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Elveon Preview

publisher: 10tacle Studios
developer: 10tacle Studios
genre: RPG

ESRB rating: RP

release date: TBA
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More and more Xbox 360 titles are hitting the market. A lot of development studios are striving to achieve something unique with their projects. Recently, we were able to get in touch with Slovakia-based developer 10Tacle Studio to find out more about their upcoming action-RPG, Elveon. Apart from having a promising combat system, the game appears to offer an interesting fantasy setting. (10Tacle Studio? Wow. - Ed)

10Tacle Studio's Slavo Hazucha reveals new facts about the game, discussing story segments, characters, combat, RPG elements, level design and more.

Action Trip: The game is being hailed as "a new interactive and action-driven story experience." Give us a bit more info on how that works. And, since we mentioned the story, what's Elveon all about? Can you reveal more about the world of Naon and the races that inhabit it? Who are some of the main characters in the game?

Slavo Hazucha: You are right, Elveon is an action-RPG with a strong focus on direct-combat action, driven by a strong story. But I will tell you more about the genre in question 6 :) First of all, I'll try to summarize the whole story.

The gods have left the world of Naon in a rush, it is the place they had wanted to transform into their paradise. The Neamas, the elves of the ancient times and fellows of the gods have remained there all alone. A smouldering conflict is gaining more and more importance and a new era starts which is marked by envy, malevolence and relentless wars that prevent the gods' descendants from entering upon their inheritance. The player is the hero of this epic and his/her mission is to achieve the objective, the fulfilment of the prophecy - namely the liberation of the city of Nimathar - as the mightiest warrior of Naon, because this task is normally made for a god. The world in which the story takes place, Naon, is quite unique. This game universe features an extensive background story covering uncounted millennia from the very beginning of the universe, through the creation of the material world and the emerging of the Elves, to the date when the actual game's story takes place.

You also asked for details about the characters in the game. Of course, it's too early to reveal all our of characters, but there will be four different elvish races according to which each character has a unique visual style and behaviour, as well as a distinctive combat style:

The Aegans are one of the highest Elvish cultures of Naon. They worship the Gods of Starspear and are the favoured race of the Goddess Athain, whose guidance has consistently led them to their success and whose influence has helped them in many difficult moments.

The Parthans are a race of noble warriors, proud and fierce in combat, but quick tempered and harsh in their judgements. Their religion denounces the Gods of Starspear. In Parthan myths, most Gods are described as pompous, self-admiring weaklings, who were in truth afraid and unable to face the power of the Dragons that are hidden within all creation of Naon.

The Taethans are an inwards-oriented race that seeks to find perfection and harmony within the spheres of Naon in their own way. They worship neither Gods nor Dragons as their culture and masters and are based on the search for the "true sight" -alin íarís- that allows them to see and accept things not in the shadow of premises and ideologies, but as the simple fact they represent at their core. This way of life has kept the Taethans far from most conflicts with other elvish races. The Taethans tend to pursue their own individual goals and care less about the spoils of war. Little is known about the Merians amongst the other elvish cultures. Their appearance resembles shadows of warriors of ages long passed. It is not known who they are or what their true purpose in Naon is.

Action Trip: What's your approach in terms of level design? How much freedom of movement will players have in the game (free-roam, linear or something in between)?

Slavo Hazucha: The story covers an ancient elvish legend and will be told in a non-linear way - so that you will have the opportunity to see some levels both in "present" time and in the past - we want to give the world a very mythical dream-like look and feel so that the player will feel like he is really walking in an ancient heroic legend. There will be multiple ways to finish the game and find the answers questions related to the story. Basically, players won't experience everything they unless they play through the game more than once. The setting and story, going hand in hand with the gameplay and the character development system, will also encourage replayability.

Action Trip: Many titles nowadays tend to stick to standard models of in-game combat. Combat is understandably the crux of the gameplay in Elveon. What sets Elveon's model apart from the average combat system commonly present in contemporary action-based video games?

Slavo Hazucha: As you already mentioned, the combat definitely is the core part of Elveon's gameplay. The gameplay is action-oriented and so it is very important to present a motivating and in-depth combat system. We have hired a martial arts crew and they have developed a unique "elvish" fighting style, which represents the honourable and powerful skills of these characters. It's basically a mixture of medieval and modern European and Asian fighting techniques (Nice - Ed). The action gameplay of Elveon focuses mainly on thrilling and well-balanced duels with equal Elvish or divine opponents. There will also be several other gameplay modes such as fights with multiple opponents, ranged combat and stealth combat (often combined with ranged combat) as well as exploration and puzzle solving sequences.

Our combat model is also primarily based on the player's skills and techniques, not so much on his character's level. The player will be able to fight with three different close-combat weapon classes (swords/spears/daggers), every one presenting a slightly different set of advantages and disadvantages. Technically, our combat model works with precise calculation and real/time collisions, so it will be possible to block attacks realistically and the resulting crash and speed of recovery will always be different. Good blocking will be the prerequisite for an effective counterattack. The AI represents the final touch - we have worked hard to develop a complex AI model that will make each close combat fight a unique experience. The Boss/fights, in particular, will provide an ever-changing challenge for players. Different NPC skills, good AI and various weapons allow for an almost infinite number of combos. Defeating each and every opponent requires the use of different tactics.

Action Trip: Tell us a little bit more about the weapons (melee and ranged) players will be able to use throughout the game. Also, we'd like to know more about any additional items players can use to buff their characters.

Slavo Hazucha: The weapons play an important role in the game. The player can chose between four types of weapons: bow, spear, sword and daggers. Each weapon has different advantages and drawbacks. During combat, you will have many available options - offensive (basic-, advanced- and expert-level attacks and combos, special kill moves) and defensive (blocks, quick dodges and strafes). The character's performance is affected by the choice of weapon and armour. For instance, heavy armoured spearmen are slow but deliver brutal damage to quick agile dagger-fighters, who are able to dodge almost every attack and retaliate with deadly speed - unfortunately, they cause less damage with basic attacks.

You will also be able to modify your weapons to better suit your needs by upgrading them with special items. Such items will often be found as a result of Level exploration and will sometimes bring very powerful enhancements.

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