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Lethal Dreams: The Circle of Fate Preview

publisher: Russobit-M
developer: Boolat Company
genre: Strategy

ESRB rating: n/a

release date: Cancelled
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As soon as the good people at Russobit M and Boolat Games notified us about their role-playing strategy Lethal Dreams, we immediately made a few inquiries to gather more info on the subject. Luckily, they were also willing to share some additional media with us (feast your eyes on the screenshots provided). Judging from the shots, the environments and some of the visual effects were also slightly polished and improved since the last update. Anyway, Olga Saulenko, PR manager of the project, answered a few Q's, revealing a bit more about the game's storyline, spell casting system, NPC's, many different worlds you'll get to explore, and so on. Olga also happened to mention that the team is considering a multiplayer add-on and a level editor.

Dig in people!

Action Trip: Your game was originally scheduled for a Q4 2002 release, but was recently postponed. Is there any particular reason for that?

Olga Saulenko: Of course. We came to an agreement with our publisher and a decision was made to add a number of changes, in order to make a good game even better. We needed some time for all this, that's why the release date was postponed.

AT: Rather unusual for an RRG, the game will be taking place in the future. We would like to know more about the game's story and characters.

OS: Yes, it is unusual, but unusualness always attracts attention. We never wanted make a game based on a stereotype. That's why we decided to brighten up the story. Of course, when we talk about the game's story, we speak highly - every cook praises his own broth, and we are no exception. But, in all fairness, we believe our creation is worth praise.

The story takes place on the earth in the future, in a completely ruined world. This ruined world then settled by the Alverns - the next state of human evolution. The highly developed Alverns are master magic users and preachers. The game centers around six initiate magicians, who were taught by Wintrix, the Great Master of all Ways. Once they found out that he possesses a mysterious artifact, they were curious to learn its secrets. However, the Great Master decided to hide his research to keep the powers of the artifact to himself. After a while, he disappeared and his disciples began researching the artifact in his absence. One of them, Zerin, creates a spell and which placed each of the remaining disciples (Inanna, Cruan, Syrimbel, Mirtis and Verition) in a new and unexplored world... You'll see what happens after that once you play the game. We won't spoil the rest of the plot.

The six characters - one woman and five men, were meticulously designed and each has a unique background story and psychological outline. Even the smallest details, which can fundamentally affect battles or diplomacy, were carefully planned out. Each character has a unique set of features which the player can view at any time. The characters don't hate each other, but they're not crazy about each other neither. Everything is just as it is in the real world. If somebody treats someone badly, that can encourage third party's willingness to assist you...or not. Sometimes assistance will be free, sometimes it's not so - you'll have to pay for help. We think its better to see it once than to hear thousand times, really.

AT: What sort of races will the player be encountering? And give, us some additional info about some of the worlds that will appear in the game.

OS: There are 3 basic races, called proraces, which are situated in the three central domains. As we mentioned earlier, the main characters are all Alverns, and the other races will be discovered as the game progresses.

There are a large number of NPC's in the game; many of them belong to separate races. Others are just creatures created by magic. Also, the milita are available - aboriginals of domains. They do not have a big role in the game, although they can help in the conquest of domains. But gamers will usually have their hands full, since there's a pretty wide variety of creatures waiting to be created.

We have recently expanded the realm by adding new and various worlds into the game. The player enters amazing unexplored futuristic views of the game's well-known areas. The architecture ranges from medieval towers and buildings to next millennium constructions (built by man). These are not just fabricated worlds, which came from nowhere - these are worlds which historically came to their present state. Their evolution cannot be compared to the evolution of Earth, but they have their own history.

AT: Clearly, spells are one of the most important aspects of gameplay. Tell us more about the spell-casting system.

OS: Oh, we could talk about this forever. One of the coolest things in Lethal Dream is that the magic system is divided into more than just the standard water, earth, fire and air spells. Other unique schools of magic are included in the game. Each character belongs to a certain school and has a choice of default spells at the very beginning. Gradually, he/she learns more and more as the game progresses. Also, from the beginning the character knows a couple of spells from the central Images school, which he can successfully use. The mana you use for creating a spell is drawn from the domain the player is located in. With each spell cast, you character will become more skilled and the spells cause more damage as the character becomes more proficient in their use. When the player drains the mana completely, the domain will collapse, which could cause two things - losing the turn or losing the game. It sounds complicated, but once you get into the game, it will become second nature.

AT: Can you reveal some of the weapons and various items player will be able to pick up along the way?

OS: In our game characters do not buy or receive weapons. Players can only learn magic. Magic is the weapon of choice - why would you need anything else? Although, during game, the characters do collect certain artifacts that have effects on their magical abilities - one of these artifacts plays an important part in the game's storyline...

AT: Explain a little bit about the NPC's and their role in the game.

OS: Lethal Dreams has a huge amount of NPC's, all of which have their own intelligence and behavior patterns. Some of the NPC's are friendly and some are... well... unfriendly. You can attempt to come to an agreement with all of them to conquer the domain you are in diplomatically, or you can start a battle at once and defeat him/her by force. Every NPC has its own unique history, which can affect the gameplay too. In addition to that, gamers can meet several domain keepers at once, which could all be taken on one by one or destroyed at the same time. But if you think you can strike a deal with everyone, you should know you cannot communicate with some of NPC's - they can't speak due to their structure.

AT: What can players expect of the multiplayer in Lethal Dreams?

OS: For the moment, we only plan to release a multiplayer add-on several months after the launch of Lethal Dreams.

AT: Your official web site reveals that there's a possibility of a level editor, which will allow players to create new domains. How's the status on that? Can you reveal more details about it?

OS: We feel that at this point there's really no need of distributing a level editor. We might decide to merge it with the multiplayer add-on...

AT: Is there anything else you'd like to add about Lethal Dreams?

OS: I wanted to mention that we've been developing Lethal Dreams for a wide variety of gamers. The game allows you to do almost everything you want... The whole game is like a dream when you play it - and we all know that anything is possible in a dream.



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