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Crime Cities Review

publisher: EON Digital Entertainment
developer: Techland
genre: Action

P200, 32MB RAM, 4MB OpenGL 3D accelerator
ESRB rating: T

release date: Jan 31, 00
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Flying cars, huge skyscrapers, big and floating monitors that advertise Chinese-food restaurants and geisha bars - now where have I seen that before? Ah yes, I think it was back in 1981 when Ridley Scott first came up with the idea of shooting 'Blade Runner.' As we all know, it was a very successful movie based on Philip K. Dick's novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.' This movie introduced a whole new approach to the science fiction genre. When it comes to Blade Runner, I think we can safely say that many movies (too many in fact) have used the same idea, and the same goes for computer games. Crime Cities will give you high pollution, dark atmosphere with constant rain, all of which make the future look rather grim.

The scenario is typical. You will be sent to a star system called Pandemia. Throughout the game you will be working as an undercover cop called Lieutenant Tiger and your assignments are going to take place on various planets and moons that represent huge prison colonies. Posing as a bounty hunter you must roam through the penal colonies and offer your services to all sorts of crime organizations; in order to gain their trust you'll need to prove yourself in a series of missions. Sometimes you're gonna be assisting the local authorities in putting a stop to the operations of certain small-time gangs. The first planet that you'll be working on is Taveroon - mostly occupied by smugglers, deviants, and financial criminals. The general purpose of all of your missions is to destroy the Mafia clans that have taken control of the prison systems. At the same time you must avoid any unnecessary conflict with the planet authorities that are recognizable everywhere as the so-called 'Starpol' organization.

The society structure of each planetary prison system was set according to the magnitude of the criminal penalties. Some have a large number of 'Starpol' present (like the planet Quarzon, which has a few police vehicles stationed while the rest of the population mostly consists of hackers and political prisoners). Other planets are totally corrupted and unsupervised (like Blakloud, which is inhabited by terrorists, war criminals, and is completely bereft of police or any kind of authorities). While making your way through the city streets, er I mean skies; you will feel like Corbin Dallas driving his little yellow cab at maximum speed desperately trying to avoid a traffic jam. Then the thrill will suddenly disappear, and you'll think: 'Something is missing, but what? I cannot put my finger on it'. Eventually you'll realize that you're not Corbin Dallas on a mission to save the world from the ultimate evil, you're just some stupid undercover agent that fights against deranged crime bosses, and forgotten villains.

I was immediately disappointed because I couldn't select the car. First you will be driving a simple hovering 60's car model. Later the vehicles are going to be more advanced and they will allow you to perform your tasks more efficiently. In order to remain undetected and unrecognizable your vehicle will also need to blend in with the atmosphere of a certain crime city. The disappointment comes when you realize that you cannot choose a preferable car - they will be given to you automatically every time when you start a different world. Each car has its own initial features: standard shield and weapon system. The cars can later be upgraded with a variety of laser and rocket launching equipment. GMC (Global Merchandise Center) will provide you with a large weaponry assortment. You will have many docking points in the city where you can purchase items and refurbish the hovercraft's energy and shield supply. Arranging these necessities is a bit complicated and will annoy you every time when you need to check them. Buying and installing new guns and missiles is rather simple, but the problem arises when you have to replace a certain item or recharge your shield in the middle of a dogfight with an opponent. Unfortunately, after accomplishing your missions you won't have enough money for powerful military hardware (and even if you do, you will still need to recharge your main shields and that also costs a lot). Heavy military weapons are extremely expensive.

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5.9   Okay

Let me think...Not much to say here, maybe the thrill of flying through the futuristic cities and avoiding all sorts of obstacles. Oh yes, and some of the explosions look cool.

Poor graphics and sound. The game is very difficult on the medium level. The weapon menu and the list of your mission briefings could have been presented in a more convenient manner.


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