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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

publisher: Square Enix
developer: Eidos Interactive
genre: RPG

ESRB rating: M

release date: Aug 23, 11
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Vince "Moesha" Massa on Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC)

The PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has everything going for it that Vader has already mentioned but has a couple of notable benefits not available to a console (and I am sure my mentioning them will spark another debate over which platform is superior. Have at it, you crazed fanboys).

First off, Direct X 11 takes all of the lovely, in game environment and combat effects and makes them that much more dazzling. Being able to fine-tune the anti-aliasing, shadow depth and other advanced graphic settings will allow gamers to tailor the game their specific rig's hardware. And if you have the system that can ramp everything to the max, it is a treat for the eyes to be sure.

Second, the PC version allows you to remap the controls as you see fit. This makes the combat and item management much easier to deal with. Not to mention the use of a keyboard and mouse allow you to more quickly react to whatever situation you are in. However, if you prefer to us a gamepad, you have the option to do so. Just don't let any of your hardcore PC user friends catch you playing that. You'll never live it down later.

Overall, Deus Ex Human Revolution is a must-play, regardless of which system you choose (PC, duh). The variable difficulty settings will allow you to choose how badly you get kicked in the crotch on the missions. The story, characters, visuals, awesome voiceovers and perfectly suited and executed soundtrack make for a gaming experience that no one should miss. Kudos to Edios Montreal!

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9.4   Excellent

It hooks you from the beginning and keeps you hooked to the end, superb sci-fi ambience, excellent music, sound effects and voiceovers, an engaging blend of stealth, action and RPG;

Players can't map their controls, AI unresponsive to sound at times, a few other issues here and there, though certainly nothing that spoiled the immersion.


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Reader Comments
mak.wikus Aug 25 2011, 01:41 pm EDT
"Players can't map their controls" - what?
  Vader: Well they can't... not in the 360 version anyway.
mak.wikus: Oh, okay.
Vader [STAFF] Aug 25 2011, 01:48 pm EDT
Marku5K Aug 25 2011, 02:17 pm EDT
Admiral_Webbco Aug 25 2011, 02:18 pm EDT
Looking forward to downloading this tomorrow when it's released in the UK.

Why is the user score so low compared to the 9.4 Vader gave it?
  Alchi: ... haters gonna hate?
Vader: No stopping the haters. Actually, the user rating sys…
amar Aug 25 2011, 02:31 pm EDT
perfect game to end my gaming hibernation
Cheddar Aug 25 2011, 02:57 pm EDT
Ironically, considering how cynical I've been about this game in previous months, I just bought this today and am installing it as I speak. The reviews seemed to be in consensus agreement on the right things for me, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger somewhat earlier than I usually do (usually, I try before I buy).

Anyway, glad to see AT's review falls in line with the other reviewers. I bought it for the PC, so no trade-in value for Cheddar if this ends up a bad purchase.
dwcw Aug 25 2011, 03:22 pm EDT
About time a nice game pop out for me. Seems like the general consensus is quite positive. Cannot wait to get my hands on the game!

Thanks for the review!

The part of the inability to map the controls really gave me the same reaction as the first post however. :S
Terminator Aug 25 2011, 06:59 pm EDT
Awesome review. I'm just starting this game, but I really like it!
Cheddar Aug 25 2011, 08:11 pm EDT
Well, I've been playing it since I got home at 6.

So far the game seems very promising, but I do have a few sharp aesthetic complaints, although admittedly they seem a bit minor next to so many other aspects of the game that seem pretty excellent so far. Mainly these issues are so irksome to me just because they stand out in such start contrast to the rest of the game's apparent high-quality polish.

- Character models are sub-standard. The proportions are wrong -- particularly the tiny heads on everyone -- and it doesn't look stylistic, it just looks like the work of a mediocre 3D modeller.

- Character animations are also sub-standard. Especially the dialogue animations (not just the terrible lip-syncing, also the body language), which is unfortunate, since by nature those are more noticable than any other type of character animation (because you're zoomed in and focused on the characters during conversation, of course)... and in perfect honesty, they're even worse than 'sub-standard', they're just plain bad.

Anyway, lIke I said before, the only reason I'm so inclined to mention these issues is simply because the evidently mediocre talent Eidos Montreal employs for their modelling and animating are clearly out of their league within their own studio.

