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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Free Game Friday

Thanks to the super awesome people at CD Projekt RED and, I have a preorder code for The Witcher 3! Thanks to not being a PC-gamer, I'm going to give away my code to one of you lovely, lovely people!

This code is for the full Witcher 3 on, not a beta, an alpha, a demo, a sample, or whatever other short end of the stick you may think it is. Still interested? Here is how you can win it below, and you don't even have to pretend to like me.

All you have to do is comment on this article (which means you must register for the site, for those who are new) and tell us what you're looking forward to most with The Witcher 3. I'll announce the winner in this thread as well, along with my email address (don't abuse) so you can pick up the code.

Winner will be picked on Friday, 2 p.m. CST.

Good luck! 

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Reader Comments
MacNille Jun 18 2014, 12:36 pm EDT
The number one reason why I'm looking forward to The Witcher 3, is the stories that it will tell. Am a huge fan of the two first Witcher games and if they still have a high standard in writing.
Dark Wolf Jun 18 2014, 12:40 pm EDT
I'm looking for a new RPG that would attempt to Best FF7, which should be the Witcher 3 :-D
RenegadeCZ Jun 18 2014, 12:44 pm EDT
Oh, this kind of generosity is a welcome change on this site. Thank you for that. :) However, to balance things out, here's a big fuck you for not being a PC gamer!

Anyways, the thing I look forward to the most is the open world. I think an open world just adds so much to the immersion. Even if it's more of an illusion, like in DX: HR.
  Keri_Honea: Well, for that, I'm instantly removing you from the p…
Vader: Just drown him in the pool. Oh that pool. Right. …
RenegadeCZ: You don't? Well that's just one more disappointment t…
Vader: Trust me, you should really stop mentioning the pool.
alexdz Jun 18 2014, 12:44 pm EDT
I look foward to a mature storyline that only few developers can deliver and choices that make the player question every decision they make. Also, Triss Merigold.
CainStar Jun 18 2014, 12:47 pm EDT
Boobs....I want to see those semi nude photos, which are there to give us a little bit more of geralds conquests. I definitely want to be in the front row for those =)
marian12amf Jun 18 2014, 12:47 pm EDT
I can't wait for the Witcher 3 because it seems that CD Projekt RED learned from a lot of great games and implemented all in a awesome game.
Open world + great graphics + impressive storyline + a lot of choices + great gameplay = the best game ever.
I hope it will be a Witcher 2 with a huge open world with no limitations no that we can finally jump, a lot o things to do and a great story that won't be soon forgeted.
mcthornbody Jun 18 2014, 12:49 pm EDT
Well then good sir, I will tell you what I am looking forward to. Aside from insane graphics, hoping to be impressed by awesome game play and a story with depth. And no dlc exclusives! Can't wait to see my pc choke on this on ultra settings!
xeromist Jun 18 2014, 12:58 pm EDT
1) I'm looking forward to W3 because CD Projekt actually seems to understand what gamers want and they value PC gamers which is rare these days. When you have those values you naturally produce products we can look forward to.

2) I like you anyway, and no I'm not sucking up.
araczynski Jun 18 2014, 01:06 pm EDT
the open world, to better explore the boobies it has to offer.
Reaper Jun 18 2014, 01:16 pm EDT
I can't be arsed....
  Vader: Can't you, by God?
Annihilator Jun 18 2014, 01:17 pm EDT
I'm looking forward to the depth of story, open world, and play mechanics. The maturity of the story has always been a draw for me, and this iteration looks like a sizeable improvement in the vastness of the world. I've enjoyed reading about the changes they've made to the game play, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Geralt's story takes him next!

