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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review

publisher: Capcom Entertainment
developer: Capcom Entertainment
genre: Action

ESRB rating: T

release date: Feb 15, 11
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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is at heart an arcade game, albeit one that is not currently planned for release in arcades. Maybe this is because the experience of an arcade has been replaced by at home consoles and online play. What am I saying, maybe? The era of the arcade is coming to a close. Somebody play Queen's Radio Ga-Ga (and pretend radio is actually arcade) and mourn for the generation of children who will be deprived of a perfectly good place to learn how to pickpocket.

This is a game that has been designed to be as accessible as possible. Anybody can pick up Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and find it reasonably easy to play. Like most fighting games, button mashing is a viable option. None of the characters are difficult to get the hang of, and since you get to pick three different characters, accidentally or unknowingly picking someone you happen to suck with isn't grounds for an immediate loss, and none of the characters are so abstract or underpowered that they're particularly difficult to play with.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is not a particularly deep experience. What is there seems somewhat bare bones. Even with 32 characters (16 Capcom, 16 Marvel) the roster feels a little skinny. While none of the characters are outright copies of one another (unlike Street Fighter IV, which had five kinds of Ryu), there are a few moves that are more or less identical, and many of the characters fill the exact same niche as another.

My disappointment with the character roster stems from simply wishing that there were more characters to play because some of the characters are B-list or worse. While yes, I guess it is nice to have She-Hulk and that guy from Bionic Commando, I just feel like there are stronger characters that could have appeared instead. The guy from Bionic Commando is interesting to play with, I suppose, because he has a giant metal arm and can grapple people from across the stage, but somehow I doubt there are a lot of people out who are coming into this experience with their heart set on playing the guy. While armed with a neat gimmick (see what I did there) ultimately Bionic Arm dude is somewhat blas' in comparison to other characters (of course, so is Captain America).

Of course, Capcom is probably going to cash in on this need for more characters with DLC, which I expect a decent amount of. I'd be surprised if they aren't re-releasing this game in a year or so with a bunch of characters previously only available via download.

All of the characters feel more or less balanced, although some can be fairly easily exploited or defeated. Phoenix puts the glass in the term "Glass Cannon", and can be taken down in less than five seconds. The Hulk doesn't need to worry about doing anything fancy, since even his basic attacks will drop an opponent's health bar by large visible fractions.

In contrast to some of the tremendously boring characters, like Bionic Arm Man (called Spencer in game, although I doubt most people know this or give a shit), there are some legitimately out of the ordinary characters. Tron Bonne (a little girl armed with a cute Mech robot) and Amaterasu (Japanese sun goddess in the form of a dog) are novel editions, mostly in that they fight in unique ways. M.O.D.O.K. is also a neat twist (since you're a giant head sitting in a hover chair), but I have to scratch my head at the addition of Super-Skrull who does little of interest apart from stretch a bit (is this character really that popular?).

Playing with a friend is a decent amount of fun, and having three character slots to choose from presents a lot of tactical options as far as which niche you find easiest to beat another niche. As a result of the constant character switching, fights are fairly varied, even within a singular round itself. Being able to change it up in the middle of a fight is what keeps the game from getting boring, as well as somewhat necessary in order to win.

Somehow Galactus is still less of a piece of shit than Seth was in Street Fighter IV. At least when I get destroyed by Galactus I feel okay about it because hey, it's fucking Galactus.

The game looks great, and sounds just fine. If you ever need to murder an epileptic, this is damn near a surefire way to get it done. Most of the voice acting is pretty good, and some of the dialogue is even funny (Deadpool is easily the most entertaining character in this regard). Some of the moves are pretty wonderful to see as well. Deadpool has a nice one where he pins somebody's feet to the ground with two swords and then shoots the disabled in the face.

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8.2   Very Good

Lots of bright flashing things, extreme acts of violence (only without any blood), the exact sort of light speed masturbation session that an ADHD society fueled by caffeinated sugar water and pornography has become accustomed and addicted to, a fun way to relax in less time than smoking a cigarette, and without the cancer;

Needs more content, which no doubt is forthcoming and will require a credit card. Also has the potential to melt a person's brain, which is worth noting if you happen to not enjoy the kind of burn out miasma that comes from this sort of nigh-psychedelic experience.


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