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Voting Poll: Cheaper Games
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Simple question. Do you think video games should be cheaper or more expensive? Shit, that's two quesitons. Whatever... vote away. 

Video games should be:

  • More expensive.
  • Cheaper.
  • Way cheaper.

No middle ground, fuckers! In other words, things are bullshit right now. Games are too fucking expensive. That's a fact. You vote for 'more expensive' I'll probably kill you. 

Vote now.

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Reader Comments
Marku5K Aug 01 2014, 04:20 am EDT
Vodoo Aug 01 2014, 04:35 am EDT
Guybrush Threepwood has voiced my opinion already
optimus slime Aug 01 2014, 04:36 am EDT
Most expensive.
Vader [STAFF] Aug 01 2014, 04:41 am EDT
That's the smartest first comment of all time ever.
RenegadeCZ Aug 01 2014, 04:54 am EDT
Where's an "stay the same" and "I don't care" options?
  im_stardust: Earn some money first you little shit.
RenegadeCZ: I do. And I'm really ok with the pricing of games tod…
im_stardust: you stink
im_stardust: You think prices are good the way they are but you qu…
paradoxjast Aug 01 2014, 05:53 am EDT
Video games should be:
- Only purchased during a Steam Sale.

Vader [STAFF] Aug 01 2014, 06:38 am EDT
No options. That's the poll. Now get off my back and vote!
im_stardust Aug 01 2014, 07:38 am EDT
It all depends to the game's quality and quantity. Few games that are 60 bucks deserve 60 bucks, I'll tell you that much.

Now, if a game is top quality with a good story, but features around 6 hours of gameplay and little replay value, that game, in no way does it deserve 60$.

Games that contain collectibles and "filled-in" side missions shouldn't count as game time.

All DLC should be included in the final release of the game or turned into an expansion that's actually worth the money. Spending money on leftovers is not my thing.

Every game should have a demo.

This would be some of my personal preferences that, of course, will not happen. So I think most games should be cheaper and a lot of them way cheaper.
Dick_Swet Aug 01 2014, 08:50 am EDT
If I ain't getting at least 1 hour of fun playtime per 1 euro, I don't buy at that price.
Avus Aug 01 2014, 09:33 am EDT
Definitely, should be way cheap!! Why do we need to pay $60 to beta test games like BF4 or Simcity 5? Why do we need to pay for all those pre-alpha/alpha hide behind so call "early access"? Why do we need to pay for a DEMO like GT5 prologue??
PigMaster Aug 01 2014, 10:26 am EDT
i see how everyone here has a deep understanding of the industry and its finance
Vader [STAFF] Aug 01 2014, 12:44 pm EDT
Cmon, at least 10 bucks lower. 10 euros lower.
260077 Aug 01 2014, 01:08 pm EDT
I think games shouldn't be no more then $40-$50 no matter the quality, length, content etc. Now special editions should be more but not $70+. With Digital copies should be half of what the retail copy are because there is no costs in physical material, shipping and handling. All you have to pay for server/distribution use .
CJ_Parker Aug 01 2014, 03:45 pm EDT
I don't even give a shit because Steam is making the games cheap for us. For all I care they can start selling new games for $99 or $199. Don't give a fuck. I'll still wait until they're on sale for $9.99.
Snowy007 Aug 01 2014, 04:55 pm EDT
Can i have 2 opinions? :)

For me as a customer i obviously want games to be as cheap as possible. Unless that effects the quality of the game of course.

But as a programmer myself (not games) i do know how difficult it can be to create a game. It takes damn good teamwork / communication skills and very much time. (depending on the game)
Take some fancy looking game with many objects and functionalities. Mass Effect would especially be a great example. With all the different choices and paths you can take, it not only takes much time and thought of how to put everything together, but also requires extensive testing of all possible paths before release. A year to develop would be modest. And for +/- 50 bucks per copy, they'll have to sell damn many copies to get all developers paid, sound composers, testers, script writers... pretty much everyone you always see in the end credits. Not to mention building and electricity costs and stuff like that. 50 bucks might just buy the developers one coffee for a day. So from that perspective, games already look cheap.
Vodoo Aug 01 2014, 07:33 pm EDT
that's a cute perspective Snowy007 but you just described it from a little guy's point of view. the amount of money usually made by the big boys is enough to pay those people you mentioned and then some, but they don't get more money because reasons.

here's a perspective for you:
gas/petrol costs a pretty penny nowadays doesn't it ?

but wait, the resources spent on digging oil up and refining it and transporting it and blah blah blah.....we should be thankful, it's actually really cheap.

ok, then if we should think about the investment and hardwork and shed a tear for those in the business, how come the oil industry makes annually enough PROFIT to feed half the planet for a year ?

everything is much too expensive from the clothes you wear to the food you eat because nothing is produced specially tailored for you, its all just a pile of stuff from which individuals pluck out a piece and make-believe it is as special as they are.

it's only the small businesses buddy that worry about recovering their investments.
  im_stardust: yup
Hindermind Aug 02 2014, 12:20 am EDT
I don't have a problem with a AAA game costing $60. I do have a problem with a AAA game costing $60 and then having $60+ of DLC or other bullshit tacked on. When I was looking at getting Mass Effect 3 a year or so ago, it was still $60, with at least three DLC packs that were around $15 apiece (Leviathan, Citadel, Omega, From Ashes, some other smaller ones). I'm all for expansions, but I grew up paying $75 for Quake and $50 + $25 for Age of Empires II + Expansion, not $130 for Mass Effect 3.
tei187 Aug 02 2014, 04:37 am EDT
I make websites for a living. A few years ago I had a huge argument with a client because he "found out" that I've made a website for almost 50% less money for a different company, and he felt like I lied to him. Why did the other website cost 1/2? Because I didn't have to acquire any licenses, I didn't have to buy stock photos, he didn't really want it mobile-friendly and I've spent less hours on the project (on top of that the client was much less of a dick than the other guy, but let's keep it hush-hush).
Price constitutes of many different things, like wages, expenses and you also want to make a profit for the company to keep it flowing and working on different products. Then there's also the position of the brand on the market, overall quality of the product, the fact that it may be more or less a new thing technologically, etc.
With games the problem is that brand doesn't matter that much, quality is relative, and if the gameplay sucks nobody will care about new technology in the end. All because of a still unusual clash of two sectors - IT and entertainment.
Of course, as a customer you want everything as cheap as possible. Still, if it doesn't make any sense pricing-wise - pay up, byatch :D
260077 Aug 02 2014, 08:36 am EDT
Making individual web sites or customized programs is nothing like the game industry when it comes to paying for the work. If a developer team is part of a publisher like Dice is to EA etc those publishers pay the upfront costs for the work.

The publisher hopes that when the game is released it sells like crazy bringing back the money that they invested. Which is why they also spend a bucket load on advertizing to insure sales. When a developer not a part of a publisher and strike a contract for distribution with a publisher. The publisher gets their cut and the devs get their cut and after the point of the games sales after you made up the costs its revenue and profit for the next project.
This is where you see them make it or fall apart like Crytek which changed their core philosophies to comply with consoles/multiplatforming bought studios expanded too much and spent to much on developing Crysis 3, Ryse etc and their lack of sales is killing them.
  tei187: Yeah, those are two very much different branches. How…


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