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Sacred 3 Review

publisher: Deep Silver
developer: Deep Silver
genre: RPG

ESRB rating: RP

release date: Aug 05, 14
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Here’s a brief account of Sacred, as I remember it.

Sacred 1 – a Diablo inspired isometric-style action RPG that’s kind of fun.
Sacred 2 – couldn’t play long enough to merit a review – in other words, shite.
Sacred 3 – well, let’s find out, shall we.

This is a Diablo clone, if there ever was one. Of course, tarnishing the game just for that wouldn’t be right and that’s not our style. Oh no. We’ll just bash the living shit out of it in traditional AT fashion – a dash of cursing followed by us pretending to be professional journalists. Hold on, let me get some cookies from the fridge. There… Now, where were we? Ah yes. You want to know why I keep cookies in the fridge. The answer is simple: the milk is there too. So, Sacred 3.

The storyline in Sacred 3 takes place in a world where the Seraphim represent the guardians of the “Heart of Ancaria." The Seraphim kept peace in the lands for many centuries, but they've since been forgotten. Lord Zane, who rules the Ashen Empire (yep he totally sounds like he does), has joined forces with the Demons. I think you can deduce what your role is in all this. If you can’t, well, there’s always Wikipedia. Now leave me alone.

Okay, as Sacred 3 kicks off, it’s almost impossible to shake off the sentiment: “well, yeah this does feel like Diablo for about 10 seconds and then it turns into crap.” Other games mimicked Diablo in the past. Hell, even the original Sacred relied on the mechanics of Diablo and I have to say it was a fun game. Sacred 3 does have an impressive range of visual effects and on most levels you can see a lot of stuff going on in the background. The graphics, however, aren’t the problem here. It’s the gameplay primarily.

When I saw that the game offers four playable character classes, as opposed to the seven in Sacred 2, I was immediately disappointed. Of course, there is a fifth class but only if you have the pre-order downloadable content. The classes in Sacred 3 include Claire the Seraphim Paladin, Vajra the Khukuri Archer, Alithea the Ancarian Lancer and Marak the Safiri Warrior. At first glance this looks like a fair choice of ranged and melee classes, but the simple truth you keeping running, dodging and rolling (and clicking on enemies like crazy) throughout most of the game regardless of your play style and the character you chose.

Sacred 3 has a glaring issue. As you dash through the game, it doesn’t take too long to realize how repetitive most of levels get. Not just the levels, but the gameplay itself. Hit, dodge, roll and repeat. Washing dirty laundry by hand can be more exciting than this. In contrast to this, I did have some fun with the boss encounters, which can be quite dynamic and they do vary throughout the game. That cheered me up a bit. The brief delight was soon quenched by the game’s relatively restricted nature. That is just about the worst thing you can say about any RPG. Any decent RPG should offer choices; the fewer choices the lousier it gets. When you upgrade characters, everything feels very predetermined, so there’s not a lot of customization and player choice involved, the same thing goes for equipment and loot. When you’re fighting most of the loot one can expect is health orbs and gold. Again, repetition ensues. At times, this is only slightly outweighed by so-called weapon spirits, which represent equippable characters that unlock new special abilities that can be fun for a bit. This is another restricted feature, since the game determines how often they can be utilizes. So, that just feels like a missed opportunity.

Other low points of Sacred 3 will really make you think twice before dishing out 50 bucks (50 Euros). There are good RPGs out there that can take you on an adventure that lasts well over 40-50 hours. Some of the really good RPGs will easily offer anything up to 100 hours of solid gaming. With Sacred 3 you can hope to march through the main campaign in just a little over ten hours. Seriously: what the freakin’ fuck?

If you’re a fan of Sacred 2 (or at least Sacred 1, like I was), this game won’t do much to bring you back to the good old days. Also, I cannot honestly see how anyone could be a fan of Sacred 2 either. That game was clogged with technical mishaps and bad design.

What was done well in the art department and on the graphics front was successfully ruined by recurring level design. The game generally lacks properly incorporated RPG elements. Oh god, there are also the painfully annoying voiceovers. At first the voice acting sounds lighthearted and harmless. Ya know, just to keep you company as you mow down mobs. Several hours into the game, these lighthearted voiceovers end up tearing through your ear drums like pneumatic drills echoing in a fucking tunnel. Hm, well, that’s how I felt. Call me Mr. Fussy.

If you’re bored out of your mind and you need an RPG fast, well, then stay bored. You don’t want to be even more bored. It’s probably best to return to games like Diablo 3 and Divinity: Original Sin, both of which offer ten times the content and ten times the fun.


4.5   Tolerable

Fun bosses, quick-paced action-packed and simple to get into;

Repetitive and short, but what's more to the point it's remarkably restrictive for an RPG, as it offers little choice in practically every aspect of gameplay.


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Reader Comments
Vodoo Aug 19 2014, 05:07 am EDT
bullshit, Sacred 3 is not even close to tolerable.

a broken leg is tolerable...THIS is just....NO !
  Vader: um...okay... NO!!!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 19 2014, 05:13 am EDT
The "humor" in this game is abysmal. I can't think of another game so jam-packed with lame attempts at comedy. While you're playing you're bombarded constantly with the most mindless yapping gaming has ever produced.
  Vader: It hurts the senses yeah.
Avus Aug 19 2014, 05:20 am EDT
It is sad to hear it sucks... Why pay for a shit game when I can play a similar game for free?? (Path of Exile)
  Vader: Numerous games are better than this one. Mostly all g…
Damocles Aug 19 2014, 09:25 am EDT
I've played a lot of crap games over the last 35 years. This gets my Worst. Game. Ever. vote. So, for the record...

  Vader: Hm, not that... but quite close, my friend.
Killer Klown Aug 19 2014, 10:12 am EDT
You know, I think it says alot that Divinity rolled back the clock and made it's most recent installment even _more_ like traditional, turn based RPGs when compared to the previous entries in the series...
And Sacred just descends more and more into the mindless action games that flood the current market.

And the difference as to which one is a better game could not be more glaring.
  Vader: Yes. And the guys who were working on Titan Quest hav…
Reikhardt: Grim Dawn. It's been in development for some years an…
shaneh39199: Godus and Grim dawn some of my first early access gam…
DRAVNT: Waiting for some Grim Dawn multiplayer...which should…


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