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Watch Dogs on its Way to PC and Consoles
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Watch Dogs was one of the biggest attractions of the E3 2012. Everyone was taken by Ubisoft's demo at the show and with good reason. It really easily qualifies as one of the most impressive depiction of an urban environment we've ever witnessed in a video game.

However, the publisher didn't reveal anything about platforms until now. It's officially been confirmed that Watch Dogs is currently in development for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 3 platforms some time in 2013.

Games have come a long way and we honestly hope that Ubisoft sees this one properly to the end of the development process. We look forward to seeing what the final version of the game will look like.

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Reikhardt Jun 08 2012, 07:36 am EDT
Pleeeease don't screw this Ubi...
  satangel: Have a little faith. They already did it.
Marku5K Jun 08 2012, 08:28 am EDT
Maybe they don't have time to screw this one up since they are hell bent on rapeing SplinterCell in the ASS!!!
im_stardust Jun 08 2012, 10:03 am EDT
Ubi Soft also ruined two of the few tactical FPS out there.

And let me tell you something about the cover system. It's being OVERDONE. And it's not realistic anyway. Taking cover behind a car for example, doesn't work. Bullets run through a car like knife through butter.

I heard people everywhere saying this is next gen. Coming up on the same consoles, it's proof enough, it is not next gen. It will be pretty much another game with good graphics, like Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Metro: last light.

I'm willing to bet GTA 5 will look just as good or better, because on everything else, GTA 5 will win, by far.

GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption were the ultimate proof on what Rockstar can do. I don't doubt them for a second.
  RenegadeCZ: While I love GTA 4 and GTA 5 is the only game I'm REA…
Breedy_Mcfluff Jun 08 2012, 12:24 pm EDT
Ubisoft does know how to ruin the shit out of games. Milk-milk-milk.

Rainbow Six: dead.
Ghost Recon: dead.
Splinter Cell: dead.
Far Cry: not quite dead. FC2 was fun sometimes, but it was too big of an open-world. FC3 might make it not dead,m but I still am a bit skeptical.

Crysis 3 ain't a sandbox and I doubt anything they said about it being a sandbox. Crytek seemed to have died after the first Crysis. Metro Last Light will likely not be one either. Just fyi. FC3. from the looks, will be sandbox.

I hate cover-systems. I especially hate the one they decided to fuck Rainbow Six with. Rest in peace, Tom Clancy games.
  Cheddar: Man, FC2 really pissed me off. Gorgeous game-world, …
im_stardust Jun 08 2012, 03:03 pm EDT
I corrected the mistake I made. Crysis and Metro 2033 are not sandbox. (Far Cry 2 was ...somewhat).
Rafal Jun 08 2012, 08:51 pm EDT
This game makes me feel in a similar way I felt when I first found out about Assassin's Creed.

Ubi is great at leveraging people's own imaginations to trick them into believing their game has depth. And then you play it and it turns out meh.

Hopefully I'm wrong about this game, but probably it's going to be much more mediocre than it seems.
im_stardust Jun 08 2012, 09:39 pm EDT
Well, that's because the first impression counts a lot.
KraGeRzR Jun 09 2012, 12:45 am EDT
The mechanics shown look incredibly polished to me. At the end of the day, as long as those elements are still enjoyable in the released game, it's going to take a helluva lot of punishment for me to start hating it.

I rarely find really solid reasons for hating a game. There's usually one or two elements that make it worthwhile. There's sometimes something that makes up for everything else bad about the game.

Honestly, I find a lot of people's opinions on game quality baffling and they often make me angry by getting so angry at shit I see as not deserving anger.
It's happened time and again that I find a game with a lot of rage about it, then play it myself and find it excellent quality.
Then I usually get mad at the mad people.

It's not so much the way they think there are downsides where there are none, it more makes me angry how they take a tiny sample from one single aspect of a game and decide to hate it based on that.

My preferences are inclusive, not exclusive. I find more reasons to like a game than most people find for disliking them.
im_stardust Jun 09 2012, 01:23 am EDT
The more you know, the more you see. And the more you see, the more things you like and dislike.

Another thing that I remembered and I did not like is the part of running and shooting from cover, which was on fast mode and didn't look quite well.
touretul Jun 09 2012, 01:32 am EDT
it was clear from the begining that it will come on PC. the onther stuff I don't care.
im_stardust Jun 09 2012, 02:00 am EDT
Don't be so sure.
touretul Jun 09 2012, 02:01 am EDT
why? do you see that graphics on 250 mb of RAM?
im_stardust Jun 09 2012, 02:35 am EDT
I see it on this generation of consoles, yes. I also know a lot of titles that were promised for PC and weren't released or released years later. (including from Ubi Soft).

There's still a long way until this title will be released (maybe Q2 or Q3 2013 or even longer)). They've said they've been working on this game for 2 years, which for your hasty expectations, ain't much.


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