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Far Cry 3 Comments
Far Cry caught the gaming world by storm when it arrived back in March 2004, completely blowing away its competition. At the time, Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 were in the making and, wouldn't you know it, Far Cry beat them to it. Not only did it hit the market first...

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im_stardust Dec 07 2012, 05:15 pm EST
So, again, by cluttering the map with useless shit, they think they can make the game less repetitive?

There is absolutely no fun in collecting those relics and treasure chests. Hunting those animals is frustrating and annoying and has more than nothing to do with the word "hunting", more with the word "slaughter". Clearing those camps poses absolutely no challenge.

Fast travel -> vehicles pretty much pointless.

Most skills useless.

Syringes more useless than potions in Witcher 2

Weird and unnecessary stealth mechanics. And why stealth? when you can easily "one shot" everything to hell, from a distance with AMR signature weapon.

Bonus xp ? don't need it.

Let's be honest here, be have another huge map with nothing to do in it. Well, at least the poker game is fun.

And real and actual problem is the introduction of the player into the game and the character progression. Which a lot of games seem to suffer lately. Too much power, too much freedom, way too quick, Ruins the experience. Same happened to Skyrim and Dishonored, only Far Cry 3 suffers from lack of consistency as well.

Also there's no "homage", FC 3 is thoroughly inspired from AC III gameplay : hunting, poker mini game, towers, probably even the item store.

That reminds me, why are there stores, when you have stores inside every captured outpost?!

I could go on for a long time.

Truth be told, the game is garbage. So, no wonder it's successful.
im_stardust Dec 07 2012, 05:29 pm EST
It also made me think of another thing, since I've watched some really gory, real clips of people being slaughtered , mostly in the same circumstances, helpless victims killed by a group of scourge of the earth cowards. Yeah I frequent some fucked up sites (you can tell).

I understand our love for violence but it's starting to get really strange, seeing more and more gory, simulated violence in games and movies, while we are completely terrified and horrified of the real one.
  KraGeRzR: People love the excitement of consequence-less violen…
touretul Dec 08 2012, 01:22 am EST
I'm_with_stardust in this.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 08 2012, 04:22 am EST
I'm always with stardust.
Towndrunk Dec 08 2012, 05:03 am EST
I'm not ;)
Miliowilix Dec 08 2012, 09:16 am EST
I'm hungry
  Vader: Who isnt?
BmmB Dec 08 2012, 10:24 am EST
Except looking good, this game sucks.
thestewieman Dec 08 2012, 01:13 pm EST
it's certainly not as bad or ugly as Dragon Age 2..
you first make a genius Dragon Age origin and then release a giant turd, at least ubisoft is improving instead of going the EA way.

if you're not an avid gamer i would still wait for it till it's in discount on steam.
perineum Dec 09 2012, 07:11 pm EST
Anyone feel that the mechanics of this game are super dumbed down? Press "spacebar" to fight crocodile splashed right across the front of your screen.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 11 2012, 04:28 am EST
hm, interesting point. a bit yeah
Killer Klown Dec 14 2012, 01:25 pm EST
So, I was playing it for a bit; you know, just going through the motions, following the quest objectives and not really paying too much attention. It was mindless; I would kill who they told me to kill, return what they told me to return, and along the way collect what I needed to make the next upgrade/medicine/whatever.

Then, suddenly, while I was sitting on top of a rocky outcropping of a small island waiting for a shark to swim by the water below so I could shoot it with a modified sniper rifle and get it's skin, it hit me.

I'm fucking sitting on a rock, sniping at sharks with a high powered, variable scoped military rifle. What the flying fuck?
burkhardt5 Jan 07 2013, 06:17 am EST
I loved the first one and the second was good but Far Cry 3 is just more of the same.
I like the story line but the game itself could use a little more work.
satangel Jan 08 2013, 11:40 am EST
The question is not if Far Cry 3 is the best game ever. It's more like, what's better than this in 2012, and the answer is nothing, even thou some games were pretty cool (like Hitman).
I like the fact that you can choose how to attack an outpost. Sometimes I just shot the cage, and watch a tiger do all the work. That's a real game. If you choose to kill them all with the signature weapon it's your problem, even thou the game gives you that weapon after the first half of the game. The possibilities are infinite on how to approach a level.
Stardust, you talk so much shit about Far Cry 3, that I believe there are only 2 possibilities on why you are so mad:
1. Ubisoft raped your entire family, including your dog and then set them on fire.
2. You really liked the game and you are so frustrated that you cannot talk of how beautiful is this game, because it will ruin your reputation of bad ass here, that you have to say something about it so everybody hears about it, gets intrigued and plays it.
I bet you love this game more than any of us. That's why you can't shut up, and go on writing huge mega posts about it.


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