The first thing Eidos Montreal should do post-release of this game is hire some new people to fill those jobs, people who actually meet the quality standard the rest of the studio's developers set.
  Alchi: Models are out of proportions on purpose. I... sort…
Vader: I think it was meant to be more, well, comic-bookish...
Cheddar: If it was truly deliberate, then why do some characte…
Alchi: Maybe it's only mechanically augmented characters tha…
Cheddar: As for it being comic bookish... I don't know how …
Cheddar: Well anyway, it's an extremely trivial issue. Don't …
Vader: Well, it's like I said. It boils down to the gameplay…
Assassin8 Aug 25 2011, 09:27 pm EDT
Just beat the game. Was worth the 30 hours I dropped into it for the first playthrough. Will def be giving it another go.
Copperr Aug 25 2011, 11:19 pm EDT
Dues ? DUES Ex ?!! Blasphemy !
GrgoljBlaster Aug 26 2011, 12:07 am EDT
Probably going to pick it up for PC in a few weeks, especially since it's only 30 eur in retail compared to 50eur for digital version (seriously, wtf?). I'm just gonna "try" it to see if I like it and when the next sallary comes, I'm off to the world of Deu sex... I mean Deus, yes, Deus...
Marku5K Aug 26 2011, 12:16 am EDT
Still don't understand what the fuck happened to You and Witcher 2! Did it hurt You to get such a bad score! Or it's badassery made You feel less of a man??
  Vader: Also, I'd like to say that Deus Ex: HR is one of the …
Marku5K: Ok man. I'll leave You alone!
Vader: You do that. In fact, don't speak of The Witcher 2, e…
Vader [STAFF] Aug 26 2011, 12:26 am EDT
Deus Ex Human Revolution = awesomeness.
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings = disappointment.
  mmacarthur: Ugh! Witcher 2 was awesome you must know this is true!
Vader: From what angle was it awesome, I wonder.
Terminator: How can anyone say Witcher 2 was a disappointment? Su…
Vader: It is good. Just not very good.
optimus slime: You're in the minority here Vader, but your opinion i…
Vader: Put it to you this way: I want to play Deus Ex Hu…
Doomsday.: Vader speaketh the truth! :)
Vader: Thank you. At least Doomsday understands. Not sure if…
optimus slime: I'm just going to express my opinion here and say tha…
Assassin8: The Witcher 2 was one of the BIGGEST disappointing ga…
Cheddar: I liked Witcher 2 more than Vader did, I'm more forgi…
Sodov: Witcher 2 was an awful game. The only good thing it h…
Vader: That's the problem. There are a lot of graphics whore…
antonphd Aug 26 2011, 12:30 am EDT
The original Deus Ex inspired me to make games instead of business applications. Playing Human Revolution has re-ignited my love for games again after 6 years in the industry. I hope I can make a game as cool as Human Revolution some day, because it's kicking my ass.
LostPcGamer Aug 26 2011, 01:14 am EDT
I agree somewhat with the review but have to say what the hell happened with the game testers. I'm glad they have two patches out in the same week but this is becoming intolerable with newer games lately. Day 1 patches are an excuse for poor game testing.
Vader [STAFF] Aug 26 2011, 01:27 am EDT
Okay, perhaps one of the most important positive aspects, which I failed to mention in our review, is the replayability. The moment you've finished the game, you simply want to play it again - a rare quality these days. Also, increasing the difficulty doesn't lead to frustration like in most games these days; instead, it increases the challenge.

Also, Vince noticed some details in his playthrough, which I haven't. For instance, you can shoot a guard in the leg and see him trying to limp to safety. Cool detail.

Another thing, which some of you might want to know, is that the cover system works very well, which, again, some developers seem to have difficulty implementing in their games - but not Eidos M. it seems.

In relation to character animation, which Cheddar mentioned, well, yes, I guess they're not up to standards set by games like LA Noire - in fact, they seem rather outdated sometimes. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea for Eidos to work on this in the next installment, as Cheddar suggested. Although I don't think they wanted to accent realism in this case. Besides, improving the technology can be done at any time, what matters is the gameplay. The missions are challenging and ultimately rewarding. There's enough to keep you engaged for well over 20 hours, depending on your play style (30-40 hours for those who like to go through every detail). Basically, as a game, it delivers on all fronts.
  Assassin8: 30 hours on my 1st play and I still didn't catch ever…
Bubu Aug 26 2011, 01:47 am EDT​same-sex-marriage-in-skyrim

mmacarthur Aug 26 2011, 01:49 am EDT
Anyone know if the PC version supports the 360 controller? Most PC games do these days.
  Vader: Can't say for sure. It should... I'll ask Vince.
Cheddar: It supports it, and supports it very well.
Vader: There you go.
Ftmch Aug 26 2011, 02:46 am EDT
It's a great game.

Also. There are settings for FOV and disabling objective markers etc. on the PC at least, that alone is worth som credit. The FOV is usually extremely bloody narrow on games these days, like the character has no peripheral vision whatsoever. It makes me happy that the developers have thought of this, few games have FOV-options avaible in the options-menu.
Cheddar Aug 26 2011, 04:19 am EDT
One more small gripe.

I read over and over again that the game is great about rewarding the player for whatever style of gameplay he chooses, but the reality is that doing anything other than stealth effectively penalizes the player with significantly less experience points.

There are big experience bonuses for things like finishing a mission without anyone seeing you, never raising any alarms, non-lethal silent hand-to-hand takedowns, stealthy exploration, etc...

But there are no comparable experience bonuses for taking a guns blazing approach. None at all.

Sort of annoying. I was planning on mixing my approach mission to mission, but now I'm gonna feel forced to stealth 100% of the game.
  Darkthor: guess you never liked Hitman series?
Cheddar: You guess completely wrong. And you're missing t…
Vader [STAFF] Aug 26 2011, 05:06 am EDT
So, you're telling me that lethal moves and aggressive combat tactics bring you less experience?
  Cheddar: edit: whoops
Cheddar: Yeah. The most rewarding way to regularly incapaci…
Assassin8: Stun gun and Tranq gun are your BEST FRIENDS when it …
Cheddar: On principle, I can't say I dislike the game tacitly …
Assassin8: On that note I DO agree. Sometimes I just want to go…
Copperr Aug 26 2011, 11:17 am EDT
The second DUES is still there ! Double Blasphemy !
Vader [STAFF] Aug 26 2011, 05:12 pm EDT
Shut up! It's a difficult word!
  Alchi: It has four letters
Vader: That's what I mean.
EricHalfBee Aug 27 2011, 05:32 am EDT
Good enough for me. I popped out and bought it after reading this.
ChristmasInJuly Aug 28 2011, 01:52 am EDT
I am just glad its over. The endless amount of teasers, trailers, dev diaries and whatever the shit they came up with were all over the fucking front page of every gaming website for over a year. NO MORE!!!
  Vader: Well, yeah, but you can say that about almost any oth…
Bigolli Aug 28 2011, 04:53 pm EDT
Wow!! 94/100! I knew this one was going to be good, but not 94/100 good.

Cannot wait for this one!!


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