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The Witcher 2 Without DRM on GoG

Good Old Games announced that it's going to be a sole DRM-free distributor of the Digital Premium Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. As a sister company to CD Projekt RED.

GOG's copy of The Witcher 2 will not contain any DRM, unlike all other versions of the Digital Premium Edition.

"DRM is not an effective way to combat piracy," said Managing Director Guillaume Rambourg. "Our main concern has always been the user's experience with the titles they purchase, and DRM effects that experience in a negative way, which is why we've been absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to distribute CD Projekt RED's incredible RPG. We're also pleased that we've been able to stick to our guns with The Witcher 2 and release it DRM free to all of our customers around the world."

I have nothing to add to this...

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Reader Comments
tei187 Mar 14 2011, 08:58 am EDT
im_stardust Mar 14 2011, 09:03 am EDT
I'd pull the money out of my pocket just for this.
Mr. Furious Mar 14 2011, 09:25 am EDT
Any company willing to make games for the players and NOT just for the profit has my backing. I'll buy this as well.
Vodoo Mar 14 2011, 09:55 am EDT
this is a plus indeed, if the game is good as well, praising will ensue.
optimus slime Mar 14 2011, 11:18 am EDT
I don't like that I've put all my hopes of rescuing the RPG genre in these guys, because it IS in a dire situation. If they can pull it through and really shine, DRM won't matter.
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Ftmch Mar 14 2011, 02:02 pm EDT
I feel like buying this aswell now. Just need to read some reviews when it's released and make sure my computer can run it fine. :)
Terminator Mar 14 2011, 03:13 pm EDT
This game is a guaranteed buy for me. Bring it on baby!
k1LLzyar Mar 14 2011, 03:30 pm EDT
And if you are paying in euros you get 16 bucks store credit because of the price difference between EU & worldwide. First game that I preordered, ever.
thestewieman Mar 14 2011, 09:04 pm EDT
just pre-ordered
Tastysanchez Mar 14 2011, 11:51 pm EDT
I wonder which wankers will still make up an excuse to pirate it...
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Mar 15 2011, 01:06 am EDT
Tastysanchez, even you should make an effort to buy this game.
S.Plissken Mar 15 2011, 01:36 am EDT
Hells not only do you get a discount and a DRM free game but you also get a free game from them. GOG is doing a great job not only keeping old games alive but restoring hope in newer ones. Long may they carry one is all i can say. Hey iv even rebought games i have on CD and DVD just for the easy they offer.
KingofMadCows Mar 15 2011, 02:52 am EDT
What kind of DRM will the other versions have? I want to buy it on direct2drive, where it's currently the cheapest.


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