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Skyrim Campaign Could Take 'Hundreds of Hours' to Beat

Playing RPGs is probably one of the main reasons I stuck to gaming all these years. Sure, many good games have come and gone over the years, but it was the RPGs that made it so thrilling for me. These days though, it's hard to find a decent RPG, one that can completely entangle the player, make him think and get him/her immersed in a new and unexplored world. Eager gamers are expecting such an experience out of Bethesda's upcoming title The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

At present, we know that the developers aim to offer approximately 20-30 hours of play time in the Skyrim campaign. Players who invest more time into it (devoting their attentions to side-quests and such), might find so much more. That's according to the developers.

"In terms of play length there are literally hundreds of hours of content depending on how much you explore," the said a company rep.

That's true of any decent open-world RPG. However, the real question is: will players be motivated enough to invest so many extra hours into it? Let's hope so.

JPS via CVG.

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Assassin8 Jun 27 2011, 06:50 am EDT
I pray so. This has too much going for it especially for RPG games period to mess it up. Hopefully they do the level scaling properly though. Oblivion was annoying for that. What is the point of leveling if EVERY enemy in the game gets harder.
Xuvious Jun 27 2011, 06:58 am EDT
I'm hoping for the best. But with the recent trend of creating console oriented mechanics, ie. Bulletstorm, I worry for Skyrim. If it turns out to be "consoled" I'll be among those who will refuse to play it.
tei187 Jun 27 2011, 06:59 am EDT
make it as moddable as oblivion was and the game will last for few more hundreds of hours. plus, you'll have a huge community.
Doomsday. Jun 27 2011, 07:08 am EDT
how will the console crowd comprehend such a thing!!
  tei187: oh right... i forgot about THOSE ;)
Terminator: The console crowd will play for two hours, then go ba…
kevinoneton: Well I will be one of those console crowed members wh…
Sleepy_Foot_Rulz Jun 27 2011, 07:18 am EDT
Its is anywhere near as good as Dragon Age Origins or Deus Ex 3, then I would gladly shell out another fifty quids!
  tei187: the only good deus ex so far was the first one... 3rd…
Sleepy_Foot_Rulz: two words. closed beta. and someone who played bo…
Vader [STAFF] Jun 27 2011, 07:19 am EDT
Wait a minute, how do you know Deus Ex 3 will be good?
  TonySpecOps: he probably played the beta leak
Vader: That's hardly the full game is it
TonySpecOps: you know how people are ;)
Vader: Yes.
Sleepy_Foot_Rulz: so far, put in about 18 hours on the *official* beta.…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 27 2011, 07:34 am EDT
Hype... It might take dozens of hours on the first playthrough and many more on subsequent ones, if the game is that good. But it will obviously be consolized to death, so there's really no point in hoping for anything special. I'm sure it will be ok, even decent. But what exactly are you guys hoping for ? Combat will be the main focus, which is by far the most boring thing in gaming, because it is so overused.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 27 2011, 07:41 am EDT
You've got a point there, my friend. If Skyrim becomes that, I'll kill everyone in the world. I want a huge, world, I want choices and I want full immersion. Not a third-person hack'n'slasher with e linear story and two character classes.
  optimus slime: You'll kill everyone in Skyrim world or real world?
Vader: Both, if everything goes according to plan.
Whos_the_Who: Ahem Ahem.....Witcher 2....Ahem
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 27 2011, 08:16 am EDT
Every ES game has been simpler and blander than the one before it. If Skyrim came out on a new generation of consoles, I'd have relatively high hopes for it. But as it's made for the ancient 360 hardware, we're gonna run into most of the same old compromises. I predict it'll be a re-skinned Oblivion, with some lessons learned from the modding community. And a better story, something more interesting than "close 30 oblivion gates cause you're our bitch".

All they talk about in interviews is combat and fluff and being badass and raping dragons. Zzz... it's very safe, very routine. I want them to improve storytelling, try to make everything as plausible as possible. There are literally thousands of games I can play if I want cheap violence, but there's not one that can make me care about what's going on.