CD Projekt RED has set such a high standard for story telling, and as long as they keep making games, I'll keep buying them!
EbonHawke Jun 18 2014, 01:22 pm EDT
Definitely the open world, but especially the new monsters we'll be facing.
ofear42 Jun 18 2014, 01:34 pm EDT
I'm really excited about the continuation of the story. The rich background of The Witcher really captured my imagination and I want to see more.
wvan13 Jun 18 2014, 01:51 pm EDT
I just want a free game.
  Keri_Honea: Well here's an honest fellow.
Vader: Oh well, if modesty is all it takes... I'm just a poo…
260077 Jun 18 2014, 01:58 pm EDT
I love the Witcher series for its story and its take of no right and wrong but grey area of decisions and the outcomes, graphics gameplay too . Its a great series I cant wait for the 3rd game to come out. I would appreciate the gift of continuing this amazing game series. Thanks.
  RenegadeCZ: You gotta change your avatar, man. You look like... t…
Vader: Them?
RenegadeCZ: You know... them...
film11 Jun 18 2014, 02:10 pm EDT
Most looking forward to whatever graphical advancements they've developed and how far it'll push my rig; Witcher series is consistently one of the most visually impressive series out there.
chutura023 Jun 18 2014, 02:22 pm EDT
I was looking forward to the new combat system, but since it's same as the previous one I am looking forward to explore all of the Northern Kingdoms. Pfff who am I kidding I want to see naked Triss with better graphics!
Vodoo Jun 18 2014, 02:33 pm EDT
as usual, the incestuous cousins five times removed come out of the woodwork to claim an inheritance after ignoring the old codger for twenty years.
  raingod: People like those smell money 20 miles away.
lord_fart_vader Jun 18 2014, 02:36 pm EDT
No way I'm gonna win that key. lol
  Vader: ah lord_far_vader, my distant cousin once removed.
lord_fart_vader: I have always been here watching over you my dear cou…
skripy Jun 18 2014, 02:36 pm EDT
Open world and Triss!
rjk8807 Jun 18 2014, 02:36 pm EDT
I can't wait to see just how big and detailed the open world is... it's supposedly 30 times the size of the previous games. That and the new graphics, the story... I could go on.
xwing210 Jun 18 2014, 02:43 pm EDT
Loved the Witcher 2 and how it's story wasn't so black and white a la Bioware but more so I liked the difficulty.
Smiley_ie Jun 18 2014, 02:50 pm EDT
Most looking forward to it being downgraded.
Phoenix717 Jun 18 2014, 03:01 pm EDT
I'm looking forward to the fact that it is PC-only. The time that they have taken on this game, plus the capabilities of a PC, will equal one hell of a game. While I hope consoles will get it in the future, I'm glad the developers are focusing on the PC.
GrgoljBlaster Jun 18 2014, 03:02 pm EDT
I'm looking forward to HD boobage and steamy medieval naughtiness. Just kidding - it's monster slaying of course!
Towndrunk Jun 18 2014, 03:03 pm EDT
As of one the first to flame your review of the second installment of the series, I look forward to your review of it...Hopefully the game will be as good as the previous two if not better and your rating better show it :P
Barzenak42 Jun 18 2014, 03:06 pm EDT
I love the Witcher series and will pick it up even if I do not win it !!! Xing fingers.
Moesha [STAFF] Jun 18 2014, 03:11 pm EDT
I love Geralt of Riva
  Vader: Rivia, Vince. Rivia. You have blue fonts. Don't s…
touretul: this bitch is out of the contest. Fuckin' ignoramus!
Vader: Vince? Out of the contest? No way! He's gonna win. Yo…
touretul: I expect you to win. Otherwise, what's the point?
Vader: Me? Nope. I refused straight away. That's how nice I …
Keri_Honea: True story. I offered him the code first, because he …
RenegadeCZ: You have it wrong, Vader. Shadows of Rivia. You shoul…
Nocturnal Jun 18 2014, 03:31 pm EDT
Looking forward to the beauty and detail the world has to offer.
barasawa Jun 18 2014, 03:52 pm EDT
I've really liked the first 2, and the world is an interesting interpretation. I'm looking forward to returning to that world, and learning more of it's lore and finding hidden places and lost secrets that abound. Along those lines, there's the storylines that need to be cleared up imo.

