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Users Hate SimCity Due to Online DRM

SimCity has just been released on PCs and the very first wave of reviews is already in. Apparently, critics are praising the resurrected city-building franchise, expressing that the game is definitely a step up since the last outing - SimCity Societies.

However, following a rather bad example, EA decided to integrate an always-on DRM scheme, which seems to be causing a tremendous amount of problems for players who have already dived into the game. The complaints range from the game being choppy to players being disconnected from the server and not being able to reconnect and play a single-player game. It all amounts to a rather lousy launch day for the long-awaited PC game.

We've seen similar issues on several occasions before. Putting aside Ubisoft's notorious DRM schemes (until even they realized it was crap), we cannot help but recollect other disastrous gaming experiences such as the launch day of Blizzard's Diablo 3.

Just in case you want to know how the game is played, here's a recent tutorial video:

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Reikhardt Mar 06 2013, 06:08 am EST
I'm sorry, but everyone of those dickheads giving this game a 0 for it's DRM and dodgy launch are utter tools. It's been no secret that Simcity was going to be launched on Origin and requiring permanent connection to play. They were warned and more fool them for pre-ordering or first day purchasing this game.
Vader [STAFF] Mar 06 2013, 06:10 am EST
I'm sorry too, man. I truly am. They're the fucking public. The amazing thing is they'll still buy it though... dickheads or not.
GrgoljBlaster Mar 06 2013, 06:19 am EST
People didn't expect a shitstorm of this proportion and have a right to complain (but kinda barking at wrong tree, Metacritic doesn't mean squat). On other hand, critics who praised the game without mentioning problems with connectivity are freaking hypocrites. Or they just played on private press server which, of course, never was near full capacity.
  Reikhardt: Which is exactly what happened. I know of at least on…
LostPcGamer Mar 06 2013, 08:35 am EST
Scratched it off my list last after EA announced it would be a persistent world builder connected to other idiots while I play.

All I see is reviewers doing there usual work. Would the reviewers like more mountain dew and Doritos?
tei187 Mar 06 2013, 09:32 am EST
well... even though the online drm bullshit is at work, i still get a gamer stiffy for that title.

i still remember playing simcity on c64...
Terminator Mar 06 2013, 03:12 pm EST
I used to play SimCity all the time, but I won't buy anything with 'always online' DRM.
Breedy_Mcfluff Mar 06 2013, 08:54 pm EST
Some people really don't mind eating a sandwich with a little shit in it. In this case, a whole lot of people don't mind that the chef took a pretty solid shit in their sandwich.

Pathetic gamers.
Duffey Mar 06 2013, 10:23 pm EST
Trouble is even if you boycott EA games the money they make from the idiotic sports games being brought by the uneducated means they will almost always stay in business. Sad day for the industry (to the indie developers we go!)


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