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Prince of Persia Movie Trailer
This shit speaks for itself. You, as a viewer, should decide if it's good shit or bad shit (due out in theaters across the world on May 27, 2010).

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Vodoo Nov 03 2009, 01:23 am EST
combination of the first game and the third one.

the trailer makes it look fun.

then again, trailers make watching paint dry seem fun.
Superastic Nov 03 2009, 01:53 am EST
Looks surprisingly good. I cannot remember though, was Jake the pillow biter or the neck breather in BBM?
Nameinuse Nov 03 2009, 02:42 am EST
Trailer seems lame to me.
b4XT3r Nov 03 2009, 02:42 am EST
Reminds me of 300. I seriously hope they don't fuck this one up.
Fuckd__4_Life Nov 03 2009, 02:46 am EST
Looks pretty damn good, man. I am surprised.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 03 2009, 03:01 am EST
Looked like every other stupid Hollywood trailer. And that bitch just wouldn't shut up.
ZeroWolf Nov 03 2009, 04:19 am EST
Its goings to be interesting to watch Gyllenhaal pulling off the English accent throughout the enitre film.
  skribb: A Persian guy with an English accent, lol. Oh well.
Doomsday.: Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Doomsday. Nov 03 2009, 04:22 am EST
Terminator Nov 03 2009, 04:44 am EST
When is Hollywood going to learn? You can't make good movies from Video Games! Uwe Boll should have taught them this by now. They are even making an Uncharted movie now. I guarantee you, the Uncharted movie won't be as good as Uncharted 1 and 2.
  skribb: The problem is that the directors and the other maker…
Ftmch: They still make money by doing them though, which is …
im_stardust: You can make! Hollywood can't.
Tarzan2001 Nov 03 2009, 05:45 am EST
This movie looks pretty good from the trailer. I'm looking forward to it.
skribb Nov 03 2009, 07:01 am EST
I stopped watching movie trailers about a year ago, for the sole and simple reason that they always make the movies look WOWSHITAWESOME, which usually doesn't hold true when you watch the actual film. Even though the movie itself was good, like LOTR, the trailers are always one million times better than the movie.
blitsie Nov 03 2009, 08:38 am EST
The trailer was good for one thing though,gave me the urge to play Sands of time again,damn that game was good....
InsanePotato Nov 03 2009, 09:08 am EST
Girl (Farah isn't it? fuck i can't remember her name) seems a little poorly cast. Cute but not really what i was thinking for her part. She keeps talking and talking just like the game tho :P.
finaleve Nov 03 2009, 09:19 am EST
Well the man who won the best sex scene with the use of a butt seems to do a decent job here. Might be good actually...
benihana Nov 03 2009, 09:23 am EST
Seriously? This looks stupid. As a standalone movie, maybe it's alright, but it's freaking PoP Sands of Time and he does almost no acrobatic, wall climbing stunts. He just does some mediocre parkour jumps and hops from a platform with a rope around his waist. Where are the spike traps and wall running? The sand creatures?

If they'd of made it more fantasy themed like the actual SoT, it would've been a really awesome departure from the normal gritty action flick. As it stands, it's just a "epic" movie set in "Persia" and borrowing a few concepts from the game.

Poppycock I say!
Vader [STAFF] Nov 03 2009, 09:28 am EST - this trailer looks better.
Vodoo Nov 03 2009, 10:19 am EST
Hollywood doesn't make movies, it makes money and sex.
SubForce Nov 03 2009, 10:51 am EST
and what is wrong with money and sex???

And I have discovered that AT is educational too. I have now added Skribb's term WOWSHITAWESOME to my vocabulary.

Vodoo Nov 03 2009, 01:24 pm EST
Atrip is a cultural subsidiary for Anal Knowledge Ed. Inc

it specializes in linguistics....both on a literary and anatomical level. (joke: etymology -the use of tongue)
The Heart Of Darkness Nov 03 2009, 03:25 pm EST
Where is old Uwe anyways?
MoCus Nov 03 2009, 03:39 pm EST
the film makers win every time.
for every one complains, yet still they watch the film.
besides the the fuss made by the video games community whenever a film is shot is priceless in terms of publicity.

next time know that when you think about something
some one else is getting payed to make you think so
MoCus Nov 03 2009, 03:41 pm EST

Persia is Iran

for all those who did'nt know
MrCheese Nov 03 2009, 05:23 pm EST
Put off by the fact theres gonna be a goddam love story in there with cheesy sexual references and flirting to cancel out all the good stuff.
  greenberet: I thought you liked Cheese?
Cheddar Nov 04 2009, 05:25 pm EST
There's a love story in virtually every Prince of Persia game ever made, MrCheese.
run_like_snot Nov 04 2009, 05:42 pm EST
My expectations were so low that this trailer looked nearly WOWSHITAWESOME. That said I have never ever ever ever watched a movie based on a video game, ever. I did watch half an hour of hitman, threw up and decided to masturbate instead.

Poppycock I say!


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