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Respawn Readying the Banhammer for Titanfall Cheaters
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Those may be enjoying the early moments in a game to cheat when punishment isn't in effect for Titanfall, but their time is almost up. Respawn has said that they are keeping track of who is cheating in Titanfall, and they will introduce them to their banhammer very soon.

What's considered cheating? Typically it's for those who are using aimbots to give them an advantage with their kill counts. People haven't figured out yet that cheaters get banned?


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Terminator Mar 13 2014, 11:55 am EDT
Good. Get these worthless kids out. Cheating in a multiplayer game is about as low as you can get. Pathetic pieces of trash!
im_stardust Mar 13 2014, 12:13 pm EDT
Wretched, despicable worms! Peel their skin and burn them at the stake! Pull their fingernails and their teeth out, one by one; smash their toes with a hammer and pour liquid metal down their throats. Whip and castrate them and then pull their eyes out with a sharp, heated iron. Hang them upside down and beat then to a pulp. Open their chest and pull their heart out.

So hateful for the unjust, are you now, Terminator? You think you've been treated unfair during your life? You think everything should revolve around our human morals? Maybe you seek more than a little retaliation and revenge for your suffering, like any common man or woman?
im_stardust Mar 13 2014, 12:39 pm EDT
I consider myself very competitive in online game. Any game you give me and I enjoy it, If i'm not always the first, I strive to be. In FPS, i'm almost always in the top 3 in a game.

I like team-play. But as I have no friends to share this hobby with, I get to usually play lone wolf. And most of the times it blows. I'm always the guy with the most death while carrying a flag, cursing at the others for not covering me. So it pretty much becomes stressful, because I play to win.

Also, trying to be the first gets very stressful, because you always run into a no-lifer, who plays just one game, all the time, 16 hours a day. You can tell. This guys know the game mechanics and the map so well, you could almost accuse them of cheating.

And there also 2 types of cheaters. The ones that are obvious and get caught quickly and the ones that are smart and do not get caught.

And for all this reasons, I'm sticking to single player games.
  Vader: Same here. Still, Titanfall appears to have got under…
Killer Klown Mar 13 2014, 12:55 pm EDT
I usually love mech games, but I have absolutely zero interest in this one - because it's multiplayer only. I have absolutely zero interest in the latest incarnation of Mechwarrior, or Hawken, or anything else- it doesn't matter how good they are in other areas, they're still multiplayer only.

If there's one thing the Star Citizen kickstarter has proven, it's that there's still an interest in single player space combat sims - I know it's supposed to have a multiplayer component, but given the guy responsible made a name for himself with single player games I'm hoping he keeps up the theme. I'd love to see someone put up a Kickstarter for a new Mechwarrior as _Mechwarrior_, not the multiplayer mess.


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