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Thief 4 Called Simply Thief, More Details Confirmed

Going in line with yesterday's leaked images from the Thief 4, a buttload of info also surfaced today. Thief 4, which they are naming simply Thief, is reportedly going to land on PC, PS4 and other platforms in 2014 (which is what we've learned yesterday).

Here's the first bunch of details on the upcoming game:


  • Garrett isn't a fighter
  • Fighting against four or more guards in combat won't go well
  • Guards and other NPCs are aware of the level design, so they know where a person might try to hide
  • Guards understand the topography of the level and which areas could be useful for hiding
  • Different NPCs will look for Garrett in different ways

Gameplay mechanics

  • Navigation beacon shows players where to go
  • Dev. team wants players to explore environments as they see fit
  • Multiple entrances and exists in each room
  • Multiple options available for stealth approach
  • "Focus" mechanic: has many uses, including being able to aid Garrett's vision as he navigates through open levels
  • Focus lights up the screen and highlights pipes you can climb + candles you can put out to make the room darker

You can read more here.

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Reader Comments
Bubu Mar 06 2013, 07:53 am EST
It's retard friendly. Pheww.
Vader [STAFF] Mar 06 2013, 07:59 am EST
It can't go wrong then.
  LostPcGamer: I tell myself that all the time. Then Murphy's law ki…
im_stardust Mar 06 2013, 09:11 am EST
Everything is retarded friendly. Difficulty now is for the unfortunate with down syndrome.

And achievements are for hyperactive, bipolar happy-go-lucky fucktards.
im_stardust Mar 06 2013, 09:13 am EST
And no matter what you name it, it's still gonna be called FUCKING THIEF 4...hopefully..
  GrgoljBlaster: Or worse - Thief 2014
run_like_snot Mar 06 2013, 09:42 am EST
Four guards? that's too many. One guard is too many. Oh Benny...
  Cheddar: I was able to take on 5 guards at once in original Th…
run_like_snot: Yeah sure you *could* do that but you shouldn't. No c…
Cheddar: lol. Okay.
im_stardust: Cheddar, you kinky mother fucker!!! 5 guards at once,…
run_like_snot Mar 06 2013, 09:42 am EST
And back Fargo's team for the new Torment game! Oh woooo!​torment-tides-of-numenera
Cheddar Mar 06 2013, 10:51 am EST
It's not a new Torment game. Just crafted in the same 'tradition'. Whatever the hell that means.

Oh, and, of course, it's erroneously ripping off the name, despite have fuck-all to do with TNO or PS:T's plot, or even its game-world.

Actually sort of pisses me off, now that I think about it.
  Reikhardt: But it has the blessing of the original creators of P…
run_like_snot: Yes and yes and I'm calling it a new Torment game
Cheddar: I'm just mad because I think PS:T deserves a direct s…
Reikhardt: Planescape should never have a sequel. Thats the whol…
stochinblockin Mar 06 2013, 05:20 pm EST
I know it's a long shot, but I hope go back to the stylish cutscenes of Thief 1+2. They were like living paintings at times.
Duffey Mar 06 2013, 10:19 pm EST
â– Navigation beacon shows players where to go right cause exploring and trying to find your way around way really hard for players whos heads had caved in :/
  LostPcGamer: Sorry that's a gaming staple nowadays. There also nec…
Miliowilix Mar 07 2013, 02:39 am EST
I'm actually quite sick of stealth games. While I like the tactical bit, I'm really tired of sneaking and avoiding detection and let's be honest there have been some really good stealth games lately. I might try Thief but not sure.

On the other hand I'm looking forward to Bioshock Infinite and maybe even more to Prey 2:)
A nice polished RTS with many races to play would be nice.
I satisfied my adventure appetite with DMC. What a gameXD


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