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Kreed Preview

publisher: Russobit-M
developer: Burut Software
genre: Shooters

PIII 1000, 512MB RAM, 32MB Video Card
ESRB rating: n/a

release date: Aug 2003
» All About Kreed on ActionTrip

As you no doubt recall, the Russian development team Burut Software have recently offered us a chance to check out their new sci-fi shooter, Kreed. For more details and specific info about the gameplay, visuals, and so on, have a gander at our recent hands-on preview. After seeing the game in action, we decided to have a nice little chat with Alexey Leshev, the script writer of Kreed, and ask him more about this promising sci-fi FPS. Besides revealing more info on the game's story and its main character, he also talked about some of the extraordinary worlds players will get to visit in Kreed. In addition, Alexey unveiled some details about the in-game weapons as well as the game's multiplayer mode. Also, we've learned more about the puzzles and various other challenges that await players. Read on to find out more...

Action Trip: When did the idea for Kreed first come up?

Alexey Leshev: The idea came to us while working on our first RPG - "HEATH" that saw the light in spring 2001. It was the birth of the KREED universe. We saw it as an alternative variant of mankind's history that faced something mysterious and deadly. We thought that Kreed will be an epic RPG, but with time we decided to give up this idea, because we wanted the player to see everything with his own eyes, to experience all the events. So, this is how FPS "KREED" was born.

AT: How much of the game is completed? What is your development team working on presently? And, when can we expect the final version?

AL: At present, a large number of gaming zones has been completed, we have partially made sounds, we are working on the character animation, the weapons are being balanced, and we are working on the script movies. Besides that we are also working hard on the multiplayer levels. And of course, a lot of time is spent on additional improvements; bug fixing and stuff like that.

The release is planned for spring/summer 2003.

AT: Kreed seems to have a rather complex background of diverse characters and worlds. Can you unveil some if them?

AL: According to the storyline the player will visit a lot of strange places, among them are spaceships of humans and aliens that roam the vacuum, planetoid surfaces, military bases, city ruins, mysterious temples and secret laboratories that belonged to the extinct races. You start the game on a standard "Aspero" ship that is attacked by ugly shpiggs, that survive by robbing, murdering, and marauding. These creatures are called "carrion-eaters." Like jackals that attack the weak victim by pack and retreat when they see someone's superiority. In the KREED universe they're known for slavery, drug and organ dealing, etc. Further on the player gets to the huge confederate "Tokugava" battleship, the crew of which was infected by an unknown virus. Then you will be trapped by the creatures with metallo-chitine armor - the insectoid Tiglaary and their Spaceship-fortress. The design of it was inspired by surrealistic biomechanical images. You will also visit planetoids where we have made a lot of open spaces - canyons, gaps, lava fields, deserts, catacombs, and caves.

After that, you go to the shady world of HEILIG where Jikride heretics live. They preach renunciation of mundane and the coming of Apocalypse. It is a techno-futuristic analog of the residence of the "Mountain Elder" - a legendary head of the Arabian Assassins Order. Its inhabitants, the Jikrides, constantly fight the Legion, Corsairs of Free Space, severe Tiglaary and "bioprojection creatures" that has a mysterious origin. However, they know the mysteries of KREED and even contacted with some "higher race" that they call "angels." In the Burg world that is full of fortresses situated among the deserts and rocks live the legionnaires. They were able to survive in more than extreme conditions. The military culture and ideology of the legion are unique - they embody the spirit of Tradition in the world that can be called post-tech Middle Ages. The final mission will lead the player to a cathedral complex, which shows-off impressive architecture and size. The player will see its previous masters that will tell him/her about the tragedy that happened to them.

AT: Can you reveal more details about the main character Daniel GROK and the plot players will get entangled in?

