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Metro: Last Light Review

publisher: Deep Silver
developer: 4A Games
genre: Shooters

ESRB rating: M

release date: May 14, 13
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The post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033, based on the Russian novel of the same name, left a pretty solid mark in the realm of first-person shooters. It’s eerie ambiance, solid action and top-notch visuals stand out as the game’s main qualities. The gameplay wasn’t half bad either. We also felt that Metro 2033 is a very brave effort, considering the heavy competition from Western development studios and we are very happy that such an effort was crowned with success. The crew at 4A Games delivered a proper sequel, Metro: Last Light, despite the demise of publisher THQ, which occurred halfway through the game’s development process.

Metro: Last Light, the darkish, stealth-flavored action game, set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, brings us back to the story of survivor Artyom who is caught in the middle of a civil that threatens to destroy what little is left of humanity. Of course, Artyom is not the only survivor. Many people continue to exist beneath the ruins of Moscow and powerful factions have risen to power and are constantly fighting for what’s left of the world’s resources. However, the one thing that most of these organizations are after a doomsday weapon that’s located in the D6 military facility.

So, despite the game’s linear nature, there is a bit of exploration to be had here; certainly not as much as in games like STALKER, but that’s an aspect you won’t miss in this game. The well-paced action keeps you going and the story is more or less satisfying. Yes, well, when I say ‘more or less’ any moments of disappointment were usually related to the game’s silent hero, who only shares his thoughts with the audience via diary entries. He talks when you’re waiting for the next chapter to load. This means he won’t be conversing with the characters he meets along the way. For a game that emphasizes a linear narrative, this is a bit of a downside. Essentially, as our unvoiced protagonist moves forward, he won’t be having any conversations. All you can do is listen in on the chitchat of other characters in the game. Our hero isn’t like a completely silent crowbar-wielding Gordon Freeman, since we actually do get to hear what Artyom has to say during load screens, the absence of a fully-voiced character during the game feels like an odd omission. The voice and dialogue would add a bit more personality.

The structure of the game hasn’t changed much since the original. You’ll be traversing through tunnels and various underground sections of Moscow, mostly in linear FPS fashion. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a choice. There are many nooks and crannies where the player may dig up ammo, which acts, if you recall from the first game, as the game’s currency. In short, bullets are quite precious. They are used for trade or as ammunition, so they should be used wisely. Your gas mask also has a limited supply of clean air, so you have to consider that when exploring some areas as well.

Weapon customization is also a fun aspect. Players can grab ordinary handgun or pistol use it as a regular weapon or tweak it with laser-sight or an extended barely to improve accuracy. Also, the flashlight, for instance, plays an important role during your travels. It can be pretty invaluable in some dark areas and it may even save your life more than once. There are creatures that drop their guard when exposed to light and that’s a tactic you may end up using quite often. These stealth elements represent another step away from traditional FPS mechanics. Basically, taking out enemies in silence and sticking to shadowy corners is a cool way of going through the game. If you wish, of course, you can march into the fray whatever gun you’re carrying, but then again that takes some guts and your chances are slim if you are hasty in this game.

When he isn’t caught in the middle of a war between factions, Artyom has to deal with freaky supernatural occurrences and, of course, monsters lurking in the tunnels and creepy corridors of underground Moscow. In case you were wondering, yeah, there are moments of horror and pure fear in the game, which raises things up a notch, improving the overall single-player experience.

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8.6   Very Good

Awesome atmosphere and it still feels like a unique FPS game the same as its predecessor;

A tad predictable and sometimes buggy AI, performance issues in the initial PC version, a voiceless character may not have been the right move here.


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