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Postal 2 Preview

publisher: Running With Scissors
developer: Running With Scissors
genre: Shooters

PIII 733, 128MB RAM, 32MB Video Card
ESRB rating: M

release date: Apr 14, 03
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Here's the scoop kids. I've tried to talk to our buddy Vince Desi (the CEO of Running With Scissors), and believe me, I tried to keep things into perspective and I started off with fairly normal questions... Little did I know how bizarre a reaction I'd get from him. Actually, I was fully aware that milk would be our number one topic. Milk and milk-cartons can come in quite handy... errr... in various intimate circumstances as well.

Seriously though, Running With Scissors has a professional team of designers and programmers within the company - as you all probably already know, Postal 2 will be utilizing the Unreal engine to power all of its nutty features. Basically, the development team has decided to offer players a violent and non-violent style of gameplay, so if you don't want to see all the gruesomeness and gore you don't have to. What? Then what's the point of playing the goddamn game then?? Oh right, the milk and babes! Anyhoo, from the media that was released so far, it's safe to say the game will give you the freedom to roam through realistic, cool-looking, and highly-detailed 3D surroundings. The character models look impressive, too. Especially those chicks - there's a huge variety of babes with polys in all the right places you'll be bumping into (don't take that phrase too literarily though). Also, the next-gen Unreal engine allows some awesome lighting and shadow effects, and when you blow stuff up there will be detailed particle effects to boot (again, check out the movie for that one, and for the milk, too). Since I mentioned milk again, I just want to emphasize that we did manage to "milk" something concrete about the game from Vince, like details on in-game weapons and some cool effects they can produce.

As for the gameplay, you can be sure you'll be able to do as you please with every thing and every person you encounter along the way. That sounds cool enough and it sure as hell denotes a well-composed gameplay structure (or a completely goddamn anarchic one - Ed). To make things a bit plainer for ya, Postal 2 can be roughly described as a mix of games like Grand Theft Auto and State of Emergency. So, I guess you can look forward to a lot of action... Well, that doesn't mean you won't have a few occasional brain-teasers along the way. Well, we know there'll be brains in the game, one way or the other. Along with milk. And boobs. And brains splattered all over boobs... OK, I'll stop now.

In addition to finishing work on Postal 2, Running With Scissors has prepared a special add-on entitled POSTAL Tournament, which will feature an all-new multiplayer mode (of course, on top of that, you'll get to participate in the standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag modes as well). At present, we have no idea of what this multiplayer expansion pack will include, but the developers have promised it will illustrate just how they want people to enjoy Postal 2 (we can hardly imagine what that will be like).

And, for the grand finale, RWS has guaranteed the presence of TV star Gary Coleman, who makes an appearance as a villain, and also turns up as a playable character in the game. Wow, chicks, a lot of milk, blowing stuff up, and playing as Gary Coleman; that's more than you could possibly want from a game and it may shift the clich's and standards of the gaming world as we know it.

Or it may look lame... The future of Postal 2 is hanging on a thin thread, people! Wait, no it ain't! The game's got boobs and puking - it's like money in the bank, baby!

Action Trip: Who are the people that work on Postal 2?

Vince Dice: Running With Scissors is a like a club, we've got members who have worked with us for years, from the original POSTAL and new folks who contribute their special talents. Let me tell you about a few of the so called key people: Mike Riedel, lead programmer and designer, also did the original POSTAL; Steve Wik, game designer and lead level designer, also did the original; Nathan Fouts, AI programmer; Bryan Dillow, level designer, Geoff Neale, lead animator and Josh Leichliter, lead texture artist. And Christian Salyer for audio, who also did all the sounds for the original.

AT: There are surely some players out there who haven't heard of the Postal Dude yet. Can you give us a quick profile?

VD: Sure, the PD is your average 30 something white trash American living in a trailer in a neighborhood like yours. He's basically a nice guy who having a helluva week.

AT: Inspired by our recent Postal 2 feature, we'd like to ask you how does your team cope with the heaps of empty milk-cartons that lay around your office? I'm sure our readers are dying to find out...

VD: Milk can be a good thing. After I broke Mike's desk by doing my girlfriend on it one late nite, I decided to make a bed like cushion spread out the empty cartons, now its like heaven, everything comes up white.

AT: When Postal 2 comes out, gamers throughout the world will have many other FPS titles to buy. Why should they buy your game? What makes Postal 2 so special? Is it milk?

VD: POSTAL 2 is DIFFERENT. Also, it's much more than a FPS, it's really a 1st person adventure, a humongous open world, with tons of stuff to do and check out. And lets be honest, we ain't got boring hallways, it's more than milk its MEAT! Be sure to check out Meatworld in the game. POSTAL 2 is fun to play, it's not boring, it's got a lot of replay value, and it's funny to watch others play too!

AT: Will you be giving away free pairs of scissors with each copy of Postal 2? If not, can members of the press look forward to getting a preview build equipped with nifty high-tech scissors or enticing pinkish nail clippers?

VD: Mike J, head of PR is putting together a RWS gift set with all kinds of cool shit, and yeah rumor has it an official RWS scissor that really cuts. And a photo of the magic one, Gary Coleman.

AT: Naturally, one of the most intriguing aspects of Postal 2 is the controversial content. How far do you guys mean to go with the gory aspect of it? Will we see a giant army of plastic Michael Jackson's that shoot out prickly synthetic bones?

VD: One man's gore is another man's blow up doll. We really only have one guideline for POSTAL 2, FUN, if it makes you smile to play and brings laughter to those watching then we've done our job. I really don't consider POSTAL 2 to be a violent game, for me it's more like a mature adventure. And no, you won't see baby hanging Jackson, but you will see Gary Coleman.

AT: From some of the recent media we got to check out, it appears that the players will be able to destroy or set fire to almost anything on screen. Interactive environments - that's the stuff! Give us more details on that...

VD: We love fire, we really do. I actually tested a variety of flammables in my driveway, so we could catch the real-life effects on video, and we use it in the game. Here's a current favorite example of what you can do with fire...pour gasoline around a store building, and watch the people come out and catch on fire, then watch them set other people on fire as they come in contact HAHAHAHAAH, it's a riot! Or pour gasoline on a cat and then lite it up and watch it run around HAHAHAHHAAH, I'm pissing in my pants just doin' this interview.

AT: Also, we've seen a bunch of cool weapons in action. Give us a taste of some the artillery that will get to use throughout the game.

VD: Because POSTAL 2 is somewhat realistic we use a variety of real-like weapons and objects, for example: a shovel you can swipe things with, a pair of scissors you can throw, a tazer you can electrocute people with, a really cool heat seeking missile - this one really is crazy, it's the most unrealistic but hey, it's a game, and its really fuckin cool. I feel like I'm in a cartoon when I use it, we have it bouncing all over the place in pursuit of stuff, truly very FC!

AT: Have you found a publisher for Postal 2?

VD: YEAH, US. We always knew we would publish the PC version. We're talking with several big publishers about the console rights. While we'll handle the domestic picture we have partners doin it for us internationally, like in Russia and Japan.

AT: Is it true that you are looking forward to working on Postal 3? Any idea about the plot?

VD: POSTAL 3? Give me time to take a dump, shit we haven't slept in a year!



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