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Demigod Preview

publisher: Stardock Systems
developer: Gas Powered Games
genre: Strategy

PIV 2400, 512MB RAM, 8GB HDD, 128MB video card
ESRB rating: T

release date: Apr 14, 09
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Veteran gamers should be well-acquainted with the works of game designer Chris Taylor and his team at Gas Powered Games. Before he founded GPG, Taylor already had the excellent real-time strategy Total Annihilation under his belt. Having established Gas Powered Games, he went on to create titles such as the Dungeon Siege series and Supreme Commander. With the decision to move away from swords and shields, Taylor decided to go back to the successful Dungeon Siege formula and hurl it into a sci-fi setting - and so, Space Siege was born.

At the same time, Gas Powered Games is undertaking a new IP, partially inspired by the extremely popular mod for WarCraft III, Defense of the Ancients, known as DotA for short. This new project is called Demigod and is being described as an amalgamation of action, RPG and RTS genres. More importantly, the game revolves around a multiplayer experience. While GPG did mention plans to incorporate a single-player mode, nothing was revealed on the subject at this time.

For those who are unacquainted with the mechanics of DotA, here's how the whole thing works. The key facet of DotA is that players control a single Hero unit, each of which has a variety of unique abilities and is able to level up by taking out AI-controlled enemies across the map. This provides the groundwork for Demigod. You can forget about the worn-out gameplay principals of managing swarms of units and gathering as much resources to outperform your enemies.

As GPG explained, Demigod is set in a future-fantasy world, where you play as a hero who fights to gain repute within the pantheon of gods. The game offers players a choice between two types of Demigod characters - General or Assassin. The gameplay mechanics change according to the choice you make. Choosing to play as a General means the game will assume a strategy-like ambiance, while going for the Assassin denotes action-RPG style gameplay. So, essentially, when players select a General, Demigod becomes a real-time strategy. But if you're the type of gamer who prefers action-oriented gameplay, Assassin would be a better choice; your character casts spells and gains a wide range of abilities to use in combat, etc.

One of the first things you'll notice about Demigod is the unique art design. The game provides a cool-looking combination of technology and fantasy-style magic. Retro elements are part of the experience as well, so you can expect to see plenty of medieval warfare during battles. For instance, one of the demigod characters you'll get to control is an entity called The Rook, which is best described as a colossal mobile battle fortress, complete with archer towers and trebuchets. In addition to that, The Rook also wields a powerful hammer and can send enemy troops flying every which way during battle.

The way you acquire skills will depend on the type of demigod character you control. Assassins gain combat abilities, which can open the road to really powerful attacks when fully leveled. Contrary to that, Generals gain more passive skills, enhancing their leadership abilities and, in turn, unlocking access to a greater number of units.

So, how does this work? Quite simple. There are two enemy encampments placed on opposite sides of the map and you'll also have a number of gates that spawn soldiers for your army. These NPC soldiers are more like support, since they cannot be controlled. Instead, players charge through the surroundings with their powerful demigod and help turn the tide of battle in their favor. Your goal is to reach and destroy key enemy structures. Smashing and destroying enemy units with your demigod character means you'll be awarded with experience points or money. Various items can be obtained as well, including crucial potions and stuff like rings and such. These give you an opportunity to boost your characters' speed, magic or attack.

Like we've said, playing as a General grants passive skills. However, the General demigods have the advantage of controlling their own armies, in addition to the aforementioned NPC units.

Demigod is in very early stages of development and we have yet to witness a playable and more complete edition of the game. Gas Powered Games is working on a PC version, with no console editions planned... yet. Still, the game seems almost ideal for epic matches via Xbox Live.

The way we see it, Demigod doesn't exactly feel like it could revolutionize gaming, but it certainly has elements that could bring a satisfying mix of both action and strategy style gameplay. Its unique setting seems appealing enough and we hope the developers continue to build upon a rather elaborate multiplayer, which was promised. So far, we know that the game will allow up to 10 players that will be able to participate in 5-vs-5 matches. The differences between demigod characters and the unique gameplay styles should make for a rather interesting atmosphere.

Demigod doesn't have a release date, although we are hoping to see it some time before the end of 2008.



Unique setting, provides a cool mix of action-RPG and RTS.

So far we haven't heard anything about the single-player.


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