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The Witcher 2 Slightly Censored in Australia

Predictable news to say the least. It looks as though CD Projekt RED's single-player RPG The Wticher 2: Assassins of Kings is facing some slight alteration due to the from the Australian Classification Board. The developers of the role-playing game are going to have to edit some of the game's content in order to appease the board. However, CD Projekt says that these changes are not major, so gamers in Australia shouldn't be worried too much (Hear that, Yahtzee?).

Word is: "In order to obtain the rating in Australia, CD Projekt RED was unexpectedly obliged to make small changes to game content relating to the topic of sex as a reward. Since these changes are quite minor, especially relative to the total amount of content, they are unlikely to significantly affect the overall play experience."

The Witcher 2 is one of the many games that were tossed into the Aussie censorship machine - Mortal Kombat being the most recent, although in this case the game was refused classification completely (The Witcher 2, thankfully, doesn't share the same fate).

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Terminator May 06 2011, 05:23 am EDT
What is Australia's problem with video games? Sheesh, someone needs to grow a spine over there!
  Vader: The rating system is the problem.
DungeonRaider: Exactly... highest we have is MA15+ so if the censors…
Doomsday. May 06 2011, 05:23 am EDT
This will save the Australian kids from becoming killers n murderers n rapists n stuff!
dark_Vulture May 06 2011, 06:25 am EDT
We don't have a clasification over MA15+ (We are Fighting for it though)
This is why I buy my games from the US Ebay.
Just like ill buy Duknukem form the US.
touretul May 06 2011, 07:12 am EDT
that's preposterous!
LostPcGamer May 06 2011, 09:10 am EDT
Keep fighting but the politicians and rating board wont pass a new bill. From the latest news the game is getting a price hike also in Australia.
Bubu May 06 2011, 09:35 am EDT
No pussy for the aussie.
  Killer Klown: Except for their government
Kurio May 06 2011, 06:05 pm EDT
Kinda meh but i can see where they are coming if it wasnt just because of "hurr rating system"
LongJohn May 06 2011, 08:52 pm EDT
The majority of australians are pirates and were just gonna get the unsensored version regardless, i did that with L4D2
  DungeonRaider: I would have to disagree with that.. while I have no …
Bigolli May 07 2011, 09:02 pm EDT

I'm so fucking sick of this shitty country and it's 18th century laws! I'm damned ashamed to say I migrated here. FUCK AUSTRALIA!!!

Looks like I'll have to pirate this one =(
  Kurio: Oh kmon really? is a short, crappy scene of sexing pi…
Kurio May 08 2011, 11:35 am EDT
You can also argue that "im sick of this world that uses sex to sell and compensate for shallowness of the product, honestly i would prefer no "sex" scenes if that made the devs work on extra content and it ended up giving me 2-3h more gameplay"
Bigolli May 08 2011, 11:46 pm EDT
Kurio, it's the principle. Why are adults in this country treated like children? Why is this shithole of a country the only one in the developed world without an R18+ rating (or equivalent)?

And to be honest, the sex in Witcher gave it an even darker side. And come on, as if there wouldn't be prostitutes in a setting such as the Witcher's?


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