If I win, Fantastic! If I don't, I will still get it eventually, but it may be a while. I have to wait until it's on sale, but it will happen. (My wife is an expert at spending every cent before I even have it. And that's not a whine, it's just the reality I live under.)
  RenegadeCZ: In other words, if I don't win I'll just pirate it.
raingod Jun 18 2014, 04:02 pm EDT
Here is your comment. Give the prize to the heathens who will never appreciate a good RPG.
Hindermind Jun 18 2014, 04:24 pm EDT
My only gripe is how much disk space the extra content I got for Witcher 2 takes up on my SSD. Everything else about the game is awesome.
  Vader: Hmmm... weeeell, not everything. Seriously not ev…
oshyitsu Jun 18 2014, 05:35 pm EDT
Finally we will be given the freedom to go anywhere, no more hidden barriers. You can climb that mountain or jump off that cliff. I'm hoping for seamless loading between outside and indoors, hopefully giving the opportunity to look through windows and see if the talent is any good before bothering to enter. You guys ever get the horrible sense of betrayal and disappointment when you wait out the quick load to get inside, only to find they just aren't your type, and then have to wait out another quick load to get back outside. Though with the graphics being this top notch, I think we will all be very pleased
Rafal Jun 18 2014, 06:52 pm EDT
In I'm looking forward to angstly riding off into the sunset on PÅ‚otka the most.
Jumpin_Fire Jun 18 2014, 07:48 pm EDT
This game looks good.
Jumpin_Fire Jun 18 2014, 07:50 pm EDT
Looking forward to maxing out the graphics and immersing myself into a fictional world of magic and sword play.
IamDefiler Jun 18 2014, 07:53 pm EDT
Looking forward to gratuitous sex.
Hamsterkill Jun 18 2014, 09:10 pm EDT
I look forward to an engaging, well-told story with adult themes.
WeAreAllGonnaDie Jun 18 2014, 09:18 pm EDT
If I were you, I'd just buy a PC. It is the master race after all.
totmeister Jun 18 2014, 09:31 pm EDT
PC gaming rules!!! and so does TRISS!!!! oh and of course......BOOBS!!
  Vader: All fair points.
Raziel Jun 18 2014, 09:34 pm EDT
I'd buy that for a dollar.
  Keri_Honea: Oooh, you may have suddenly gotten duplicate entries.…
drakevonlee Jun 18 2014, 10:02 pm EDT
open world where i can fuck ever elf druid dryad bar maid and possible a few farm animals. woo hoo
Thunder65 Jun 18 2014, 10:31 pm EDT
The open world!
kiadimundi Jun 18 2014, 10:43 pm EDT
Looking forward to grabbing that code from your cold dead hands once I chop them with my silver sword you son of a harpy! :D
PigMaster Jun 18 2014, 10:44 pm EDT
Your sick mind games will not work on me, vader!
Sure, i'd love to have a free game - specialy a triple A title such as this,
With its big swords and monsters and levels and all of that,
But what will be the real cost i will pay, ha?

Whatever it is, i'm in it for the boobs and the weed - and there ain't any weed, so i'm happily left wih the boobs
  Vader: Yeah, I was just about to ask: where did you get the …
PigMaster: You don't want to do that It's dangerous
Vader: Danger's my middle... Yeah, you're probably right.
Atlaas Jun 18 2014, 10:44 pm EDT
Looking forward to the beautiful world and gameplay to get my wife interested in games
  PigMaster: No you don't
Doomsday.: Bahahahaa! Good One! :D
Vader: You really think it will work?
Doomsday. Jun 18 2014, 11:11 pm EDT
Holy damn! Look at the amount of dicks and (probably) pussies that have come out to claim a free copy! LOL!

Already Pre-ordered! Yaaay! :D
Bubu Jun 18 2014, 11:38 pm EDT
I can't wait to explore the open world, with its side stories and its lore. The only game from the past that had a world worth exploring was Gothic 3, and it's been fucking 8 years!!!!!
  Vader: Oh man, and Gothic 3 was pure crap. The Witcher 3…
SQr17 Jun 18 2014, 11:46 pm EDT
Looking forward to everything world, horseback riding, combat, moar riding, etc...
HellRider Jun 18 2014, 11:54 pm EDT
Looking forward uncencored massacre and naked chicks!


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