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MechWarrior Online Preview

publisher: Infinite Game Publishing
developer: Piranha Games
genre: Action

ESRB rating: RP

release date: 2013
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The trial mechs are there for players to get their feet wet, experiment with the different roles and play styles while earning some in game currency. But like the flavor of the month at the local ice cream shop these trial mechs are rotated from time so that you are not stuck with the same loaner all the time. This allows the new or thrifty player to experience different weapons and mech variants. When you are ready sign on the dotted line and take home your very own mech, you make your purchase with currency earned through combat missions, called C-Bills or MechWarrior Credits that can be purchased with real world currency via PayPal or credit card.

Once you have your own mech you can customize the weapon load out, armor rating and other system components. Purchasing new equipment for your mech customization will cost you yet more C-Bills or MCs to purchase the additional parts, although once you own the items, you can swap them in and out of your fleet to try different builds. This part of the game is quite addicting as it’s easy to get caught up in trying to find the perfect balance of armaments, power plants and armor. The interface still needs a bit of tweaking to help new players understand the process, albeit the forums answered any questions I had. Each time the game gets updated and refined new balances are introduced and this creation process gets more user-friendly and more rewarding. When I am not playing my mind keeps wandering and thinking about different configurations that are going to strike the perfect balance for my mech and I have to jump back into the game.

MechWarrior Online is still in Beta. Nonetheless, the gameplay is already so fun that I have ponied up my own real money to purchase in-game currency to further customize my mechs. That is first for me for any free-to-play game. I cannot wait to see how the game turns out once the final touches are in place and the game is released later this year. Even though I may have gotten older MechWarrior Online has made me realize that I still want my own giant robot and is proof that I haven’t grown up. Now, if Piranha Games could give me some free money and do something about my acne as well, I’d be set. However if they can’t, I’ll settle for my own virtual mech (Hope they don’t miss the memo on that – Ed. Vader).

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Reikhardt Feb 06 2013, 12:02 pm EST
Good preview, must get my arse in gear and register for this.
Damocles Feb 06 2013, 12:38 pm EST
This is the first game I've ponied up serious cash in the F2P model myself. Feel free to look me up, pilot name: Felix the Cat.
slimey_smiley Feb 06 2013, 02:09 pm EST
Sixty or seventy matches will get you a Light mech of your own. Makes new players learn the different weight classes, lets people jump in for a fast match in a free Mech.

Also, there are some excellent Light pilots out there. If you get a small wolfpack going you can take on larger stuff with no problem. Highly recommended.
Moesha [STAFF] Feb 06 2013, 02:31 pm EST
60 or 70?? I was able to buy my first mech after 10 or 12 matches. Granted it was a tin foil covered roller skate but it was still MINE!!
finaleve Feb 06 2013, 05:34 pm EST
I played a bit of this. Last I played Mechwarrior was the 2nd one and I barely remember it.

I need to use the joystick more...
raingod Feb 06 2013, 09:54 pm EST
This or Hawken?
  Vader: Hawken... many'll say.
Vader [STAFF] Feb 07 2013, 12:33 am EST
Vince would say MWO, I'm almost certain. Although I'm not sure if he even played Hawken.
Moesha [STAFF] Feb 07 2013, 05:52 am EST
I have played both. The bots in Hawken move much faster, like the typical avatar in a FPS (though they have jet packs or jump jets as well) so MWO feels like a different game. More like you are piloting a machine or tank whereas Hawken feels and plays like you are wearing a suit. Not saying that's bad or Hawken is not as good a game, its just a different feeling when playing. Both Hawken and MWO are free to play so give them both a shot.


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