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Tie Fighter, X-Wing Returning?

The new Star Wars trilogy has put a shadow over a majority of LucasArts classics, not the least of which are games like X-Wing, Tie Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance. Of course, the company decided to revisit many of its old franchises by giving some of them a decent makeover and releasing them via Steam.

Keep your fingers crossed, 'cause we may just see some more titles from LucasArts (emphasizing the "may" though).

LucasArts president Darrel Rodriguez hinted on possible X-Wing and TIE Fighter releases. When asked whether the space sim series would return, Rodriguez's offered a vague reply: "We don't have any announcements now, but stay tuned," he said. That's according to G4TV. "We will soon....." he said.

Given LucasArts' recent revivals of their oldies, it's a strong possibility they are going to make the same move with their X-Wing and Tie Fighter releases. On the other hand, brand new editions or even revised editions of the games would be awesome news indeed.

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Neil Aug 04 2009, 03:20 am EDT
Shame Lucas doesn't do 'special editions' of those old classics with better graphics...
  Vodoo: they might, seeing as the SE of Monkey Island is a un…
Killer Klown Aug 04 2009, 03:40 am EDT
Mrm. I like this news, yes; though I don't have quite a rosy colored view of the series. X-Wing was good, Tie Fighter was great; but do you remember the other two entries in the series? X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter was complete and total crap, and X-Wing: Alliance was less than underwhelming. They're only at a 50% hit rate here, so it's anyones call as to which side the coin will land.
Vodoo Aug 04 2009, 03:45 am EDT
do i sense a whiff of optimism in the air ?

right.....time to take out the heavy artillery.

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Ftmch Aug 04 2009, 04:05 am EDT
I'd love to have games like this, maybe something like freelancer but in the Star Wars universe (there's a mod for freelancer like that though) with quite free gameplay, letting you join the rebellion, the empire or just be a smuggler or something, it could be nice.
  tei187: yeah, freelancer is fun in multi. i played a server c…
BodomBeachTerror Aug 04 2009, 04:11 am EDT
I'd buy that for a dollar
finaleve Aug 04 2009, 04:41 am EDT

I continue to stare at my old copy of the game, as I want to play it so badly but can not. I could emulate but takes a bit of time to search.
NiteX Aug 04 2009, 04:48 am EDT
Just play Rogue Squadron, they are high quality games.
  finaleve: the 3rd one blew, though what made it cool was being …
Breedy_Mcfluff Aug 04 2009, 05:02 am EDT
This would be a big bad ass series to bring back, especially on the PCs. Multiplayer Star Wars space battles here we come!

Oh, and @Nitex, Rogue Squadron games were good, but don't amount to the Tie Fighter/X-wing games. I still like RS too, all of them RS games were pretty good.
  tei187: yeah, what the industry surely lacks nowadays is a go…
Ftmch: YES!
Terminator Aug 04 2009, 06:33 am EDT
X-Wing and Tie Fighter rocked, but they would look pathetic on my modern PC. If they can make a new X-Wing or Tie Fighter game, with a SINGLE PLAYER campaign, then I would buy it.
SpaceMonkey Aug 04 2009, 06:38 am EDT
WING COMMANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terminator Aug 04 2009, 07:46 am EDT
Oh yes, we are long overdue for a Wing Commander game. I used to play Wing Commander: Prophecy all the time, those were some good times.
Whisky Aug 04 2009, 08:25 am EDT
First, HELL YES to Wing Commander (and Terminator, Prophecy was the weakest story of them all). But that's off topic.

They DID produce a Special edition, where they took the original X-Wing + Tie Fighter games and retooled them with the XvT engine which was cutting edge back in... 98-99 I think. I think they were Glide only though, or maybe D3D just sucked bawls back then.

If they could just make the X-Wing Alliance engine compatible with modern hardware and resolutions, then plug the older games into that... I think that would be a nice X-Wing Super Dooper collector's edition on Steam for $20-30. You know they could split it up into X-Wing and seperate Tie fighter versions and I'd probably still buy them for $20 each.

XvT was THE lan party game circa 1996. It just lacked single player. They did release the Balance of Power expansion which I played (hell I played ALL X-wing stuff) but it was just ok.

But I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see modern releases with a modern engine. HELL YEAH. But something a little deeper than Rogue Squadron (while fun, but not the same).
  Terminator: Prophecy was the weakest story, but I loved the Graph…
Killer Klown Aug 04 2009, 10:42 am EDT
Sadly, there's never going to be another Wing Commander game - at least, not a WC as we know it. Origin Systems was the first to fall in EA's domination of society; first they were bought out, then they were run into the ground.
fenixfire Aug 05 2009, 11:56 am EDT
Tie fighter, x-wing and freespace 2 are the three best space sims of all time in my book. As much as Id like to see a freespace 3(probly not gonna happen) a new tie fighter game would rock.


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