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So, you're not gonna believe this, but 2lions approached me yesterday and asked me: "so, is there anything interesting at the E3 this year." Yes, the legends are true: 2loins lives. It took me like several minutes to think of an answer. Now, bear in mind that 2lions has only one link remaining to the video game world and that's Hearthstone...
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2lions is going between the office desks like a vulture, slowly awaiting the perfect time to feast on its pray. On second thought, not like a vulture, more like a very handsome buisness-like eagle. You've heard of the Great Businessmen Eagles. I'm sure...
2lions and Dex are going around the office, dancing and singing: oppan gangnam style. Trying to think of some deliciously evil way of killing both of them.
Yes, you've read it correctly and, no, I'm not drunk or anything of the sort. 2lions, the founding father and former Editor-in-Chief of, is alive and well, and is currently residing in a very remote and unknown part of cyber space, called - I can't go too much into detail as to what you will see if you find the courage to explore this particular part of the Internet, but suffice it to say, you won't be disappointed. I'm sure of it.
Damn it, all the beer I had last night has melted half of my brain, so I guess that leaves me with no brain at all because I had half a brain to begin with (Did I get that right?). Anyway, all you kind folks need to know right now is that I'll be going on my vacation starting tomorrow and will be back here at the AT HQ on August 15...
This morning I accidentally came across one of 2lions' old (really old) reviews. The game in question is - Dungeon Lords. Here's a nice little quote: In a word, I hate this game. It is horrible crap. Stay away from it, and if you see it in the bargain bin, pour some gasoline over the bin and burn it...
This morning was less boring than usual. 2lions entered my office with a smile and he said I was lovely, fluffy, pink and moist. I tried to make it for the window, but his huge tentacles of immense manly power got me. Luckily, Dex and his enormous nose hairs were close by, so I used one of them as a rope to swing away from 2lions' clutches...
What will the future bring? I haven't got a clue. But I am glad we've dished out 400 comics, which is an impressive number. Respect to 2lions, who started the Comics Section back in 2004 and who came up with almost 300 kick-ass AT webcomics (holy crap, that's 6 years worth of comics...). Also, respect to the artist who worked on all of them.
Mornin' people. Just so you know, the comic's gonna be a bit late today... Had a lot of things to do this weekend and I simply couldn't manage to write a comic as well. But I'm working on it as we speak and our illustrator should have it ready some time this afternoon. In the meantime, let's have a round of applause for one of 2lions' classics, which has been on the World of Warcraft home page for the last three days.
You may or may not believe this, but this 'ere Mornin' post -- which all of you visit for "mysterious" reasons each and every bloody day -- is actually the last bastion of my own personal freedom. The wife and kid don't bother me here and my mother still doesn't understand what I do for a living (even though she knows how fucking Facebook works)...
I've been with ActionTrip for over 10 years now. The first time I arrived to the original ActionTrip office, I saw 2lions and Dex working on their desktop PCs, trying desperately to look important, but to no avail - they were both two passionate gamers, hardcore geeks, real nerdboys in their prime, there was no denying that...
Finally, Frost (that cold, heartless slut) has covered our town with her long, white cloak. We're all freezing, but at the same time we're having a lot of fun feeding Dex massive amounts of snow in intense and lengthy snowball fights. I found myself to be of great use to my team from long distances (a typical Hunter, if you will)...
It's another cold, rainy and foggy day. What can one do on such a day, apart from play games or hang out at the local cafe. Thanks to 2lions, I chose the latter. Yep, it was just a casual drink of coffee. And unlike our late-night drinking sessions -- which usually involve insane orgies, plenty of naked women (and chipmunks) and wall-to-wall vomiting -- this was much more relaxed...
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2lions and I were out drinking last night. Not the insane drinking-yourself-to-death-for-no-reason-at-all kind of outing, but more of the casual having-a-sip-of-good-housewine-and-looking-at-tight-skirts kind of venture. Twas okay in a relaxing post-Black Friday sort of way. Now, I'll trying and dig up some news in the traditional ActionTrip sort of way. Cya lads and ladies (make that 'lads and zoe').
Believe it or not, 2lions' Xbox 360 (which RROD'd recently) has been revived to full operational status. So, 2lions is a satisfied man right now, ready to dive into upcoming releases such as Dragon Age, Modern Warfare 2, etc. (yes, he does play something other than WoW - in fact, he's been out of the WoW machine for some time...

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