You can very easily tell when someone's put his heart into his work, and that's what I want to see in this game. Oblivion had way more bells and whistles than Morrowind, but nearly everyone agrees that it didn't have that special something that creates fascination. So I'm waiting for some nice gameplay videos and information on what's behind the fancy exterior. I still have some faith in Bethesda. Morrowind was one of my great loves.
  Nameinuse: Mine too. Let's have a threesome.
Amok: No multiplayer, Nameinuse.
optimus slime Jun 27 2011, 08:48 am EDT
If you devote your attention to cooking every piece of raw rat meat you can get your hands on, then yes, you can spend a lot of time on this game. And after you're done with rats, there's plenty of squirrels to keep you going. Not to mention sheep, which may be fewer in numbers, but certainly more challenging. Time will flow by before you can say "I should open a butcher shop". It's fun. If you like meat. But who doesn't? I certainly do. Good job Bethesda.
  Un Om Bun: You should go for the Played Hundreds of Hours achiev…
optimus slime: That's only a bonus to all the 'raw' fun you can have…
Un Om Bun: Raw fun - raw meat, must remember that one.
Barzenak42 Jun 27 2011, 09:23 am EDT
Still hoping for a deep , fun open world game that will eat my life up.
Vodoo Jun 27 2011, 10:01 am EDT
it's like optimus read my mind....
that's the last time i give someone a key to my diary regardless of sexual favours.

i do feel the need, like an OCD child in front of a puzzle box to question the significance of those hundred hours spent; carrying a coin from NPC1 at the bottom of the map to NPC2 at the top is hardly time spent immersed in the world of lore and literacy.

gameplay should be honest and meaningful, if the game makes you spend 2 hours in constant joy of action then that is time well spent but if Bethesda and other developers who work around the idea of: open world + random monsters = gameplay, then someone needs to knock some sense into their heads because apparently they have none.

does masturbating while pausing count as game time because i may have spent more in single player games than Koreans do in World of warcraft.
  optimus slime: It counts as quality time. At least thats what mastur…
SGMRock Jun 27 2011, 10:07 am EDT
Speaking of RPG's I just started another play through of Dragon Age: Origins with some very sweat mods that make it look and feel like a sorta new game. I sure hope based on what BW said they messed up in DA2 that DA3 is also as nice a game as DA:O is. Steam says I played DA:O for 310 hours now and it didn't count any of the hours I played Awakenings so its probably like 400+ lol well worth the money on that game.
  Vodoo: im intrigued by your interest in perspiration mods...…
Killer Klown Jun 27 2011, 10:20 am EDT
To date, the only ES game I've played through to completion has been Daggerfall - this isn't to say I haven't had fun with the others; quite the contrary. I've had so much fun with them that the so-called 'main quest' (Which, historically, has actually been alot weaker or less interesting than most of the side quests or user made content) gets put on the back burner. I remember spending days at a time just wandering around the environment in Morrowind and... looking at stuff.
Morkrul Jun 27 2011, 10:32 am EDT
first i'll make a character to kill everyone in skyrim world... then i'll make another one to play the game
SpaceMonkey Jun 27 2011, 11:35 am EDT
Vader, after reading your Witcher 2 review I already knew you're an RPG fan. Although the review maybe a bit TOO negative and the score maybe a point or 2 off I still agreed with the content of the review.

I'm having high hopes for Skyrim although I'm not having too high of an expectation on the combat aspect of the game, since combat has always been mediocre-ish in elder scroll games.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 27 2011, 12:11 pm EDT
That is true. The combat was never a strong point in Elder Scrolls. Despite that, I've always enjoyed Morrowind. Oblivion, hm, not so much.
Nameinuse Jun 27 2011, 10:39 pm EDT
The campaign isn't hundreds of hours long. It's 20-30 hours long. It says so right there in your post. Skyrim might be 200 hours of bland caves, but it's campaign won't be.
LostPcGamer Jun 28 2011, 04:51 am EDT
100 hrs it all you do is explore and dont finish the campaign. I know a person who played Oblivion for 600 hrs and I couldn't even finish the game.
DylanDeVille Jun 28 2011, 06:52 am EDT
hmm... I have a theory that the best open world RPG is the first one you ever play/ed.

Morrowind stole my heart like a heatseeking homing hussy of a harpy Aaaand it was my first.
Personally, I hated oblivion, but gave it to a friend who had never played such games, and boy did he give it up.


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