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Ubisoft's Sensational E3 Surprise Game Shown
One of the biggest E3 surprises (so far) is Ubisoft Montreal's brand new game called 'Watch Dogs'. The first gameplay demo has hit the E3 show floor and we're happy to share it with you guys. There isn't a lot to say at this point. The gameplay speaks for itself:

Set in Chicago, Watch Dogs features a GTA-flavored open world for players to explore and do all sorts of things like, say, hack and control various segments of the city's infrastructure.

Still, Ubisoft wasn't prepared to say anything about platforms at this time (or a release date for that matter). Stay put, I'm sure we'll know more in time.

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satangel Jun 05 2012, 02:01 am EDT
Driving sucks ass compared to Gta. And that is very important.
Cheddar Jun 05 2012, 02:13 am EDT
lol? You haven't played it, dude, so you have no idea how the driving controls as compared to GTA. For all you know it feels exactly the same.

(that being said, I hope there's a cockpit or at least a hood-view camera angle, third-person driving in video-games is so arcadish and fake)
  satangel: Dude, gta 4 is my favourite game still, and no other …
im_stardust: There hasn't been a GTA a clone with more fluent vehi…
satangel: stardust, I completely agree with everything you sai…
Vader [STAFF] Jun 05 2012, 02:13 am EDT
Right, never mind the 12234 things taking place in the background of the city or the stunning animation and all the individuals behaving naturally in that nightclub or basically a ton of things that show an incredible attention to detail.
  Cheddar: Also, this.
septictooth: Honestly, it doesn't matter if they get the details o…
im_stardust: I agree, Septictooth.
Snowy007 Jun 05 2012, 02:13 am EDT
Seems fun even though GTA styled games aren't really my favorite. Also great graphics with the moving trees and the rain. I watched this trailer on youtube though, the vid quality of this one kinda sux. xD
Vader [STAFF] Jun 05 2012, 02:37 am EDT
People of ActionTrip. I'm currently working as hard as I possibly can to fix the quality of the video (this video and AT videos in general). Stay put, please. This won't take long.

Thanks for your patience.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 05 2012, 03:03 am EDT
Quality changed :) Thanks for waiting guys.
  Snowy007: Oh nice, that looks a lot better now.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 05 2012, 04:04 am EDT
Just refresh the page, ofc.
zaeb Jun 05 2012, 04:06 am EDT
splinter cell. nfstr. assassins creed. my first three thoughts.
Miliowilix Jun 05 2012, 04:23 am EDT
Very very nice. Except some real club music and one bullet kill/die would be nice for a change:)
Vodoo Jun 05 2012, 04:36 am EDT
this looks nice, the GTA gangsta/mafia bullshit was getting old.
Bubu Jun 05 2012, 04:55 am EDT
Reikhardt Jun 05 2012, 04:59 am EDT
I saw this last night and thought it looked pretty good.
BTW Vader, PC Gamer are reporting that this was being run on a PC, not the Xbox...
I'm pretty sure a current gen console couldn't run those graphics.
  Vader: Yeah, thanks :)
RenegadeCZ Jun 05 2012, 05:17 am EDT
Yeah, looks awesome. Like, too good to be true. It will be heavily scripted, uninteractive, in corridors, or something. I don't believe they could make a GTA style game, with this level of attention to detail. Not Ubisoft, anyway.
mak.wikus Jun 05 2012, 07:01 am EDT
Um... Isn't it set in CHICAGO?? At least that's what we can see in the trailer.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 05 2012, 07:07 am EDT
Yes it is. Had two sources for new news - one said NYC one said Chicago. I've double-checked now, so it's Chicago.
  Batdog: It's Chicago. That street fight took place on the co…
Vader: Indeed it does. Hopefully they'll manage to maintain …
Batdog: Yes, let's hope for a nice free roam game. Watching …
Xuvious Jun 05 2012, 07:24 am EDT
I'd buy it...if it weren't created by Ubisoft
im_stardust Jun 05 2012, 10:19 am EDT
Nobody is commenting on the shape of the cars? Really? Never seen such a bad design for vehicles in any GTA clone.

The only thing I was impressed with is how the city was looking. The rest was probably just a beginning of a mission that was heavily scripted.

Anyway, GTA 5 will rip this apart. I have no doubts.
finaleve Jun 05 2012, 10:36 am EDT
I will admit that this game actually looks fucking great, but as im_stardust said, this was probably just the beginning of a mission that as heavily scripted.
MajFauxPas Jun 05 2012, 11:32 am EDT
Never was even interested in GTA, but this is hot.
BmmB Jun 05 2012, 01:09 pm EDT
I simply don't care about gta games and such. I tried playing some and didn't like it.
But this sure looks and feels nice.
RenegadeCZ Jun 05 2012, 01:27 pm EDT
I don't really think this will be anything like GTA. Or was there some free roam possibility confirmed that I had missed?

And the cars and the driving looks awful, sort of similar to Saints Row 3.
satangel Jun 05 2012, 01:54 pm EDT
Looking again at the gameplay fragment, I don't find this game truly interesting. It's just eyecandy. The graphics are there, the weather quirks are nice, but the action is too hard to follow. Looks somehow scripted.
im_stardust Jun 05 2012, 02:10 pm EDT
This how I think would make a great sandbox.

- the character control and animation from Saints Row 3

-the vehicle control and car physics and pedestrian physics from GTA 4 (with the suspensions a bit toned down)

-the map, the jungles and the water from Just Cause 2

-the aircraft control from Saints Row 3

-the clothes and body customization from Saints Row 3

-the farms and mountains from GTA San Andreas

-collectible scattered playboy magazines around the map from Mafia 2

-for combat I'd add the cover system from Mafia 2 (which was a bit more fluent than the GTA 4 one) and why not I''d add the some stealth mechanics and some silent take downs. Maybe even some Max Payne slow motion and for cars as well (just to watch them crash ).

Well, maybe I went too far but I don't think it's that hard to do.
  RenegadeCZ: Word. + the same amount of attention to detail, good …
touretul Jun 05 2012, 02:59 pm EDT
this game looks amazing. the idiots above who are saying I don't know what about driving and GTA, are just idiots. this game looks like light years beyond GTA. it looks like next gen consoles and alienware PC's. look at that lighting, animation, NPC, details. Fuck GTA! still, I agree that appears too cinematic to not be very scripted.
  satangel: I'm an idiot because I have a different opinion? Well…
im_stardust Jun 05 2012, 03:19 pm EDT
You know, I'd have to disagree.​feature=related​feature=related

The graphics are not that far ahead, even if this gta is modded.

And, in the first clip, you most certainly won't see a car like that dodging through traffic in any other game, but GTA.

Anyway, we'll just have to see more of it, before commenting further. Don't get hyped for nothing.

Ubisoft is a company that has completely destroyed most of it's titles. I don't have faith in it making something that's worthwhile.
  Cheddar: Ubi's problem is that most of their studios not named…
Terminator Jun 05 2012, 04:54 pm EDT
Bah, I can't stand GTA-type games. Wake me up when something more interesting comes along!
  satangel: We'll wake you up when Hello Kitty The Game will be r…
Cheddar Jun 06 2012, 11:49 pm EDT
Seems like a pretty gross underestimation to simply label this new game from Ubisoft Montreal as merely a "GTA-type".

Seems to me an awful lot like the next-gen, bleeding-edge of the entire third-person-action genre, period.

"Something more interesting", Termi? Well, good luck with that.
  im_stardust: It might not be a bad game but next gen? I severely d…
Cheddar: Well, maybe it's not really next-gen. I'm just struc…


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