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Star Citizen Getting Ridiculous With Crowdfunding
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Admit it, this just seems ridiculous. I mean, I'm all for crowdfunding, but this shit seems like it's not real. Could these donations all be from real people or do these guys have an impossible amount of friends, relatives and spouses? 

Recently we were under the impression that Chris Roberts' team, who are developing the upcoming space shooter Star Citizen, received over $31 million for the project from supporters.

Now I check their web site, only to discover that within approximately 24 hours they've actually reached $33 million.

That's just, wow, I don't know what to say to that. Except, that the developers of the unsurprisingly crappy and technically underdeveloped X Rebirth, must be kicking themselves in the nuts right about now. They used their own money and have created an unpolished piece of shite (or so we're told by some critics and a sea of raging fans).

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tei187 Nov 27 2013, 09:19 am EST
I've missed the Wing Commander on my play list (though I'll deny it in any further posts I will ever write) but I remember Starlancer and Freelancer quite well. Both of those came from Roberts and I enjoyed them more than any other space sim, the genre quite deadish nowadays. So Star Citizen may just be the game a lot of folk were waiting for for over a decade. Community outreach, scalable development progress, great ideas and maybe a wee bit too righteous approach to the game can make you pool up that much in short time.
Plus, they sold rare ships last week. Some went for $1250.

What's funny is that this game isn't going to get released before late 2014 (and that was the extremely optimistic measure some time ago). How much will they get in the next year?
  Vader: The original Wing Commander is one of the classics. T…
FesterSilently: Well, here you go, gents. ;) Wing Commander 1 & 2…
Krunchy1736 Nov 27 2013, 10:39 am EST
So I only recently heard about this game a few weeks ago and MAN do i wish i funded during their kickstarter... SOOO many perks given to those that did. But 33 million dollars?! That is INSANE in the membrane!~

Have to wonder if the game will be TOO massive. Seems like they already have 1k hours worth of content since it's basically an entire galaxy. But you're right it does seem a little too good to be true, almost as if Peter Molenux was creating it or something.. Also i checked the funding progress last week, maybe 10 days ago, and they were somewhere around 70-80% to 28 million. I thought to myself, okay it can't possibly get any higher, it's gotta peak at some point right? Then i saw this. Good god when will it end?! Do THAT many people truly want a space simulator that badly? Apparently so...
But there NO WAY they can get to 35 million! Right? Right?! o.O
  Vader: It will be massive. It has to be with a budget that's…
araczynski Nov 27 2013, 11:55 am EST
the perks here are meaningless, i'm only after the ability to run my own sandbox server where i can have access to everything. paying hundreds of dollars for ships in game is just for tards.
  Vader: Should we pay for movies to be made? Just food for th…
DRAVNT Nov 27 2013, 01:05 pm EST
$1250 does seem like a lot of dosh for an in-game item/perk that you won't be able to touch/play for another year plus.

Unless you/your parents are swimming in money than more power to ya.

I'm stoked for the game but color me cautious. As Krunchy1736 said, it's almost as if Peter Molenux is making a space sim and we all know how those turn out.

Looking forward to a release tho....
  tei187: Not only you won't be able to play it for another yea…
FesterSilently Nov 27 2013, 04:13 pm EST
You know what needs money thrown at it?

The proper fucking Flatout sequel (*not* that drippy shite that that unknown dev group threw out to us..."Flatout 3") by the original developers, BugBear.
  run_like_snot: Fester, silently
FesterSilently: Yes, occasionally, I *do*. ;)
DRAVNT Nov 27 2013, 04:39 pm EST
LOL I could totally get behind a proper Flatout game!!!!

It was WAY fun to play with friends and wreck some sh!t up!
  RenegadeCZ: Bugbear's Next Car Game. Google it.
Terminator Nov 27 2013, 05:10 pm EST
I'm so glad that I didn't buy X Rebirth right away. This game needs at least six months to get polished. Right now it's a disaster!
  kreep69: You're not kidding there ... what a let down. Everyt…
fenixfire Nov 27 2013, 10:01 pm EST
Ive been part of the Star Citizen community since almost day one so I got all the cool perks. I have a military spec Super hornet I cant wait to play with :) Vader is correct, its going to be HUGE. Its not just a space sim. They already have enough money that they said you will be able to fully navigate living cities after landing at them on planets and it will be complete with First person shooter action both on the ground and in space because you will be able to board capitol ships and try to take them over with a squad (or more) of marines. It is powered by Cry engine 3 so the FPS mechanics should be quite fluid. So it wont be just a space sim. The reason they got a huge jump in funding was because they had a 1 year anniversary sale and let people pick up some of the rarer ships but they only offered a specific ship or two each day for a week so people were scrambling to pick them up. It REALLY jumped when they offered the Idris P this past tuesday which is a rare sub capitol ship.
  RenegadeCZ: That sounds a little too good to be true. Not saying …
Vodoo Nov 28 2013, 12:40 am EST
Chris Roberts admitted a long time ago to the project being crowd-funded only in part and just for starters because "some investors" were unwilling to throw money without a clear sign that the game will sell.

apparently, it worked.
barasawa Nov 30 2013, 10:10 am EST
I really liked most of the Wing Commander games, but I hated their asteroid fields. All the asteroids just fly at you based on your speed. If you drop speed to 0 and just spin to face opponents, you can watch them dodge around and run into the immobile asteroids.

I do have to admit that it was a decent cheat to reduce processing resources for asteroid fields, but it totally falls apart if anyone kills their engines.
Rick_Hunter Dec 01 2013, 08:51 am EST
Wing Commander was good for starting things off along with the Star Wars space sims, the final masterpiece for me though was Freespace 2. Spent hours on it.
Breedy_Mcfluff Dec 01 2013, 07:45 pm EST
This game gives my gamer-soul the "Erection of the Year," because it's going to be goddamn glorious.

It's great that people are willing to spend large amounts of money on this, even if you can get the ships they're getting just the same through some hard work in-game.


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