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Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich Preview

publisher: Vivendi Games
developer: Irrational Games
genre: RPG

PIII 733, 128MB RAM, 32MB video card
ESRB rating: T

release date: Mar 08, 05
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The eternal combat between mighty, colorfully-clad super-heroes and world-conquering villains continues.

Despite our sincerest efforts to dig up additional info on Irrational Games' latest title Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, the team was still reluctant to reveal certain specifics (according to them, the game needs some serious polishing and is far from its launch status). We did, however, manage to learn more about the basics of the game's storyline and some of the major improvements that are being added to the gameplay; like newly enhanced AI, an increased number of foes, etc. Although they remained tight-lipped on the project, Irrational Games were kind enough to send a couple of brand-new, exclusive in-game snaps. So, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Action Trip: The designing process of comic-inspired video games must be one helluva an experience. What's the most exciting aspect of your work?

Irrational Games: Is it ever. There's something to be said about living a childhood dream. Seeing the characters take form from brainstorm all the way up to their completed origin cut-scene is particularly rewarding.

AT: Are there any specific comics your team sees as the main inspiration for what they are doing in Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich?

IG: Everyone on the team has their own influences. Collectively, the classic work of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee is a huge inspiration. Those guys are gods.

AT: We would like to know more about the storyline... Does it tie into the previous game in any way? And what are the key characters involved in it?

IG: The events of Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich take place shortly after Freedom Force. All the original heroes will play a role in the story and a few familiar foes will jump into the fray as well. Many of the new characters like Black Jack and Sky King will play important roles in the game. Tombstone will certainly be getting a lot of attention. I don't want to get into who does what, but I'll tell you that Alche-Miss will become integral to the story.

AT: There's not much we know about new super powers that are supposed to make an appearance in Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. Could you elaborate more on that? Reveal more about the "cone" powers, etc.

IG: With our shiny new engine (Gamebryo) we can really go nuts with the powers. We're touching up a lot of the old powers and creating some outstanding new ones with many of the latest and greatest in effects like pixel-shaders, etc.

AT: How's the newly improved AI coming along? Explain a bit about its new features and how it handles itself in combat.

IG: In the feedback we got from the original title, one thing that continually came up was the way the game forced players to micro-manage. You couldn't trust your teammates to take care of themselves. We're addressing this in FFVTR by giving the team AI more independence. In other words, your team is not going to stand by idly while they get pummeled. They're going to hit back...hard.

AT: Apart from the AI, what specific improvements have been added to improve the gameplay?

IG: A lot more variety in the enemies you'll face. Things tend to change a bit when you throw curveballs like a Nazi tank into the mix. We're also taking the level of interactivity in the maps up several levels. The sheer amount of things that react to you and your battles will turn more than a few heads.

AT: The game appears to have gone through a detailed makeover. Are you pleased with the way it looks so far?

IG: We're pleased, but we still have quite a ways to go. We're looking to create a world that's teeming with activity. Even though the game is viewed mostly from a birds-eye-view, somehow everything is larger than life.

AT: Describe some of the innovative features which will lure players into the game's multiplayer mode?

IG: The multiplayer was probably the weakest aspect of Freedom Force. In truth, part of the reason for this was because we weren't able to dedicate that much time on it. Fans of the original title will be pleased to hear that we are devoting tremendous effort to making the multiplayer just as good as the single player campaign. More on this as we draw closer to ship.

AT: Does your team have any plans regarding a playable demo?

IG: We'll have to wait and see.

AT: We've been informed that Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is targeted towards a launch during the second half of 2004. Is there any chance you could pin down a more exact release date for the game?

IG: Developers are a little mysterious like that, huh? (Sorry I asked - VADAR)



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