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The Benevolent Tyrant

Women don't ask for much, just an astute, caring man, who's extremely confident and modest. They usually seek a handsome individual completely aware of his own ugliness. An unbelievably witty, kooky, foolish adventurer who travels everywhere and is always at home to protect them. A fierce combat-able pacifist. Oh yeah, he must be the tallest fucker ever and must have shoulders broader than the Sydney Opera House so they can safely rest their heads and not worry about a thing because daddy will take care of everything. Yeah, yeah, I know, and all stupid men need is mommy's teet to suck on. Hm, and there's me wondering why AT has no women readers.

Anyway, what's the complete opposite of misogynist? Pimp? No that can't be right.  

Dya know the weird thing is, I actually have nothing against women and often prefer their company to largely retarded men who yap on and on about football and porn. Not even porn. Just football. In fact, I've discovered that a lot of women love talking about porn without even the slightest mention of football and I find that gratifying.  

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Vader [STAFF] Apr 01 2014, 01:20 am EDT
As you can probably tell from this post, I haven't had any action in months.
  Whisky: Don't worry, I'm married so I haven't had any action …
Annihilator Apr 01 2014, 01:32 am EDT
A rather insightful post, and I totally agree about the porn discussion. At least that's what my girlfriend is cool with talking about.

Have you ever tried online dating Vader? That's a gold mine.
  Vader: Lol, I'll definitely give that one a try. It oozes wi…
Vader: As for your girlfriend, yeah, if she's willing to tal…
CJ_Parker: Online dating = 99% tattooed, dyed, dumb fake sluts w…
Vader: Sold.
Reikhardt: I'd buy that for a dollar.
Rick_Hunter: I met my wife via online dating, she's in the 1%, no …
RenegadeCZ: Does she even porn?
Annihilator: I understand the embarrassment too, but it is quite h…
Reikhardt Apr 01 2014, 01:40 am EDT

Was going to make a crass comment, but I'll take the moral high ground today and leave it.
I must be ill.
Vader [STAFF] Apr 01 2014, 01:45 am EDT
You ill?
  Reikhardt: Flu, for last 5 days. Barely got out of bed for most …
Vader: Well, get well soon then.
Reikhardt: Cheers.
Breedy_Mcfluff Apr 01 2014, 01:58 am EDT
Women (most gamers?) don't post (visit?) here because it's generally a shitty news site (but the reviews can be good !!!). There are a chosen few who continue to come here. I'm more here for the personalities and occasional reviews, and there are some interesting ones in both categories. Just being honest here. You peeps are pretty frank about things, I assume, most of the time.

Also, attractive photoshopped pics of women. That's also why I come around. Not saying that would be criminal.

G'night folks. Have a pleasant day.

p.s. How I Met Your Mother's ending sucked. Dexter's was way better. Happy trails.
  Reikhardt: I would so bang Cobie Smulders though.
RenegadeCZ: Has any show ever ended better than Breaking Bad? …
RenegadeCZ Apr 01 2014, 02:30 am EDT

It's alright Vader. No sex sucks, but beating yourself over having no sex is way worse. If you want help with that, I can only recommend I realize that most people are very skeptical against these sites and that I might get judged for even suggesting this, but whatever. It helped me get off the ground when it comes to interacting with women, and it could help you in many ways if you want it to. Plus it covers philosophy on many things in life, is very well written and overall just a good read.

On HIMYM: The ending was similar to the overall of season 9, but it returned to what it used to be before a bit, so I liked that. What I don't understand is why did they have to put the whole of s9 into the wedding weekend, when so much happened in the ending that it could have easily made for an entire (and probably much better) season. Shame. Anyway, I thought the ending was good, at least much better than what I expected. I even teared up a bit when the last big (and very unexpected) plot twist was revealed. But I'm glad it's finally over. It felt only appropriate to commemorate the moment with a glass of scotch. :)

Oh and kudos to Vader for posting before noon for once. :) Also damn you for not naming the post Morning '14. I mean what is this, anarchy?!
  Vader: Anarchy on offer. AT 100%.
CJ_Parker Apr 01 2014, 02:43 am EDT
You guys are seriously watching that chick show How I met ya mom? Jeez. Some of you have just lost oodles of bro 'spect, man. Real men watch "How I met ya mom that fucking sexy MILF and fucked you both". Or that moms teaching teens pr0n series. But as an hombre with sizable cojones and a schlong you do not fucking watch HIMYM. Ever. Ok. Maybe if your gf promises to deep throat after watching it with her but that would have to be the only acceptable exception.

Dammit, guys. Go back to being real men steada girlie mans, mkay!?
  Vader: How can I go back to being something I never was? Als…
Breedy_Mcfluff: heheehehehehehehe
CJ_Parker: Vader, dude. Bullshit. There is a reason there are on…
Cheddar: You know, the Chuck Norris jokes were originally inte…
Cheddar: @Vader Also, in my experience men who claim to be …
CJ_Parker: You are confusing the 1980s for the 1990s. The 1980s …
Cheddar: Prince? 80s. MJ's transformation into a man-woman a…
Vodoo Apr 01 2014, 05:03 am EDT
is that the show that kickstarted memes and a worst site than 4chan?
optimus slime Apr 01 2014, 08:51 am EDT
All my friends were watching himym so I gave it a shot. I felt sorry for myself for having such friends. So I watched friends instead.
  Vader: Lol best comment :) And it I agree completely.
Morkrul Apr 01 2014, 01:48 pm EDT
himym it's like modern day "friends", kinda fun, kinda meh
anyways not watching it, got better things to do ("better" as in with more priority)
akcool007 Apr 01 2014, 02:39 pm EDT
can anyone tell me the name of the babe of the day ? :D
  Reikhardt: You did this yesterday, fuck off and learn to Google …
RenegadeCZ: You can actually right click the image in Chrome and …
Un Om Bun: Cordelia Popovich
perineum: Here is one:…
Cheddar Apr 02 2014, 12:27 am EDT
The opposite of misogyny is philogyny.

This guy, basically:​va


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