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Sony, Nintendo, EA Drop Piracy Act Support

Major companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo and EA officially pulled support for the Stop Online Piracy Act, which was created to "promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes." The Act was introduced by the United States House of Representatives in October 2011 and has received massive backlash from a lot of people who argued that it is a threat to freedom of speech.

The legislation gives companies the power to slice revenue and shut down web sites at individual discretion. In addition it could be abused for censorship purposes.

The gaming giants withdrew not long after the hacking group Anonymous threatened to destroy Sony's network for supporting SOPA.

Mind you, it might be impertinent to mention that all three publishers are members of the Entertainment Software Association, which fully supports the bill. Also, Sony still supports the act through different music publishing arms (as reported by BI).

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xXSheperdXx Jan 03 2012, 07:22 am EST
Shit just got real I guess
RenegadeCZ Jan 03 2012, 07:45 am EST
I think they take themselves a bit too seriously.

Not to mention they are criminals.
Revolver Jan 03 2012, 07:57 am EST
The related video "CAT PLAYS NINJA FRUIT ON IPAD" says it all
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jan 03 2012, 08:18 am EST
The rich and powerful are trying to get MOAR, and to hell with everyone else. God forbid they should concern themselves with bringing balance to the world. I guess that task has to fall on the shoulders of the weak. GG humanity.
  Vader: Bring balance? Hah! Fat chance. Who's gonna bring bal…
RenegadeCZ: Vader, dude, you read that conspiracy and anti-establ…
Vader: It has nothing to do with conspiracy, dude. Besides, …
Breedy_Mcfluff: Plenty of incidents with the UN peacekeepers taking a…
Vader: Thank you, Breedy.
RenegadeCZ: Incidents? It's almost like a war in those places, wh…
Miliowilix Jan 03 2012, 08:33 am EST
Go Stephen Hawking!
  Vader: God bless him!
tei187 Jan 03 2012, 08:53 am EST
i just fkn love those guys.

RenegadeCZ Jan 03 2012, 11:37 am EST
These Anonymous guys are fucking terrorists. I'd beat them and throw them all to jail.
  Breedy_Mcfluff: Last time I checked, they weren't trying to blow inno…
RenegadeCZ: You can't be fucking serious.
Terminator: Anonymous is out of control. I liked them at first, b…
RenegadeCZ: True. A guardian angel of the internet freedom? N…
Breedy_Mcfluff Jan 03 2012, 12:46 pm EST
I can understand trying to stop piracy, but they seem to be trying to royally fuck the entire internet into a goddamn cage to be poked and prodded. Not to mention that the efforts to try and thwart piracy will likely fail, but will still fuck people (and it reminds me of the time a local skatepark was closed because of pot heads smoking there, closing it off to everyone lawful skaters).

It's a case of big laziness and the inability to locate the needle in the haystack, so they're going to set the whole thing on fire.
  Un Om Bun: Correct.
Terminator Jan 03 2012, 01:36 pm EST
I'm not sure which group is worse anymore. The publishers trying to stop piracy, or the Anonymous group that keeps hacking everything.
RenegadeCZ Jan 03 2012, 01:43 pm EST
Oh guys, c'mon, you literally don't know shit about SOPA! It does not limit a honest user in any way, unlike they are trying to tell you. The companies took kind of a really sharp turn with SOPA, but the internet (read pirate) community's reaction was really not appropriate. It's understandable that if someone is attacked by any means, he tries to defends in the ways he can. But pirates and mainly hacker are not to be defended.
  BmmB: Well, who are you to judge? If you are a pirate or a …
Un Om Bun: I read about SOPA a few days ago but I'm not gonna ge…
Roland19: "Doesn't limit an honest user in any way".... You're …
RenegadeCZ: I am. I want to study diplomacy, so this stuff is kin…
Roland19: Then are you playing devil's advocate or something? I…
Roland19 Jan 03 2012, 03:06 pm EST
Honestly, if anyone is defending SOPA, then they must not know anything about it. I've read up on the thing pretty extensively, and I can't fathom why any private citizen who knew what it could lead to would support it. Either you're ignorant or actively against the free flow of information.

SOPA would make running aggregate sites like 4chan and Reddit, as well as forums, incredibly difficult, and that's just one problem it would pose. There are already programs circulating that would circumvent SOPA's DNS filters, so essentially the bill would be hurting the public while pirates still did their thing unhindered.

You just can't have copyright law being written and enforced out of the public eye, it's stupid and if you're one of the people saying it "won't be that bad", you're fucking stupid too.
BloodAngel Jan 03 2012, 10:56 pm EST
SOPA is a monstrosity and it needs to be stopped. It will do absolutely fucking nothing to stop Piracy. Pirates will find ways to continue their activity, hell, they already have! Most browsers have apps out now that would circumvent any Justice Department blockade. Besides, they already have laws against Piracy, enforce those.

However, this thing will hurt the average user in ways they're not even aware. Almost all of Youtube is in violation of SOPA right now. Anything that includes copyrighted material could be labelled in violation and subject to action from the Justice Department unless it's removed from the web.

Want to know the words to that song stuck in your head? Sorry, all those user vids featuring the lyrics while the song plays are in violation of SOPA. Want to check out KOTOR through a gameplay commentary before deciding whether to join? Sorry, in violation of SOPA. Want to watch a video of Tania the dancing bear doing its thing to Circus from Britney Spears? Sorry, in violation of SOPA.

This thing has the potential to destroy vast swaths of the internet, and is censorship plain and simple. They've just packaged it in such a way as to minimize the outcry. "Oh this is all about Piracy!" No, it's about control, and I for one do not trust the Justice Department not to use it like a hammer. Do you really want the likes of Arlen Specter and Eric Holder deciding what websites the American people have the RIGHT to access?


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