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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2014

It looks like CD Projekt RED has finally made its latest RPG official. Well, in a manner of speaking. They haven't issued a press release yet. Instead they are preparing to reveal details about the game in the upcoming issue of GameInformer.

According to the story, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be released in 2014 on PC and "all high-end platforms available." So far, we do know that the game's main character will be presented in the form of a "tired hero who wants to set things right but can't put down his swords until his conscience allows - if it ever does".

The developer also disclosed info about their REDengine 3 (read more about the technology).

Some information from the GI article has already been posted on NeoGAF. The thread mentions a "world supposedly 20% bigger than Skyrim's", "30-40 minutes to cross world on Horseback," "no chapters/acts" and more.

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Doomsday. Feb 05 2013, 06:44 am EST
Vader [STAFF] Feb 05 2013, 06:57 am EST
Hopefully this will be better than The Witcher 2 in every conceivable way.
  Bubu: FUCK YOU.
Dick_Swet: When did you stoop so low, Vader?
Vader: Bubu. Grow the fuck up. The Witcher 2 was shit.
Terminator: Witcher 2 isn't as good as Witcher 1, but it's a VERY…
touretul: What was shit? You son of a...
Bubu Feb 05 2013, 07:41 am EST
  Vader: Is there any particular reason why you're CAPSlocking…
LostPcGamer: Probably just hates you for destroying the Witcher 2.
Vader: Right. I've single-handedly destroyed The Witcher 2.
Rick_Hunter Feb 05 2013, 08:38 am EST
Can we add this to the poll? I'm definitely looking forward to this one, TW1 and 2 were very good entertaining games, much more than any other random generic crap out there that feels boring/empty after 20 mins of playing.
Reikhardt Feb 05 2013, 08:54 am EST
Only just started playing The Witcher 2.
Batdog Feb 05 2013, 09:16 am EST
Yes, good news indeed. I still have The Witcher LE loaded on my PC and that game is what, 5 years old? W2 was a bit of a disappointment, but still enjoyable, so the idea that W3 will be a huge open world game is just what we needed to hear. 20% bigger than Skyrim? That's a lot of Drowners!
Vodoo Feb 05 2013, 10:59 am EST
i remember when Vader had to face the lynching squad for his review of Witcher 2.

i still defend his opinion, why ? because The Witcher 2 was indeed a pretentious piece of crap that boggles my mind as to why it is so praised much like the Twilight and 50 shades of gray books. millions sold and read....WHYYYYYYY ????????

you people are sad beyond belief if the Witcher series (which it now is) instils into you some deluded sense of maturity and exclusive superior understanding of what rugged fantasy really means by playing this trash.

my only respect towards the developers is in regards to animation and voice acting; i salute you good men and women of CD Projekt Red, the graphics, the sounds are amazing.

but the dialogue, my lord the dialogue is atrocious. and the fucker Andrzej Sapkowski is so conceited that he bashed the games which helped him sell his books in the first place. "the games are cashing in on my world-wide success"

Witcher 2 was full of hot air and its fans are the same, a bunch of pompous sub-average desk pushing introverts who spend their holidays masturbating at Game of Thrones and thinking: i could truly be myself in a world like that.
  Cheddar: Witcher 2 had major problems with the core combat gam…
Rafal: The story and dialogue was not at all embarrassing, a…
im_stardust: Good dialogue and well written compared to ... ? Beca…
Cheddar: How about simply compared to Witcher 1.
Vodoo: my opinion lies solely in the participation to a long…
im_stardust Feb 05 2013, 11:27 am EST
Maybe you are bit exaggerating, Vodoo. Or maybe you are right. I don't know.

I did like it more than Dragon Age and Mass Effect. And there's really a big lack of decent RPG this days. So, take what you can get, I guess; or don't take nothing at all. I personally strive for nothing at all.
im_stardust Feb 05 2013, 11:39 am EST
As for the open world thing, I don't think CDProject can properly pull this off.

Personally I like an open world to be smaller and consistent, with good attention to detail, not big and empty or with pointless, boring grinding. Few managed to do that as of yet.
  Vodoo: small world but full of life. i agree.
daddy74 Feb 05 2013, 01:28 pm EST
playing dark souls all the time
  Cheddar: lol, I started playing again too, recently
touretul: I'm always playing Dark Souls. And I think I will alw…
LostPcGamer Feb 05 2013, 01:37 pm EST
Old news here spotted this story two days ago.

Every time I hear of some studio calming there game will be better or bigger than any Elder Scroll game they always fail.

Just remember both Two Worlds games.
  Cheddar: Yeah, but... Reality Pump ≠ CD Projekt. A …
Terminator Feb 05 2013, 01:41 pm EST
I'm excited about Witcher 3, but I'm also nervous. Witcher 1 and 2 had acts, which I really liked. Each act took place in a certain area with specific quests. Now Witcher 3 will be open world? I hope it works!
Cheddar Feb 05 2013, 03:50 pm EST
Well, no one can fault CD Projekt RED for ambition. They're refusing to stick to a formula they've already proven comfortable with, instead choosing to push the envelope. Props to that.
Rafal Feb 05 2013, 05:38 pm EST
I've been whining about open world Witcher since Witcher 1.

It feels completely natural considering the books. And really, what are they promising? Skyrim with Witcher 2 quest and story. Sounds doable.

All you need is bethesda quality programmers and CDP RED quality of story makers. I think they can pull it off.
  Cheddar: The question is whether or not its TOO big. The bigg…
Vader: Well, Skyrim didn't have a problem with keeping the n…
Rafal: Actually the problem in Skyrim for me was that in the…
Cheddar: Weeeell, I wouldn't say Skyrim's narrative was all th…


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