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The Witcher 3 Dev Professes DRM As "Worst Thing in the Gaming Industry"
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DRM has been extremely controversial during the past few years. Although it appears all developers love the idea, that's simply not true. Well, at least The Witcher 3's developer, CD Project RED, thinks it's an atrocious idea.

Hatred of DRM was shown by project lead Konrad Tomaszkiewicz during an interview with Forbes. He said:

DRM is the worst thing in the gaming industry.

He continued:

It’s limiting our rights to play games owned by us. Let’s imagine that you have a game that requires internet connection to prove that you actually bought it. What if you lose your connection because of your internet provider? You can’t play anymore.

It's almost funny because for a few years the gaming industry evolved into an ease-of-use pattern where developers aimed for simplicity and consumer satisfaction. All it took were a few nasty years of piracy to watch that crumble down into the abyss. Now, online-access codes, always-online DRM, and rampant DLC have done away with the simple $59.99 games we once knew.

At least CD Project RED gets it, and that's just another reason The Witcher 3 should be on your watchlist.

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Breedy_Mcfluff Apr 26 2013, 12:47 pm EDT
I wanna buy that dude a drink, but I guess buying his game will be enough to profess my admiration of his stance against developers/publishers keeping a controlling hand on the game we purchase with big bucks.

Holy shit, I still need to get Witcher 2. Recommended, yes? Sexy game, yes?
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Breedy_Mcfluff: Sweeeeet. Thanks, guys.
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zaeb Apr 26 2013, 01:26 pm EDT
fuck yea. no drm can save a shity game.
Terminator Apr 26 2013, 02:38 pm EDT
It's sad that DRM only hurts the paying customers. The pirates always find a way around it.
  RenegadeCZ: True. Diablo 3/SimCity is the way to go!
Doomsday. Apr 26 2013, 04:21 pm EDT
Bought Witcher 2, will also buy this one!
Duffey Apr 26 2013, 04:41 pm EDT
I fully support what this guy says sadly the witcher isnt my cup of tea but ill gladly get cyberpunk 2077
Ftmch Apr 27 2013, 05:11 am EDT
He is right. DRM hurts paying customers the most really, pretty much all games get cracked properly in the end, so DRM is pretty pointless. I just wished more publishers would realize this, would save them both time and money, and make things easier for those who actually buy the game. ( I don't mind simple DRM, such as a one-time online activation and such, and of course cd-keys for multiplayer etc. but all that always-online stuff is bullshit).

The arma series fade-DRM is pretty hilarous though.

And I will most likely buy the Witcher 1, as I did the last two games. These guys are also behind which is really bloody awesome.
  Dick_Swet: I'll probably pre-order it from GOG.
drakevonlee Apr 27 2013, 06:42 am EDT
DRM = the end of gaming. keep that shit up and well just get a life or something
Dangerously Apr 27 2013, 12:04 pm EDT
This was the same game company who found the cracked DRM copy being pirated when their site GOG had it DRM free for sale. DRM poses a challenge to groups. Anyone can post a game on the internet so there is no challenge there. Cracking DRM and being the first to show proof is the challenge. In the past, I bought a game that had starforce protection. It installed but kept rejecting the disc when trying to play. The solution was to buy a new optical drive or crack the game. They later removed the DRM by a patch, but that was months down the road and everyone was done playing it who could get it to work.

Companies think they will make more money by the use of DRM when consumers are looking to stay away from the problems associated with it.
  barasawa: Years ago one of the DRMs, I think it was Starforce, …


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