AL: There are two key figures in the game: The Protagonist and his opponent, the Great Master of the Legion Teofrast Rumi. Our protagonist, Daniel Grok, is a professional warrior that has passed through many wars that made him an iron man. He became an agent of the Legion's secret service by accomplishing various missions. However, he is not a marionette. He fights for the Legion that gave him a lot. Daniel is extremely cold, responsible, he doesn't talk much, he likes black humor and is eager to use weapons as an argument. His aim is to eliminate the Great Master Rumi that managed to escape in the anomalous zone from where none has returned yet. Rumi is a natural born leader and is very charismatic. Though, he is vain, fanatic, and even a bit religious. Maybe that's why he dashed into the abyss, not thinking about the price he will have to pay...

AT: Is the game strictly story-driven, or will players get to progress through the game in a less linear fashion?

AL: We have to say that the storyline is absolutely linear. The player will pass mission by mission and watch scripted movies explaining the twists and turns in the storyline. However, during the mission there will be alternative routes, and we made some hints for them. Thus, you can risk attacking serious enemy or avoid the area using a ventilation shaft, severs, or corridors. Which is also where the will have to solve several puzzles - "labyrinth-town," "invisible labyrinth," "puzzle labyrinth." To solve the "puzzle labyrinth" you must connect its rotating segments which opens the passageway.

AT: Next year, Kreed will have to compete with games like Unreal 2 and many other FPS titles. Explain which gameplay elements will make Kreed unique?

AL: KREED successfully combines "hardcore" and "thought-out" gameplay. Player will not only have to face smart monsters, but are going to have to burn a brain cell can or two, in order to think of a way out. That's why the game has various puzzles and traps. The player will also be able to control a transporter and Combat Robot. For example, to get to the armored legionnaire fortress you will have to ram it with a transporter. And the combat robot will be used to fight another one in the giant arena.

Another aspect of the gameplay is the dynamic and deep esoteric- philosophical storyline that touches the eternal values. We immerse the player into the reality of a world that's set 800 years in the future.

AT: Give us a sample of some of the in-game weaponry and various items the players will get to use.

AL: The arsenal consists of 10 weapons and 3 types of grenades - fragmentary, smoke and energy suppressing. You will have access to the following weapons: the knife, brass-knuckles, shotgun, flamethrower huge machine gun with laser sight etc. And you'll also see some unique ones - "Dolphin" plasma rifle or alien "Vard" energy concentrator, "Grendel" devastator both of which have a few interesting properties. Most weapons have alternative firing modes. The "Archangel" rocket rifle, for instance, can fire single and multiple rockets. The "Kerber" heavy machine gun has laser sight that allows it to fire more precisely.

Besides those, the player will be able to use autonomous and stationary sources of armor and health, flashlight (banal, but very useful) infrared scanner that allows you to see through walls and an original "phantom energy" scanner that detects so-called "phantoms" - weird-looking alien creatures that are not to be messed with. By the way, throughout most of the game it will be pretty hard to survive without one of these detectors by your side, because it is almost impossible to notice a phantom without it.

AT: Tell us what your X-Tend engine is capable of - give us a few examples...

AL: KREED uses our in-house X-Tend engine that supports the major part of the modern technologies. The system of visualization uses all DirectX 8.1. possibilities and supports:

  • Pixel and vertex shaders
  • Dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Realistic physics
  • Advanced skeletal animation (up to 120 bones per character)
  • Detailed modes (up to 4000 polygons)
  • Open and closed spaces support
  • Portals....

AT: Will Kreed offer players any new multiplayer modes, aside from the usual DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, etc.

AL: Except single player there will be multiplayer mode in KREED includes DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Tournament, Last Man Standing, and Assault. We will possibly include cooperative but it's too early to say anything about it. Now, we are working on some of the multiplayer maps that should be as engaging and esthetic as those from the single-player mode. We have yet to determine the player capacity; it will most likely be developed to correspond with the possibilities of the server.

AT: It's probably way too early to inquire about this, but if all goes well, will you guys be making a sequel for Kreed? The universe, in which Kreed is settled, seems to offer the appropriate backdrop for a solid follow-up...

AL: It would be unwise to speak about the KREED sequel at this time, because we're still waiting to see the feedback for the first game. It would be too na´ve and self-confident if we were to talk of a sequel now.



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