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Resident Evil 6 First Impressions

We first encountered Resident Evil 6 during the E3 2012, when we were a little disappointed with the folks at Capcom. In fact, if I recall, our initial sentiment was thus:

Just what the fuck do you think you're doing, Capcom?

As most of you probably know, I am huge fan of the Resident Evil series, particularly Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Capcom has impressed us with the fifth installment (even the PC port kicked ass) and for that reason we were truly excited for the next chapter.

Well, we are currently playing the full version of the game and the first few hours of gameplay felt like something was missing. Familiar characters were there, a relatively familiar setting too. Blood-starved zombies lunging forth to meet Leon, Chris and Jack. Okay, it didn't take me too long to discover what was missing. Started to play the game as Leon, and was aggravated almost immediately. The fact that Leon can strafe while shooting wasn't a bother. Remaining stationary while shooting at zombies had its charm in the long-running survival horror series and not they've changed it. But, as I said, that wasn't the problem. What made me curse with anger was the fact that Leon's movement was severely restricted and those rare moments of suspense were killed off by pointless segments of action and boring cut-scenes.

There's no slow build up, no mystery, no survival elements, the introduction to the story is baffling and is often interrupted by maddening and downright stupid QTE's.

Fair enough, I'm a mere two, maybe three hours, into it, but I can safely say, my dear readers, I'm not impressed yet. If the beginning of the game is indicative of what lies in store for those who venture deeper into the horror action game, then I'm afraid this has a slim chance of being a worthy successor to one of Capcom's best and most popular titles.

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im_stardust Sep 29 2012, 08:09 am EDT
You gave them free hands to masturbate when you liked RE 4 . Now deal with it fucko !

Go play RE 2 and RE 3 and see what Resident Evil should be about ...or die a zombie's death.
  Vader: You can take Nemesis (a.k.a. Resi 3) and shove it up …
theredsnifit: RE2 was exactly like RE4, but with bad graphics and c…
Killer Klown: Yeah. RE 3 was an utter and complete waste of space. …
Vodoo Sep 29 2012, 11:11 am EDT
Capcom's most popular....i can agree to that.
Capcom's best anything.....please, Capcom hasn't made a good game since Street Fighter 2.

period. no debate.
  Vader: I can say that they haven't made a good game since Re…
Vader [STAFF] Sep 29 2012, 11:41 am EDT​early-5-million/052609_3​l-5-ships-4-million/031609_5

Yeah, you're right. It's not popular at all.
  Vodoo: do you not read the words my fingers type ? i agree…
PanteraFan666 Oct 01 2012, 04:57 am EDT
always been a resident evil nut, but i cant say that this game will be as entertaining and enjoyable maybe as fearful as the previous games its gonna be sad
Killer Klown Oct 01 2012, 10:20 am EDT
Enh. I wanted to like 4, but the problem is their reliance on do-or-die quick time events killed the game for me. Some of them were annoying, the rest were downright rage-inducing (like that freaking knife fight). I hate quick time events enough in action games like God of War - having them in a survival/horror, or what's supposed to be a survival horror, game is downright inexcusable. If I wanted a rythm game I'd play freaking Guitar Hero.


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