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Sony Announces PlayStation 4

Sony has finally summed up the courage to reveal its plans for a new PlayStation console, during a press event held today in New York City. The PlayStation 4 is coming.

Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, confirmed this and introduced Mark Cerny as the lead system architect.

The manufacturer proceeded to explain how this new consoles is "a platform for game creators by game creators," in addition to which he talked about the new DualShock 4 and it's new features.

Also, Sony did reveal that the PlayStation 4 will give users a chance to play games as those very games are being downloaded. Evidently, the console contains a secondary custom chip for background downloading and processing.

The best part of all is that the console is set to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, so yeah, backward compatibility is very much in the picture.

Be on the lookout for more news, soon.

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RenegadeCZ Feb 20 2013, 04:15 pm EST
I haven't seen a proper gameplay yet, will leave it for tomorrow, but I'm really excited. Finally, we're gonna get another step forward in graphics. Can't wait.
Whisky Feb 20 2013, 04:21 pm EST
BC by streaming, I wonder about physical disc games.
Zulu Feb 20 2013, 04:24 pm EST
Another step in social gaming.
Whisky Feb 20 2013, 04:27 pm EST
Will NOT be BC for games you already own! Bastards!​ion-4-will-not-have-native-ps3-backwards-comp​atibility/

What an asshat idea. Get people to re-buy games they already own if they want to play them on PS4.

The good news (for me) is that the used PS3 console market won't dry up any time soon, if the PS4 isn't truly PS3 compatible. Because I intend on selling my used PS3 at some point.
Chunder Feb 20 2013, 06:08 pm EST
Best thing about the PS4 is all the console ports will finally be brought up to PC standards from 2010. That's slightly good news..
Cedtsmk Feb 20 2013, 06:37 pm EST
Console is set to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. What happens if PSN gets hacked again and it's shutdown for a entire month again? People should able to play a game without a internet connection.
finaleve Feb 20 2013, 08:38 pm EST
Been using my PC as a PS2 lately (Trying to play through Killer7). Not really excited for the PS4. PS3 really was a let down for me. Some interesting games but I ended up sticking to my 360 and PC.
run_like_snot Feb 20 2013, 09:47 pm EST
The only interest I have in next gen consoles is the effect they will have on PC game hardware requirements and design. The current generation have had a huge effect on both those things, and I feel that there's been a slight breaking free by PC developers in the last 2 years, from the shackles (yes shackles) of console popularity. The quality of PC games will probably take a dive.
Superastic Feb 21 2013, 12:26 am EST
Watched the conference. They showed some gameplay. Emphasis: particles, light. Yep, games look good. Otherwise, it's the same move forward shoot stuff in the face and occasionally push the 'use' button affair. Don't know what I was expecting :/
GrgoljBlaster Feb 21 2013, 12:58 am EST
Pretty "meh" so far. Of course it would get better specs than PS3 and shinier games, but that's it? We didn't even get to see the darn thing! And the whole connectivity blabla sounds fishy to me, almost sounding like PS4 games won't even come out on discs. But without a service like Steam that could allow you to activate your retail game and get a downloadable backup copy.
Btw "a platform for game creators by game creators" sounds more like something Gabe Newell is allowed to say. Or they'll finally make an open system and keep it that way (yeah, right, like they did with PSP?)?
Batdog Feb 21 2013, 09:31 am EST
I could give a good god damn about all the shared social gaming crap, friends taking over your controller to help you through particularly hard sections of games? Yeah, that wont get hacked. Call me old fashioned, or just plain old, but I like my gaming like I like my masturbation, with and by myself!


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