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Syndicate FPS - Good or Bad Idea?

Hm, I think I already know what most of you are gonna vote for:

Syndicate is now a FPS:

  • That sounds awesome!
  • Damn, double-damn, with an extra pint of 'damn'!

To learn more about the new Syndicate game, check out the screenshots, the announcement and our recent reports.

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Reader Comments
Neil Sep 19 2011, 06:19 am EDT
It's not really "Syndicate" is it as a FPS! What a wasted opportunity to re-invent a fairly unique tactical game!
  Vader: Aye. History might even repeat itself, so we could ge…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Sep 19 2011, 06:39 am EDT
This was inevitable. They wouldn't have sold a tenth of what they'll sell on consoles if this sequel was isometric. I absolutely love 2D and 3D isometric games, they can be every bit as beautiful and engaging, and often more so than first person games.

Remember The Temple of Elemental Evil ? That game had an atmosphere that I can only describe as hypnotic. It had artsy 2D graphics and great music that I can still vividly remember, despite the fact that I played less than 5 hours of it.
  Vader: Holy crap, I remember that one. It was one tough game…
Un Om Bun: Hah, yeah, I gave up on it because the frequent crash…
EricHalfBee: It would be an 'Arcade' game on the 360 and no chance…
Cheddar: ToEE was a bug-ridden travesty and a big part of the …
Cheddar: Anyway, bun, you were a lot younger back when you pla…
Un Om Bun: I think you're too harsh there. I really loved the th…
Cheddar: /shrug For me, I was super hopeful at the time tha…
mmacarthur Sep 19 2011, 08:57 am EDT
Perhaps there's hope yet, maybe you'll be able to place your agents and instantly switch between each of their third person views...

I've not voted because FPS doesn't really say enough it could be generic drivel or it could be a breath of fresh air...

I remain cautiously optimistic :-/
EricHalfBee Sep 19 2011, 11:59 am EDT
It could still be a decent game. OK so that's hopelessly optimistic but as mmac points out there are possibilities. If it's just oen augmented shooter running around doing corpote dirty deeds then that's really Deus Ex again though isn't it?
Hamsterkill Sep 19 2011, 12:05 pm EDT
I'll hope for the best for it as it's own game but as an FPS, you gotta say it seems as if they're just slapping the Syndicate IP on a game that was pitched to them rather than truly making a successor... I'm sure they'll do the same to System Shock when the time comes.
RenegadeCZ Sep 19 2011, 02:51 pm EDT
Makes me want to play GTA 5, much like everything these days.
tei187 Sep 19 2011, 04:20 pm EDT
so let's say that the situation is like this:
we are all little kids, waiting for that one awesome xmas present. we hear the fat dude in red uniform, we see the reindeer, the sleigh, the bag of presents. dude reaches inside the bag, going "ho ho ho" and we see something... we didn't want. it's still a present but hey Santa, guess what? IT FUCKING SUCKS, YOU BUM! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? RETARD! "HO HO HO" MY ASS, YOU POO-LIKE CREATURE! I WANTED A BIKE, NOT FUCKING ROLLER SKATES! SSSSSLUT!

that's pretty much the thing here. the only problem is that EA is much more real than Santa, so, hey, we're fucked for real! :P
first rumor about syndicate a few months ago was like "omfg! they're gonna do it!" and now with this FPS crap, my enthusiasm went to shit. what's the point of making another deus ex so fast? because generally it'll be something like this, maybe with more frivolous combat system.

hey, ho, generic shit!
Cheddar Sep 19 2011, 04:27 pm EDT
Just be happy there's even going to be another Syndicate game. FPS or not, it's a small miracle.

By 2012, fully 19 years since the original Syndicate, even an FPS being released for the IP already effectively represents a beating of the odds.

Frankly, EA is going out on a limb making any sort of Syndicate game whatsoever. It's been so long since the IP was active, that EA really can't be expecting for the Syndicate name to really hold that much weight anymore as a brand. Obviously, there are legions and legions of gamers today who have never played the game from 1993 and really couldn't care less about it.
  Un Om Bun: There was no need to call this FPS Syndicate.
Cheddar: If the game ends up being well-written and the story …
Neil: But it's not really going to be a "Syndicate" game is…
Cheddar: Is the premise not about a corporation in a near-futu…
Un Om Bun: People like myself who love tactical isometric games …
im_stardust Sep 20 2011, 02:56 pm EDT
You heard the guy. If someone throws you a rock in the face, just be glad and be thankful he didn't kill you.

Cheddar Sep 20 2011, 07:54 pm EDT
Stardust, you were like 6 years old when the original Syndicate came out. I highly doubt you ever even played the game.


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