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Xbox 720 Might Get 16-Core CPU

Even with Microsoft continuously denying stories that the company is going to unveil their next Xbox console, new rumors just keep pouring in on a weekly basis. The latest gossip indicates that MS is looking to strengthen the power of their next-gen. console with a 16-core CPU.

The story was published in the latest issue of Xbox World, with additional rumors of so-called 'Durango' devkits supposedly sent to developers in March.

'Durango' allegedly contains a powerful 16-core IBM Power PC CPU that's being described as an equivalent to AMD's Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards. Wait, didn't earlier reports suggest a Radeon 6000 GPU? Oh well... At any rate, word has it that this new CPU is intended for future high-end PC rigs. Just to remind you, AMD released the first 16-core CPU for the business market during in November 2011 (thanks CVG).

Meanwhile, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter is confident that both MS and Sony are going to announce reduced prices for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 during the E3 2012 (read more).

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araczynski Apr 10 2012, 07:51 am EDT
so no more 540p crap upscaled and relabled as 720p and advertised as 1080p compatible?
Marku5K Apr 10 2012, 08:29 am EDT
the only reason why i look forward to the ''next gen'' consoles is, that then finally the PC games have the chance to evolve and move on. We all know consoles are keeping PC at bay!
Dean_Demon Apr 10 2012, 08:29 am EDT
if you believe the ongoing changes to the specs for the new xbox then it's going to be out of everyones price range,hell you may as well get a high spec gaming pc and will be cheaper,so don't believe everything you hear. Microsoft don't want it to be promoted to a select few,people need to start getting real.
  EricHalfBee: But by the time it'sreleased this tech will be much c…
Bubu Apr 10 2012, 08:33 am EDT
16 cores?! Fuck me I still have a dual core in my PC.
S.Plissken Apr 10 2012, 10:06 am EDT
16 cores... was that before or after it was thrown out a window?
260077 Apr 10 2012, 10:40 am EDT
Anyone that believes that ether the next xbox or PS4 will have 16 core cpu needs to have a real hard look in the mirror. There is no point in using a 16 core cpu for a dedicated gaming system, And IBM 16 core cpu's are for networking and servers....
Quad core cpu= most likely, 6 core= possible, 8 core=unlikely, 12+ core = hell no
LostPcGamer Apr 10 2012, 01:02 pm EDT
Yeah and I shit golden eggs. A quad core or 6 core is more likely. There building affordable gaming consoles not high end pc's. Sony learned that lesson this generation.
micahpharoh Apr 10 2012, 01:08 pm EDT
- By 2009, game developers will face…
- CPU’s with:
– 20+ cores
– 80+ hardware threads
– >1 TFLOP of computing power
- GPU’s with general computing capabilities.
- Game developers will be at the forefront.
- If we are to program these devices productively, you are our only hope!

Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games said this in 2005, apparently sure that the next gen would start around 2009
Dean_Demon Apr 10 2012, 01:40 pm EDT
yes and mr sinclair once said that the QL would be ground breaking in gaming history,fizzled out without a trace.
Terminator Apr 10 2012, 02:08 pm EDT
16 cores? Holy crap, how many people could afford that console?
TitaniumFist Apr 10 2012, 02:40 pm EDT
idk 16 cores still may not be enough, i think they should consider quad 16 core cpu's. Maybe then you can play pong.
run_like_snot Apr 10 2012, 08:04 pm EDT
  TitaniumFist: lol's?
daver18qc Apr 10 2012, 08:16 pm EDT
It's so useless... most computing operations have to wait for another one to complete to then process it's result into something else.

What's the use of having one computing core and 15 other waiting for that first one's result...

As they say in motorsport : There's no replacement for displacement.
Or in this case, Gigahertz :D
EricHalfBee Apr 10 2012, 11:35 pm EDT
16 cores or not? Maybe but I doubt it. If the launch is being scheduled now they need to give developer's something akin to representative hardware to work on for launch titles. That might not be the actual hardware. I can imagine some multi core dev kit floating around for various purposes.

The key point is that the hardware is affordable to MS when the console launches and by affordable I mean sold at a loss but the money more than recouped in title sales. It *will* be attractive hardware and it will be cheap for what you get. That's how the business model worked last time.
  260077: False, "I mean sold at a loss but the money more than…
Foo Apr 11 2012, 12:19 am EDT
Dang that would rock!


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