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Horny Gaming

July 01, 2001
ActionTrip Editors

Horny Gaming... Where did it all go wrong?

About three moths ago Imagine decided to shut down PCXL...

Those people took pride in their wacky and cutting-edge approach to horny gaming... Well, the question is did they cover enough of gaming in order to capture the "right crowd" or did they kinda attract a few of us that were willing to skip the previews/reviews pages and go straight for the extras, or some kind of game threshing? (Game threshing is a whole different issue which we needn't concern ourselves with at the moment.)

At first I was certain that PCXL went down because of Imagine's policy to exercise a PC games monopoly in favor of PC Gamer. I thought, if I used to read PCXL so vigorously, why wouldn't everybody else, but after a while it all became clear. PC Gamer was a specialized "content focused" gaming magazine, and despite their relative imperfection, I would expect to get my latest/greatest gaming news from them, rather than PCXL. Solely because of PCXL's editorial concept, I immediately assumed (not rightfully so) that their staff is more concerned with chicks and tricks, than "true gaming". Although this was a prejudice which had no justified, nor sound bases, I realized that I would rather have my sources of information specifically target certain issues --- grab a porn flick, surf the net, or just beg my girlfriend when I was up for some sex, and grab a PC-games-only publication when I felt like reading about games... In this day of age when we are truly bombarded with tons of information, some of which are pure junk, people learn to adapt by selecting a number of favorites that closely specialize in certain areas, therefore offering the most comprehensive, and concentrated source of information. Gaming and sex do mix in "our heads", but we just don't feel like getting our fix from the same source. We consider that a half-assed way of getting information... It's like - I love my cake with whip cream - I know that these folks make excellent cakes, but their whip cream is not as good, and the other folks do it the other way around. My choice is then quite logical and it gets me the best value for my buck - I'll buy the cake from one, and the whip cream from the other.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that PCXL was going for the cake and the whip cream, and they sold it as a package deal... I guess people felt that the package deal wasn't a good enough value for their buck. Either that, or the fact that people subconsciously form their opinions in a way that seems instantly right - OK, PCXL has some chicks thrown in, but if I'm up for some serious gaming coverage, I'll buy a specialized gaming magazine that doesn't treat gaming as a side issue (or so I think). That's not fair to PCXL, because the team had some really knowledgeable editors in the field of gaming (and some great gaming-only articles), but that's just the way I feel consumers function. If you have a choice, than usually you are going for the best brands in their specific categories. After a few issues of being "amused" by PCXL cover girls, I opted for the more natural choice... I bought Maxim, and PC Gamer, and got more value than I could ever get from spending less money on a package deal. It's a frightening thought for anybody brave or foolish enough to venture into the perilous waters of horny gaming publishing.

I almost feel that PCXL would've been better off, if they didn't have proper gaming articles at all (Paradox) --- if they were solely based around threshing and sexual references to all sorts of issues (the Something Awful phenomenon).

Again, I should note that PCXL wasn't really the best of examples, since the guys were versed in gaming as much as the next gaming editor. It would've been much easier to analyze Incite, but if PCXL wasn't able to turn a profit (I'm certain now there was no Imagine conspiracy), I'm sure Incite couldn't either. We have obviously had some huge misconceptions about horny gaming publishing thus far...

What do you feel; is there a better way to do it?



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