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RPG Combat - Tactics or Action? Or Both?
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Check out our new voting poll, folks. Yes, that's right, we're still very much in RPG territory. That's mostly because everyone's still marching through monster-infested areas of Diablo 3 or they've started Dragon's Dogma (like me). Game of Thrones is also upon us (we've been playing the PC version, so we'll get back to you soon on that).

Anyway, here's the poll, so vote away:

Battles in an RPG should focus on:

- Tactics.
- Action.
- Both tactics and action.

By the way here are the results of our previous voting poll, just in case you're interested:

Single-player RPG or MMORPG?

- Single-player RPG (1891 votes)
- MMORPG (398)


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Bubu May 29 2012, 07:34 am EDT
The Witcher 2 has a very good mix of tactics and action. HA!
  Vodoo: no.
im_stardust May 29 2012, 08:58 am EDT
Pretty shallow poll. It looks like it was made by someone who hasn't played an rpg in his life.

Most action rpg have their tactics, broken. Like in Skyrim you can jump on a rock and fill a mammoth full with arrows, with him just standing there and not being able to reach you. That's not a tactic, that's an exploit of the game's crappy programming. Skyrim is full of them.

Witcher 2's entire combat is broken. Traps and potions work only if you are a jedi, they are useless. Blade coatings, runes and signs, let's say almost make up for it.

Dragon Age 2's pause button was also useless. With 2 mages and a tank, you'd be unstoppable even on hardest level of difficulty. It was practically hack&slash

The only proper tactic, I can think of is in turn based rpg.
  finaleve: ...the mammoth reference is, in fact, a tactic. By h…
im_stardust: one more retarded person to add to my list
Sword Fight: It must be said that I've never seen a mammoth climb …
im_stardust: You're already on my list sword fight.
Sword Fight May 29 2012, 03:51 pm EDT
The mix of both sounds ideal; demanding strategic, clever thinking while having a fluid, visceral, and exciting feeling to the combat. Understandably, pulling this off successfully is pretty difficult.

If forced to pick, I would go for action above tactics. Nothing is more tedious than hitting ability buttons and watching clunky animations play out.

I'm really keen on Diablo 3's combat; it gets very hectic and exciting, while still providing a lot of depth. I can play my Wizard in so many different ways, while still having direct control over aiming and such.

My least favorite combat system is action, but with numbers in the background. Such as Mass Effect, where the crosshair is ridiculously huge, or Fallout 3, where it's equally unrewarding. If you give me the ability to aim a gun manually instead of simply target an enemy and auto-attack, don't fuck with where my bullet goes.
finaleve May 29 2012, 06:29 pm EDT
Both. There really needs to be a form of both, almost to the days of SOCOM 2. That game online was fantastic because it opened up a doorway to strategy well beyond what CoD is today. Too bad it went down the road of CoD instead of sticking to it's own guns and now Zipper is gone.

A game where you have to think of your next move while dodging bullets is a hard concept to work with.
Terminator May 29 2012, 06:55 pm EDT
Agreed, you need both tactics and action.
Vodoo May 30 2012, 02:21 am EDT
its not about just having both but giving you the choice which to use.
MajFauxPas May 30 2012, 10:41 pm EDT
Tactics and action are either for RTS games, or for hybrid FPS/RPG games, like Mass Effect.

The other type of game involves strategy: turn-based RPG, or turn-based strategy, both the same style of chess-like play involving lots and lots of thought, and less action. See what I mean?


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