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The Witcher 2 PC on Track for March, Console Versions in Doubt

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings has been announced for PC with promises of console versions of the game. This year a CD Projekt rep specified that the technology used to develop The Witcher 2 is more than adequate for console development. He also said that while this may be true, the team was still "focusing on the PC version at this time." The company also made it clear a while back that they "always wanted and still plan to develop The Witcher 2 on consoles."

Despite these statements, CD Projekt's Tomasz Gop commented recently how the launch of "potential" console versions of The Witcher 2 won't be aligned with the PC release - if they ever get released on consoles at all.

Interesting. So, the console versions of The Witcher 2 are in doubt. The good news is that the PC edition has a solid launch window set - March 2011.

While we're on the subject, I just want take this opportunity to request more saucy bits than in the original. More boobies and more boobies.

Thanks, Shack.

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Terminator Oct 22 2010, 05:59 am EDT
March 2011? Thank goodness, I was afraid they would push it back to November 2011. I've got plenty of time to get another Witcher game in before Witcher 2 comes out.
thestewieman Oct 22 2010, 06:28 am EDT
who cares about the console? these kind of games suck on consoles..
nickfx2 Oct 22 2010, 07:06 am EDT
if they ditch the consoles.. i will buy the game thrice just to support that move :D
Bubu Oct 22 2010, 08:07 am EDT
I tried to play the first one but didn't managed to get to the third act (boring dialog, boring combat, some nice choice and consequences tho) ..... is it REALLY worth another try ? Do you even get to find out what happened to Geralt before his amnesia ?
  Ftmch: I think what happens before is in all the books. :)
Ftmch Oct 22 2010, 08:10 am EDT
It's nice to see the PC being prioritized for once, I'll probably buy it if it performs well etc.
Doomsday. Oct 22 2010, 09:55 am EDT
i'm with nickfx2!!!
johnny5 Oct 22 2010, 12:15 pm EDT
I know I'm in the minority here, but DAMN! I've been really looking forward to Witcher and Witcher 2 on the console, but they keep cancelling on me! My old PC can't handle these games anymore and I was getting spoiled with devs priotizing consoles. Oh well, at least the last few grumpy "PC or GTFO" gamers are happy enough to buy it several times. Maybe the increase in sales will temp CD Projekt to make a console iteration
tei187 Oct 22 2010, 02:45 pm EDT
it's a developer from poland. console market isn't too huge here, thus they may not have enough experience to make a neat working console game. why release something clunky, right?
LostPcGamer Oct 22 2010, 03:06 pm EDT
Its a pc only developer that has tried to make a console version but due to funding and financing they were forced not to.Remember people mult-platform development cost more money.
Terminator Oct 22 2010, 06:03 pm EDT
The Witcher 2 on PC only is justice. Consoles have tons of games that PC doesn't get. It's only fair that PC gets a few exclusives!
Et3rnal Oct 23 2010, 01:15 am EDT
Witcher is one of my favourite games, The scoia'tel will rise again!
Cheddar Oct 23 2010, 04:39 am EDT
I just hope the combat, English voice-acting, and character dialogue are worth a damn this time around.

The Witcher had a lot of good things going for it, but the mediocrity of the above three criteria severely diminished the game for me.
  LostPcGamer: Kinda of picky here aren't you.I had no problem the …
Cheddar: Then it's not so much me being picky, as it is you ha…


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