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I'm gonna continue to spam. I don't gve a shit. You people fucking suck.

Assassin's Creed III was fucking great. Nobody mentioned shit about it.

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Vader [STAFF] Dec 27 2012, 01:57 am EST
Loved the combat in AC3.
RenegadeCZ Dec 27 2012, 01:58 am EST
I really thought you were joking about it being good, now I'm not so sure.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 27 2012, 06:04 am EST
Like I said the combat's great. The main characters is boring as fuck. The story was way better in the previous two games.
EricHalfBee Dec 28 2012, 06:03 am EST
My main problem with AC3 is that AC & AC2 exist. In fact I think that's my main problem with xx3 anything: fatigue. I'm sure Grand Theft Auto 'whatever we're up to now' is a great game but do I want to play it? Do I hell.

That wasn't the problem with Gears of War 3. Gear of War 3 just sucked.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 28 2012, 11:14 am EST
"My main problem with AC3 is that AC & AC2 exist."

Well said, sir :)
Cheddar Jan 02 2013, 06:05 am EST
My biggest problem with AC3 is that Connor is nowhere near as charismatic a player-character as Ezio. I'm sorry, but Connor has like no fucking personality at all. I'm totally with Vader on that one.

Then my second biggest problem is the franchise fatigue that you two lament.

That being said, it's ironic, for me, that you bring up GTA as another case in point, Eric. In theory, you should be right, there should be franchise fatigue for me there as well. But for some reason there isn't. I have enjoyed the hell out of every GTA game since GTA3, with unflagging intensity each time. In contrast to AC3, there's no fatigue at all there.

I think it's not just that there's too many AC games, it's that there's too many, too quickly. The interval between the iterations is too short. We've been getting a new one basically every year since AC2. That's just too rapid-fire to keep the experience from feeling tired, even despite all the new gameplay mechanics on hand with AC3.
EricHalfBee Jan 02 2013, 09:36 am EST
I agree that my sense of fatigue is certainly increased by the rapidity with which a new AC title appears. I suppose when Doom 4 finally comes I might be interested for example and it's certainly true that Duke Nukem didn't suck purely because it was a sequel.

I obviously don't quite agree on GTA - I played GTA III (wow - what a groundbreaking game that was), Vice City, Liberty City Stories and then got tired of San Andreas really quickly. I just couldn't face another GTA title and I really don't care how good they look or how much they've been tweaked - the formula is beyond old.

Some of this is certainly due to the fact that these are long games. A sequel to something short and punchy, well you just rattle it off in a few hours and either like it or not, but these 50hr+ titles, they have to really interest me these days!
Cheddar Jan 02 2013, 03:30 pm EST
San Andreas won me over -- despite the poor PC port -- simply because the game-world was so much vaster than Vice City. It really did feel like Carl was travelling all over the state itself over the course of the plot, and I loved that. At the end of the storyline it really felt like he had gone places.

Actually, on that note, the lack of that quality is what almost made GTA4 a disappointment for me. But fortunately, the game saved itself in my eyes by having the most interesting and sympathetic player-character to date in Niko.

But anyway, it's all subjective, of course.
EricHalfBee Jan 03 2013, 04:01 am EST
Yes, of course. I don't think that any of the GTA series are bad games and it's no surprise that the franchise continues - just not for me ;-)



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