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With the 2010 Game of the Year Awards behind us, it's time to point our finger at some of the games that didn't quite live up to our expectations. In fact, they sucked and as such should be carefully selected out of the pile and hurled into oblivion. Well, perhaps we won't have to do that, because a majority of these games have already been forgotten. So, without further ado, we give you the Biggest Letdowns 2010.
This is it, people. Another eventful gaming year draws to a close and we were happy to be a part of it. Well, sort of happy that is. Not entirely happy. We still haven't witnessed any truly remarkable games this year (we always kind of hope we would, ya know...
Activision Blizzard announced that a number of franchises are going to get new entries throughout 2010. Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero and Spider-Man were among the first to be mentioned in this instance, so expect new games for those more than familiar IPs...
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We've barely begun to scratch the surface of gaming in 2010 and some are already predicting that Bungie's upcoming Halo: Reach will be the biggest selling game throughout the year. The second biggest seller is sure to be Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII, which already shifted over 1...
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2010. Okay, let's get the show on the road. Lots of reviews to do. Lots of games are slated for January and February, so at least we won't be bored this winter. Hope you've all had a great Holiday, 'cause it's over now. Get your miserable gaming arses back to work!
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Another year another dollar. Okay, this is officially our last morning post and like I mentioned yesterday, make sure you be here next week to check out our new comic. In the meantime, have fun, don't get drunk out of your minds, remember to buy presents for people who matter to you the most...
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There are some potentially good movies here and some potentially crappy ones. Holy shite, Russell Crowe is gonna be Robin Hood! I didn't know that. Seriously. Ridley Scott and Russell are a good combo; everyone knows that. But Robin Hood? C'mon guys, not that one again...
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There's not gonna be much gaming for me this Xmas, seeing as I've pretty much played all there is to be played. I'm assuming many of you will be using the upcoming Holiday season to make up for all the stuff you missed out on this Fall. You're gonna have a decent choice of games too, so enjoy it while it lasts...
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2010 is gonna be a crowded year for gaming. Every publisher or developer that delayed their game to avoid heavy competition on the market are probably realizing they've made a terrible mistake. Seriously, when I think how many titles were pushed into 2010...
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