote a need for, but they sure as hel…
Cheddar: I can't think of any game that glorifies smoking, dru…
Burning: Saboteur glorifies drinking and smoking. Although it'…
Cheddar: Never played that game. Didn't critics pan it? Ther…
Paul Jan 18 2010, 07:36 am EST
I want mr. Chavez to fucking die and I hate consoles.
  Thrash: I salute you!
Kurio: same, although in this case i kinda agree with his po…
Copperr Jan 18 2010, 08:28 am EST
I agree with him...I'm sure he would like Tropico though !
  Tastysanchez: lol!
WereGerbel Jan 18 2010, 09:09 am EST
Is this dude serious??!!
  Alchi: First encounter with Marxists ???
Kurio Jan 18 2010, 09:49 am EST
In a certain way i kinda agree with him.
araczynski Jan 18 2010, 12:01 pm EST
looks like age hasn't been kind to the commie pig, maybe he needs a wii fit.
Breedy_Mcfluff Jan 18 2010, 12:04 pm EST
Get that fat bastard a cookie!
CJ_Parker Jan 18 2010, 01:49 pm EST
El Presidente hath spoken. If you have any objections please get in line for the firing squad in one hour. kthxhasta.
Marku5K Jan 18 2010, 02:54 pm EST
In your FACE PS3.
Jedrus Jan 18 2010, 02:58 pm EST
He is not different from other political figures, just a little less pretentious.
  Hamsterkill: Uhhh... he seems pretty pretentious to me... Perhaps …
Amok Jan 18 2010, 03:43 pm EST
"The Venezuelan leader already criticized Nintendo for promoting "selfishness, individualism and violence.""
LOL! The makers of kiddy consoles and games receive this accusation. Says a lot.
Bash Nintendo, bash iiit!

But this news is unsurprising; the latino fatty statesman is due to make controversial claims such as this. I like it better when he bashes Bush. "Meestehr Dahnnger Booshe!"
  -=Dexel=-: Don't forger about the smell of Sulfur
-=Dexel=- Jan 18 2010, 03:58 pm EST
Y si buscamos a chvez y lo matamos... en la vida real??
"and if we hunt down chavez and kill him... in real life??"

I believe he has not messed up with PC gaming, cuz he doesn't know video games are made for PC too.... I doubt he knows how to use internet explorer properly... bah, he would find Google Chrome complicated. and I'm 100% sure he suxs with Microsoft's Office.
thestewieman Jan 18 2010, 04:52 pm EST
and communism failed and created poverty when applied by an idiot moron.
  barasawa: Darn near any political system will fail and create p…
rapideyemovement Jan 19 2010, 02:23 am EST
unfortunately we are not so evolved in this matter so the only healthy, proved through time and practical solutions are the socialism and liberalism, the capitalist wild-hobo is just running desperate after money :) Oh and I like him cause he speaks his mind plainly and although he is no model whatsoever, I find his declarations often amusing, and economy-wise he is right.
uk_john Jan 25 2010, 07:43 am EST
I am a white male Englishman and I say this. If we saw more non white UK or U.S. males and more female characters of any colour, video gaming would be able to truly say it was mainstream and 'like the movie industry'. Games where the lead character is always white, male and either American or British must be very annoying to women and all non white peoples around the world - and that's a lot of sales lost!


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