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Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Announced

Publisher Ubisoft announced the development of a brand new Prince of Persia game and to answer the question that's most certainly on your mind, no it's not a sequel to last year's PoP game. The new game is called Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and it represents a continuation of the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time series.

Ubisoft points out that the game is going to feature "many of the fan-favorite elements" and "new gameplay innovations that gamers have come to expect from the Prince of Persia brand."

The project was described as being the sort of game that appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers. "The goal is to reach both audiences, the core and casual gamers. It will be a game that will have lots of combat, with the possibility for gamers that are not as good - a level for beginners. In that sense we are trying to cover both groups," said Ubi's CEO Yves Guillemot recently.

Evidently the game's storyline is intended to coincide with the release of Disney's feature film Prince of Persia.

The premiere trailer for this game is expected to appear on Spike TV's Video Game Awards on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 8 p.m. EST (oh great, that really makes me a happy man indeed). Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is scheduled for release on consoles and handhelds in May 2010.

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Stick! Nov 30 2009, 10:17 am EST
Very Nice, I like how they're coupling it with a movie release. It's like releasing the worlds largest launch trailer. This is good news, as fun as the last spin-off one was, a new Sands of Time game is definitely due.
PanteraFan666 Nov 30 2009, 10:21 am EST
cool, it better not look like the other game, the fuckin design looked like someone when with abunch of crayon's and made it.
Stick! Nov 30 2009, 10:24 am EST
Well, that is Cel Shading for you.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 30 2009, 10:32 am EST
I hope Sands in the Vagina stays a console exclusive.
Alchi Nov 30 2009, 11:04 am EST
This is so retarded.
I bet this new pop will be a game based on a movie based on that same game.
If god would be fair, Ubi would bankrupt due to investing too much money in anti-piracy measures. For those of you who have question wtf this has to with pop game i have an answer. It has nothing to do with it, I just don't like Ubi.
When they release BG&E 2 I will rethink my stature towards those french peckers.
Vodoo Nov 30 2009, 11:10 am EST
PoP was an exquisite artistic trilogy, everything after that is just financial investment.
  BmmB: Agreed!
WereGerbel Nov 30 2009, 11:58 am EST
meh meh meh meh....meh meh meh.
greenberet Nov 30 2009, 12:04 pm EST
PC version??
Vader [STAFF] Nov 30 2009, 12:23 pm EST
You know what I think?

I think the movie should be PC-only. In fact, every movie from now on should be PC-only.
  Alchi: That's a good idea, fair sir.
PanteraFan666: I think instead of boring old sand, why not cocaine? …
GrgoljBlaster: Rivers of LSD, fields of salvia divinorum, hanging ou…
PanteraFan666: WOW man I like the way you think man, I think we shou…
GrgoljBlaster: Yeah, I'm kinda fucked up (in a positive way, if ther…
PanteraFan666: hellz yeah.
greenberet: Vader, you know I am talking about the game, not the …
im_stardust Nov 30 2009, 01:06 pm EST
Whats with fucking gay actor playing a prince? A geek on steroids, fuck him and everyone who looks like him.
  PanteraFan666: take it easy bud, its ok we all agree with you. Broke…
Roland19: Thou enraged?
GrgoljBlaster Nov 30 2009, 02:07 pm EST
Noooo, don't ruin Sands of Time, it's a trilogy, the story is completed and it should stay that way! So what if they're making a movie? It's a movie based on game, we don't need a game about a movie about a game (like they did with Street Fighter). Oh and stop sucking up to casual audience, those people are probably not even interested in PoP but Ubi will make game easier just in case someone finds it too hard to press few buttons and move mouse in the same time.
Cheddar Nov 30 2009, 02:26 pm EST
Speaking as a massive Prince of Persia fan (particularly of the SoT trilogy)...

I REALLY don't know how to feel about this.

But my gut feeling is ominous. The SoT trilogy should be left alone, and the new storyline introduced with the latest game should continue to be the new focus.

It's going to be interesting to see which studio makes this movie-associated PoP game... smart money's on it NOT being Ubisoft Montreal, I think. Ubisoft will get one of their lesser studios to develop the game.

And if that's the case, we'd all be wise not to expect too much. This reeks of being no more than a blatant movie tie-in cash-grab.
  Kabkilla: Agreed. I hold absolutely no hopes at all, partly bec…
Cheddar: Well, regarding the movie, I generally agree with you…
Kabkilla: I just really want to see a great man live out his re…
Cheddar Nov 30 2009, 02:31 pm EST
Oh and btw...

Ubisoft should have demanded that Hollywood cast someone of Middle Eastern ethnicity as the Prince for the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor and I have nothing against him, but he's not anywhere close to Iranian (i.e. Persian).
  KraGeRzR: oh yes, we must kowtow to the Middle Eastern ethinic …
Kabkilla: Thank you for that stunning bit of insight, KraGeRzR.…
Roland19: Elaborating on something KabKilla said, early Persian…
Stick!: This is true. Iran is a linguistic corruption of the…
Cheddar: It's not a huge deal, but I just would've liked the P…
jimmy Nov 30 2009, 09:42 pm EST
If it helps i think Jake Gyllenhaal is 1/18 Cherokee
  Alchi: Funny but I read Jake Gaylenhaal.
Cheddar Dec 01 2009, 01:24 am EST
That's just going even farther in the wrong direction, unfortunately.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 01 2009, 02:02 am EST
Actually, this guy seems perfect to be the Prince of Persia -
Stick! Dec 01 2009, 03:51 am EST
You know what? Everyone was buzzing about Vin Diesel becoming Agent 47 before Timothy Oliphant was cast for the role. Even before the movie came out during the trailers people were just not quite sure about him. Then, people went and saw the movie, and he fucking nailed it. Like, they couldn't have asked for a better man to play Agent 47. Honestly, it doesn't really matter what the man looks like, he can be easily made to look a bit Persian, and I believe if he can make us believe he is The Prince of Persia, despite being a WASP, then it only stands as greater testament to his acting skill.
  Cheddar: Olyphant was okay in the role, and could've been bett…
Vader [STAFF] Dec 01 2009, 04:08 am EST
The movie Hitman doesn't look too inviting for me. Never saw it.
  BmmB: Bad as it is, still, it's the best game-to-movie adap…
skribb: It sucks gigantic dick, don't listen to BmmBbBmbmb.
Stick! Dec 01 2009, 04:12 am EST
I was in the same boat, until like for the seventh time I believe, someone I knew and respected came up to me and told me it was awesome. SO...I later went and rented the DVD and popped that bitch in and thoroughly enjoyed it. Decent.
  Cheddar: You and those seven friends of yours are rare and biz…
Vodoo Dec 01 2009, 04:25 am EST
and what if his persian personality brings forth a high school introvert who grows his hair long, doesn't shave his armpits and talks about his feelings ?
  Kabkilla: As opposed to buzzcut extroverts who also paradoxical…
Stick!: How is it a paradox to be an extravert and never expr…
Xmortis Dec 01 2009, 08:43 am EST
Methinks this one can be left 'forgotten' in the sands.


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