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Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Review

publisher: EA
developer: EA Canada
genre: Racing

P200, 32MB RAM, 150MB HDD, 3D accelerator
ESRB rating: E

release date: Mar 28, 00
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Need I comment the Need for Speed serial at all? After a couple of years since the first part we face the true sequel. Let us hope that Electronic Arts will never repeat the mistake it made NfS 4: High Stakes expansion pack again. The new game presents all the cars Porsche manufactured from 1948 till today, altogether eighty models, each with specific characteristics.

The game designers transferred the quintessence of every model into the game. Every engine has its own sounds sampled, and the feeling inside and out of cockpit of every car is completely different. The new engine presents us with a far more realistic relation between the wheels and surface taking in regard all four points of contact. This basically means that every car will react exactly the same way as it would in real life. When driving some of the older models like 356 1100 Cabriolet, you will never have to take your finger off the thrust key, but if you try to do the same when driving, for example, the 2000 996 Turbo you have all the chances to hit the first fence. The representation of physical relations is incredible. You wont be able to access all the modes at first. Some require winning several championships, or downloading from Electronic Arts web site.

The game uses an entirely new graphical engine designed by the Canadian group in Electronic Arts who created the original NfS1 years ago. The game is much more a serious simulation than arcade like the previous parts of the serial. Porsche Unleashed has one multiplayer and three single player modes.

Available single player modes include: quick race, factory driver and evolution. Quick race mode is mostly used for trying out a model or a track. It includes two sub-modes: Ride and Knockout-competition. You are free to determine the number of adversaries, their cars and the track in both modes. Ride is a single race, whereas knockout-competition takes place on several tracks. The last driver in each race is eliminated and the last remaining one wins.

Factory driver has to test all the new, mainly experimental, Porsche models. The missions come down to driving on test fields with a time-limit, testing the breaks, turning the vehicle, break testing, testing bumpers, and so on. In this mode you can discover some tricks in manipulating the newer models.

The evolution mode is the very core of the game. It is a series of championships with car management that takes you through the 50 years of Porsche. The races are separated into three periods: classical, golden and modern. Every period offers you appropriate car models, and going through them will give you a deep insight in differences between driving a model from the sixties and a contemporary car.

The game begins in 1948 when the player buys his first Porsche and decides to participate on the local rally. As you are winning the races you will earn enough money to repair and upgrade (with add-ons taken from original Porsche catalogs, about 700 of them) your car between races. Once you collect sufficient money, you can buy a better car and then sell your old machine. An even better strategy might be to keep the old car in possession for some 20 years because it is bound to be worth ten times its original price by then. Of course, if you equip it with fiberglass roof, special tires and engine parts, mahogany steering wheel, carburetors, exhaust pipes and so on, you will be able to sell it even better.

The tracks are in exterior and are no longer circular. You will mainly drive long tracks only once (except in knockout mode). This system used to be popular long ago and then abandoned for some reason. Fortunately, the designers of NfS5 have returned to this race representation method. Every track has a great number of shortcuts and byways going in and out of the main road. There are altogether nine tracks, but some of them will remain locked until you become "worthy" of playing them. Every track can be driven in the mirror mode, which basically increases the number of different tracks to 18.

The camera system has been significantly changed, and now possesses some new features. The camera can be positioned inside, in front of, above and far behind the car. The cockpit camera provides an extremely realistic driving atmosphere. The driver model inside the cockpit improves the atmosphere by turning the wheel, changing gear and passing occasional comments. When in cockpit view, you can also look through the side windows.

Need for Speed 2000: Porsche Unleashed is a high-quality game that will set world standards concerning graphical design and atmosphere.


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9.2   Excellent

A lot of car models, fantastic graphics and feeling of speed;

Honestly, cant't think of anything substantial at the moment.



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