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Some PC Gamers Have A Life
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Steam is a very useful digital delivery service (Hey, free endorsement! Where's my money Valve?). All those cool and welcome Holiday sales, discounts and so on. Many, many awesome games on offer, from unknown indie gems to some of the best triple-A titles money can buy. The question is: do people actually play these games? Well, of course they do.

However, a majority of Steam's community are folks who just make the purchase and then never bother to play the game.

Most of the sales on this list include Team Fortress and Dota players, which I'm pretty sure are hardcore gamers. Then, who are the 37% that never play the games they buy? There are a couple of possible explanations here. These are individuals who "have a life," but are still drawn to games because they love them or they merely buy them out of nostalgia. Ya know, you play games and it's fun, and then it's school time or job time or marriage time. Either way, these people just don't have the time to play games, even though they'd probably like to. Instead, they're too busy grinding away at some desk-job that sucks their souls dry. So at the end of the day, they just want to go out and eat grass or drown in the bottom of a beer can.


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Sleek Apr 16 2014, 07:10 am EDT
Also, I buy package deals that include games i've never got round to playing. It's still better value to get the whole package, rather than buy the few games that i really want seperately.
  Vader: It's the package deals sure. But I have a lot of frie…
PigMaster Apr 16 2014, 07:15 am EDT
Real gamers never sleep...
there are a few games I bought and never played, on account of a good deal (fallout 1 2 and tactics for 3 euros), cause I wanted to Play the 2nd only).
Keep in mind that gaming is a massive time consumer and usually played by oneself
  Vader: Fuckin' true.
Keri_Honea [STAFF] Apr 16 2014, 07:28 am EDT
I have a friend who actually owns nearly 400 games on Steam. He's played about 12% of them.
  Vader: Spare cash. That's what the whole system seems to thr…
optimus slime Apr 16 2014, 08:05 am EDT
I doubt it's the lack of spare time, which is usually spent on looking through pointless articles on internet, facebook, twitter, etc.

Not to mention checking gaming websites and watching other people play games, instead of actually playing the damn game. In my opinion, these are the main offenders.

No offense AT, I love you and all. Because of the tits.
PerfectXtreme Apr 16 2014, 08:28 am EDT
I was about to mention it might be related to the Steam Cards and such but even if you cheat to collect those it logs played hours...

Not to mention of my 20-30 steam card games, i've gotten a single booster pack in 6 months? The system is shit

Oh, and achievements can be cheated as well sadly =(
Reikhardt Apr 16 2014, 08:29 am EDT

I have 503 steam games and I guess I've not played around 120 of them. Most of the unplayed ones are the extras from bundles that I bought for one or two specific games.
I have the intent to play them all at some point, but Lord knows when I'll get the time.
Currently Reaper of Souls and Euro Truck Sim 2 are preventing any new games from being played.
CJ_Parker Apr 16 2014, 08:54 am EDT
Guilty as charged here. About 250 games on Steam and I've played maybe 50 and we have to use a very loose definition of "played" for probably about half of those 50 since often times I just demo a game or play for 5 minutes only to never return to the game.
Vodoo Apr 16 2014, 11:20 am EDT
"TF2 and Dota players, which I'm pretty sure are hardcore gamers."
are they really? what is a "hardcore gamer"?

is a football player a hardcore sportsman?
is it because: that's all he plays / he's really good at it / his knowledge of that particular sport / his knowledge of all things sports related?

are you a hardcore gamer if your age is about 14, your entry into the world of gaming is League of Legends and that's alright because it's free thus no other game is better because "insert random funny word" and now you are playing it like such a pro, your face looks Korean?

i think there are only 2 categories: gamer and non-gamer.
a gamer plays games because he searches for something meaningful in them, some games are for fun but most are either little exhibits of art, interactive private concerts, a theatrical play, an oral story reminiscent of childhood when parents/grandparents sat down beside your bed etc.

a non-gamer plays Candy Crush for 2 hours because he's constipated or online games ONLY because "i win, you suxxorz".
  Vader: "What's a hardcore gamer?" I dunno...people who fu…
Cheddar Apr 16 2014, 11:20 am EDT
Yep. I have several friends that qualify for this. They impulse-purchase games when they're on sale, and then never play them. We're older now and just can't game for more than 2 hours at at time per day, so it's really just not possible to get to everything.

For this reason, I'm always rolling my eyes when I see people posting here and elsewhere to lament about how there are "no good games lately", or "it's a slow month for new releases", etc. and so forth. I'm sitting here still playing shit that came out a year or more ago. There's always something really good that I haven't touched yet.

"Instead, they're too busy grinding away at some desk-job that sucks their souls dry. So at the end of the day, they just want to go out and eat grass or drown in the bottom of a beer can."

This is pretty cynical. They might just have families, Vader. A husband and father that comes home from work and immediately spends all his time on his PC or console before going to bed won't be a husband and father for very long.
  antonphd: exactly
PigMaster Apr 16 2014, 12:59 pm EDT
I don't think there are 2 definitions.
Gamers, in my eyes, are people who've developed a taste in gaming, same as any other past time activity.
For most of my gamer friends, as for myself, gaming in rewarding by itself.
I think that's just it.
just as someone who loves the cinema will enjoy a good film.
I would define myself a gamer, but I won't play any given game just on account of having to play, and I don't consider people who bought CoD and Fifa and nothing else gamers as well, if they'll refuse to try anything else.
Most gamers, I believe, have a knack at games, diving right into any platform with ease, even if they don't spend as much time as their Fifa loving friends.
Being a gamer doesn't mean you always have something to play and it certainly doesn't mean you have to spend all your spare time playing.

All in all, I think it's one's attitude towards playing games, same as any other hobby.
  Vodoo: that's what i said. you wouldn't call someone who …
cracker101 Apr 16 2014, 03:00 pm EDT
A "gamer" is a person who plays a game. Any deeper or expanded definition is purely subjective. People who consider themselves a gamer will undoubtedly have a definition that puts them squarely in that category while having conditions that exclude types of people they want to unassociate with the term to strengthen the sense of pride they get from using the term. Exclusion goes hand in hand with self worth like peeing and pooping!
  Vodoo: should i extend my one word description of myself to …
Terminator Apr 16 2014, 05:16 pm EDT
I'm pretty strict when it comes to gaming. I buy one game at a time, and complete it before I move on. No half-finished games or package deals for this gamer!
antonphd Apr 16 2014, 08:26 pm EDT
i buy a lot of games and try them out and then never play them again. or i buy them and someday i will try them out. i have a great job and a great life and games are fun, but not even close to being worth the time it would take to play every game i buy.


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